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Title: All You Remember
Author: Susan Frankovich
Classification: VA
Keyword: Mulder angst
Spoilers: a fill-in-the-blanks vignette for Tithonus
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Disclaimer: This character doesn't belong to me.
I wish he did.

Summary: When your partner's been shot, the only
thing that matters is how fast you can get to her.

All You Remember
by Susan Frankovich

You don't remember picking up the phone and
hearing an unfamiliar voice tell you that your
partner had been shot.

You don't remember getting into your car and
turning the key in the ignition.

You don't remember stopping at any red lights
or turning the windshield wipers on because
of the rain.

You don't remember the way you forced your
way onto an airline flight that was already
full or that you spent the entire flight
biting your lip and gripping the armrests.

You don't remember how rude you were to the
cab driver who insisted on taking the long
way to the hospital or the way you kept
tapping him on the shoulder every other
minute and asking him, "Why aren't we there

You don't remember throwing a $50 bill at
him even though your fare was only $20, then
rushing through the hospital doors so fast
that you slipped and fell on a freshly mopped

You don't remember that you sprained your
wrist when you fell or that the knee you
landed on bled right through your dress

You don't remember running right past the
nurses' station to her room or being dragged
away from the door by a security guard just
as you were ready to walk in.

You don't remember limping into her room and
seeing her tiny pale body lying there or
hearing the surgeon say that she might not
make it through the night.

You don't remember crying as you looked at
all the tubes and machines hooked up to her
or the way your voice trembled when you were
finally able to say her name.

All you remember is the way your heart started
beating again the moment you squeezed her hand
and she squeezed back.


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