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Again and Again Forever-Ewa--49K--PG-13
How much in life is decision and how much fate?

All You Remember -Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
When your partner's been shot, the only thing that matters is how fast you can get to her.

A Simple Complication (1/2)--Sally Bahnsen-148K--PG-15
A Simple Complication (2/2)--142K
The names and places have changed but the story is the same--or is it?
Mulder and Scully travel to West Virginia to investigate a disturbingly familiar case.

Away-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
You have to get away.

A Long Road Ahead -K. Jones--7K--PG-13
"I've seen someone I love suffer from the effects of cancer once... now I have to see it again?"

Amanda's Glory -Mary Kleinsmith--21K--PG
Mulder and Scully are getting used to being the parents of a very special baby

Axis Mundi 1 -Raindancer--61K--R
Scully believing Mulder to be dead takes off to find herself. Will Mulder be found in time to save her? Not a season 8 story.

Axis Mundi 2
A continuation of Axis Mundi 1. Scully and Mulder continue to deal with the ramifications of Scully’s jaunt across country and Mulder’s near death.

Axis Mundi 3 -Raindancer--38K--R
A continuation of Axis Mundi 1 and Axis Mundi 2. Scully and Mulder continue to deal with the complications caused by Scully’s jaunt across country and Mulder’s near death. There are a few surprises and disappointments along the way. MAJOR ANGST.

Before The Storm-P.C.Rasmussen--12K--PG
This is what I like to call a little mood-piece. It's not big on story content or conversation. Merely the thoughts of one man before the storm.

Before-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
It hits you with the force of a sledgehammer.

Bells For Her-Tara Avery--22K--PG
You have her face and her eyes, but you are not her.

Beyond the Glass-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
Surely he wasn't seeing what he thought he was.

Breeching Barriers-Ewa--11K--G
Catharsis may be caused by the most unlikely things.

Bum Luck-Lakota--5K--PG-13
If it hurts, can I kiss it better?

Connections -Romantique--4K--PG
Mulder connects any way he can.

Insomniac (1/2)-Humbuggie--121K--PG-13
Insomniac (2/2)--122K
A case brings Mulder and Scully on the trail of a serial killer, out there looking for his next victim. When both FBI and the killer are looking for the same woman, a race against time begins to find her and bring her to safety. At the same time, Mulder suffers one of the worst fates possible: Insomnia.

The Beauty of Gray-Humbuggie--109K--NC-17
Mulder becomes passionately involved with a woman for whom he is willing to sacrifice everything - his job, his career, his friends and partner, and ultimately, his life.

Buying Into Life-Ewa--8K--G
Mulder tries to come to terms with his life.

Calling All Angels-XScout--10K--PG
Even apparently senseless tragedies have their place in life.

Disconnected IV-Joann Humby--107K--R
All communication to/from Mulder has been stopped. Alex Krycek may be the key to re-opening the lines.

Disconnected V-Joann Humby--58K--R
Mulder has issued an invitation to a meeting at the Watergate Hotel.

Entering Her Heart-Humbuggie--13K--PG
Scully has some thinking to do. But will she allow Mulder to finally enter her heart?

Fox Hunt-Ewa--103K--PG
Mulder doesn't want to admit it, but he's being stalked.

Haven-Michelle Kiefer--31K--R
I wonder if the damage is too great, if Mulder and I are just too broken by the past to ever find a haven in each other.

His Best Foot Forward-Mary Kleinsmith--38K--PG-13
Mulder suffers a most embarrassing accident, but it's even more embarrassing for Scully.

Maturity Chapter 9: Homecoming-Merlin--85K--PG
Mulder and Scully make a surprising discovery and Mulder along with AD Skinner are almost taken out of the Game.

Memory's Promise -Susan Proto--14K--PG
What was the significance of a simple rag doll?

Paranoid (1/2)-Humbuggie--106K--R
Paranoid (2/2)--74K
Mulder and Scully are contacted to investigate the disappearance of a young wife and mother. Mulder's theory leads to one possible murderer ... the ten-year-old daughter. When he pursues his theory, everyone thinks he's paranoid. But is he really?

Not Anymore-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
"I can't do this anymore."

Peace-Mary Kleinsmith--23K--PG
A misunderstanding over the naming of Baby William sparks conflict in the Scully household 

Perchance to Dream-Agent L--10K--PG
Mulder has a bad dream after leaving the hospital.

Ritual-Susan Frankovich--1K--G
This is my life now.

Rubber Band-Romantique--18K--R
Scully and Mulder race to profile a murderer before they find another victim.

When a desperate mother contacts Mulder to find her daughter who ran away to join a cult, Mulder gets an unforeseen chance to deal with his past. But when he infiltrates in the cult, Scully must do everything in her power to save her partner from his ‘salvation’.

How do you ask a man to father your child when you've never really told him that you love him?

Still Life-Agent L--11K--PG
Mulder recovers from the end of Teliko.

The Promise-Romantique--4K--PG
Mulder wrestles with a promise.

Wired for Sound-Vickie Moseley--46K--PG-13
Just a little 'what if'-what if Margaret was a few seconds late
in getting Dana to give up her weapon in the episode Wetwired?

Okay...This was everything that survived the Purge or that I rescued from the email files. If your story is not here, please resubmit and I'll be more than happy to include it in the next update, which will be sometime shortly after I return from my vacation in Florida. TTFN and Go Forth and Read!

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