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Author: Lakota
Date: November 3, 2000
Categories: RH (Humor,MSR)
Rating: PG13 (couple of naughty words)
Spoilers: None
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Summary: If it hurts, can I kiss it better?

Disclaimer: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the X-files
are the sole property of Chris Carter, Fox
broadcasting and 1013 Production. I am just
borrowing them for a bit.

Note: To all that have read my previous stories, Chocolate
Temptation, Ducking the Issue, Dribble It, Just a Little Bit
and Smug Intentions, you will be aware that my beta reader
sets me these assignments. She gives me one word and I'm
to write a 500 word story from the word. Her motto-less
words will say more. So with that in mind, my word for this
assignment is: Sunburn. Enjoy the read!

Thanks: Again to all my cyber friends and the constant
encouragement that is given to me by them. Triton, you are
the best!!!

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* * * * * * * * * *

"Excuse me," Scully asked warily, "I'm looking for a Fox

A young teenager looked up from her issue of Spikes and
Leather, gum smacking in her mouth as she took her time
evaluating Scully's body...that was exposed from her tailored
suit anyway. "You're going to need our gold plan to get
that white skin tanned to perfection," she answered,
nonchalantly pushing a 'Tan and Beautiful' pamphlet toward

Ignoring the remark, Scully continued, "I had a phone call,
my partner, Agent Mulder is here. He asked me to pick him

Just then, a spandex-clad body appeared beside her, spiked
fire-red hair framing a young, very tanned face. "Down the
hall, second door to the right. Ma'am, we told him 40
minutes was much to long."

As the fire-engine red-haired girl trailed off with a sigh,
the first girl turned back to an articled entitled 'Colors
for Collars' as she proceeded to show Scully her hidden
talent for bubble blowing.


"Mulder," Scully whispered, opening the door, then quickly
shutting it realizing that her partner lay bare-ass on the
table at the far end of the room.

"Scully, come in here," Mulder moaned, trying to turn his

Scully opened the door, then closing the door behind her,
she desperately tried to avert her eyes, but seeing his
firm rounded ass was just too appealing.

Approaching him, she noticed his beet-red colored skin.
"My God, Mulder, what the hell happened to you?" she asked.

"I wanted to go back to D.C. with a California tan," he
said, trying to turn his body.

"Mulder, you are minutes away from blistering from the
ultraviolet lights," she smirked, picking up a towel to
cover him.

"OUCH! Take that off of me," Mulder yelped, flinching from
the contact of the towel.

"Mulder, if the touch of a towel hurts you, so will your
clothes. How am I suppose to get you back to the hotel?"
Scully asked, leaning over to make eye contact.

"Hell if I know. Speaking of hell, I think this is how it
must feel. Scully, please respect my embarrassing
situation and help me get dressed."

Trying desperately not to laugh, she watched her partner
carefully crawl his tender body to the edge of the table,
his buttocks turned toward her as he gently swung his legs
from the bench. Holding her composure, she approached him
and assisted him carefully into a standing position. The
temptation to smack his exposed backside was overpowering

"Don't even think about it," he said, gritting his teeth at
the pain.

Grabbing his briefs, she bent down.

"No, not those, they're too tight, "he requested shyly.

"Since when did you start wearing briefs, Mulder?"

Presenting him his sweats, she bent down in front of him,
offering her shoulders as support. Holding on tightly, he
placed each leg gingerly into the opened fabric, grimacing
as the fibers brushed against his burnt skin.

As she rose, she focused on trying to touch his body as
minimally as possible. Suddenly she became aware of her
close proximity to a semi-hardened protuberance, and she

"He's got a mind of his own," Mulder quipped as he gazed at
his groin, turning slowly around.

There it was again, his nice rounded firm ass. Temptation
took the better of her, and she lifted her hand giving him
a quick firm slap on his burnt butt.


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