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This is a Test -Vickie Moseley & Susan Proto--96K--PG-13
Post Requiem from Mulder's perspective and someone else.

The Fifth Time -Susan Frankovich--5K--PG
She was afraid for him, and so was I.

Dark Reflection (1/2)--Sally Bahnsen & Dawn-116K--PG-13
Dark Reflection (2/2)--116K
The names and places have changed but the story is the same--or is it?
Mulder and Scully travel to West Virginia to investigate a disturbingly familiar case.

It's Not You -Susan Frankovich--1K--PG
Mulder's feelings when he had to go
identify the body he thought was Scully's...

The Woman Who Knows Everything -Xenith--17K--NC-17
Scully feels bad about hurting Mulder in the
throes of passion and decides to make it up to him.

Shady Rest -Kestabrook--93K--PG
Mulder and Scully journey to an upstate NY town to solve a mystery--is a ghost plaguing an
old hotel?

The Clarity of Things -Mary Kleinsmith--101K--PG
Mulder faces the ramifications of a deadly attack

Blood Ties IX: Entropy and a Simple Little Wedding
Mulder and Scully are getting married--but it's not turning out exactly as he'd planned.

No Place Like Home-Agent L--28K--G
Mulder awakes in a forest with no memory.

Who Needs Family - Part III - A New Dawn-Marieke--108K--PG
Mulder starts to learn he isn't alone in this world.

Shattered-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
With one sentence, she broke him into pieces...

Why the Caged Bird Sings-XScout--7K--G
Is false hope better than no hope at all?

The Voices-Susan Frankovich--2K--G
Mulder's descent into madness...

Innocents Lost -spookycc and Fox's Vixen--84K--NC-17
Mulder's profiling skills are requested to help the FBI catch a
serial killer.

Display of Love-Cathee Kancel--27K--PG
Mulder feels he has no one left after the death of his mother and the loss hope of finding Samantha. But Maggie and Scully plan a special birthday surprise that they hope will make him feel loved.

Stolen-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
I know I had a life before this. I just can't remember it.

High Praise-spookycc--25K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully discover the whereabouts of a child missing for
almost two years, but they're not the only ones looking for him.

This Place Inside-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
Mulder's POV

Free From Dark and Shadow-Stacy--8K--PG-13
This is a direct sequel to "Eternity."

Taking in a Stray-Vickie Moseley--13K--PG
Late at night, Margaret Scully has a visitor.

Let There Be Light-Ecolea--140K--PG
When a catastrophe strikes Washington, DC Mulder is left to find his own way until someone a little older, a little wiser and a lot more cynical helps him find the answers.

The Ley of the Land-Eve11--115K--G
When two boys have a strange encounter in a rural New Mexico
cave, Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a possible alien
abduction. But the truth may be far older and more powerful than
anyone suspects.

The Rise and Fall of AP Skinner-Peggy--81K--PG-13
Skinner learns the hard way that most household (or hotel)
accidents occur in the bathroom. A "what if" fill-in for Hollywood

Perfect For The Job-Susan Frankovich--31K--PG
"You have a special gift, 34, and I want
you to use that gift tonight."

This bit of poetry was inspired by hateful discussion of
Biogenesis on a list I'm on and reflects my (and others') personal
opinion on what Mulder felt like during that certain scene
Hope you'll enjoy!! :)

No Replacements Please...-Susan Frankovich--2K--G
poem, my point of view on the new season

Respect Des Fonds-Rachel Vagts--75K--PG-13
"One or two deaths would be a horrible coincidence, but this is
the fifth one in as many months and they're coming quicker and quick. It's
no coincidence. Whether or not these poisoned items have been lying in
wait all along, there is someone making sure we know about it now." -
from "Respect Des Fonds"

Where The Aliens Are -Susan Frankovich--4K--G
And Mulder the king of the aliens was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him
best of all.

Lie Down With The Lamb-Ecolea--100K--R
Second in series. Mulder tries to solve a series of murders and finds more that he bargained for. Can the combined skills of four immortals finally bring a killer to justice?

Power of the Physical-Susan Frankovich--6K--PG
I will not allow Them to keep me here any longer. I just won't.

Sick and Tired-dee_ayy--47K--PG-13
An ailing Mulder runs into an old acquaintance on yet another ER visit. Post-ep for
"Brand X." Sort of.

Sword of Time-Kate M--83K--PG-13
After living under various disguises, Scully finally reveals her
true self to someone. She's a changed woman, though, and explains why.

Something Real-Susan Frankovich--4K--PG
I can feel her pulsating through my entire body, filling me with every part of her.

Misinformed-Agent L--21K--PG
Mulder is abducted, but the experience isn't quite what he expected.

too late-Susan Frankovich--1K--G
poem, Mulder's feelings about Kristen.

The Truth Defined-Romantique--124K--R/NC-17
One solution to the Requiem cliffhanger. Character deaths (maybe). MSR.

Punishment-Susan Frankovich--1K--PG
poem, Mulder's POV

Through the Door-Peggy--47K--PG-13
Mulder gets hurt. Like the guy that he is he decides that "I'll just ignore it
and it'll go away on it's own" is the best treatment plan. He's wrong.

Spinning the World-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
Mulder goes back up to Skyland Mountain a few days after Scully is abducted.

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