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Title: Away
Author: Susan Frankovich
Classification: VA
Keyword: big time Mulder angst
Spoilers: Three Words
Archive: Anywhere, just ask first please.
Disclaimer: This character doesn't belong to me.
If he did, I'd give him a big hug and tell him
that everything's going to be okay. It's just
going to take some time.

Author's notes: Many people have commented that
they thought Mulder was acting rather cold and
detached in Three Words. All I have to say to
that is: He was dead and buried in the ground
for three months!!! How did you expect him to
act??? This vignette is my take on some of the
things he may have been feeling during the

Summary: You have to get away.

by Susan Frankovich

You can't seem to stop walking.

You know you should take it easy, you know
you should take things slow, but all you
want to do is keep walking.

You have to get away.

From Scully. From the baby she's carrying
inside her. From Doggett or whatever the
hell his name is.

From everything.

You were gone for months, and everyone else
moved on without you.

Did you really think the world would stop
just because you weren't in it anymore?

Of course, you did.

You thought that Scully would *never* have
a partner other than you.

You thought that all the chances that Scully
had for getting pregnant were gone.

You thought that the X-Files couldn't go on
without you.

You were so wrong.

And so you have to keep walking.

You have to get away from everyone and
everything. You have to go someplace
quiet so you can think, so you can feel.

How long has it been since you cried?

You haven't cried once since you first
opened your eyes and saw Scully sitting
by your bedside.

Not one tear.

They took so much away from you. Did They
take your emotions too?

You have to get away.

You have to cry. You have to cry so hard
that your body shakes.

You have to *feel* something. You have to.

And so you keep on walking.

To where, you don't know. All you know is
that you have to get away.

From yourself.


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