Free from Dark and Shadow

Author: Stacy
Title: Free From Dark and Shadow
Code: Post-eps. POV; MSR, MSM
Rating: PG-13/mild R for language and sexual
Part 1/1
Spoilers: "Requiem"
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X-Files. I only borrow for non-profit non-infringement
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Summary: This is a direct sequel to "Eternity."
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"Sometimes I think it's a sin
When I feel like I'm winning but I'm losing again.
Sometimes I think it's a shame
When I get feeling better, when I'm feeling no pain."

"Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot

        I can't believe she's mine.
        After all these years, after near-shootings, stabbings, hostage situations and multiple abductions, we're finally together. And I'll be damned if I'll let anyone take her from me ever again.
        She got me home after three months of hell. The whole time I'd felt like I was trying to catch a breath but could never breathe. I don't remember much, and frankly I'm not too sure I want to. Lights, I remember lights. Black room, white lights. Darkness everywhere closing in on me. Voices. Soft, metallic, chillingly alien voices among the shadows. Hoarse screams that it wasn't until later that I realized were coming from me. Not a day in the park by any means.
        I came to that night, that first night, to find her kneeling beside me in the woods, tears streaming down her pale face. I was in a haze of disbelief and pain and couldn't do much except hug her tight. But nothing-NOTHING-has ever felt better in my life than that clumsy embrace. Skinner was a little teary-eyed himself, if I recall. I took about three steps and crashed to the forest floor. He had to pick me up and carry me to the car like I was a kid. Thanks, Skinner. I must've seemed pretty pathetic to Scully, but she only looked at me with love in her eyes. Love for me, Fox Mulder. Wow.
        Of course they took me to a hospital, which of course was unable to do jack for me. Some physical signs of "experimentation" and "severe trauma," the doctor said. No shit, buddy. Nothing Scully hadn't already figured out. Dr. Scully to you jerks. "Nothing they could do." Fine, I knew that already. Just let me go home. I want Scully to take me home. Don't care whose apartment. Home is wherever Scully is.
         I've been home a month. She's been an angel. There's no other way to describe it. When I wake up at night screaming, which I still do once or twice a week, Scully is right there. She gathers me into her arms and rocks me like a baby. Whispers to me that it's okay. She keeps doing it until I feel calm and sleepy again. She holds my hand until I fall asleep. The dreams are better after that. Like my subconscious and unconscious know she's there with me. Making it safe for me to sleep.
        Speaking of a baby- damn, you should have seen my face when she told me. She waited a few days until I was stronger, more mentally together. But that still didn't keep me from fainting when the words "And it's yours" fell from her lips. When I came to after a few minutes I stared at her, this intelligent, beautiful woman, so calm and gentle unless it involved me. Then she was as fierce an adversary as I'd never want to meet, blue fire and red steel. And in her body she carried a tiny life with the same DNA and blood that ran through our veins. It amazed me; it still does.
        I told her I wanted us to get married. She agreed. I told her I loved her. Her smile was sunlight breaking through a seven-year stretch of clouds.
        "I mean it. I love you, Scully," I said.
        "I love you too, Mulder," she whispered.
        And that was that.
        The wedding was yesterday. Scully's family came. She'd wanted her brother to give her away, but he wouldn't. That broke her heart, I know it did. But he did come to the ceremony. I shot him as dirty a look as I could with us being in a church and all. I know he still has a grudge against me, blames me for everything that's happened to their family. But I think that when he sees what a good husband and father I'll be, he'll relent. Maggie is happy, which will help.
        So it ended up that Skinner gave her away, and the Lone Gunmen served as ringbearer and best men. Maggie was Scully's matron-of-honor, which helped make up for her brother being such a prick. Scully was so beautiful. She calls herself Moby but she's only gained twevle pounds and really doesn't show much yet. We did the church thing. And in a weird way, I'm glad. Not only because it made Scully happy. But I've been thinking a lot lately. So we come from aliens. How do I know that God didn't make the aliens? After everything I've seen in the past seven years, anything is possible.
        Anyway, now I'm William Fox Mulder-Scully. What a name. But it was my idea for us both to take each other's last name. I figured if she can live with the Mulder part, I can sure as hell live with the Scully. But we're still going by just Mulder and Scully. Even with each other. I just can't call her Dana. Nothing wrong with the name; it's just not who she is, who she was when I fell in love with her. She was Scully, and she'll always be Scully. She likes it that way.
        We're going to New Orleans for our honeymoon. I figured Scully would want to go someplace exotic, if not romantic. She told me New Orleans was both. I trust her. I asked her if we could go to a voodoo store in the French quarter while we're there. She wrinkled her nose, but said if I want to, sure. As long as I don't buy any monkey heads.
        Last night we made love for the first time ever. Funny, isn't it? We actually were married before we had sex. And the sex... whew. I always thought Scully was passionate, but last night she proved it. We were like teenagers whose parents were gone. Her tongue did things I'd only watched in porn movies. Three times. First with me on top, the last two with her on top. She said it gave her stronger orgasms. Who was I to argue with Scully making me the pony she never got for Christmas? Just watching her moving her body was almost enough to get me off. After the third time she slid down beside me and smiled. Let me tell you, a post-orgasmic smiling Scully is a wonderful sight.
        Tomorrow we leave for the trip. Scully is curled up against me, her back to my chest. She smells of orchids, and sweat from where we made love an hour ago. I can hardly believe this woman, this amazing woman is my wife. She's more than my lover, more than the mother of our child. She's the person who keeps me going when I might give up. My strength, my hope. She takes me to a warm safe place free from the demons in my mind. Her love makes me free. Free from dark and shadow. And with her by my side I'll be in the light forever.