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Title: The Truth Defined
Author: Romantique
Classification: XRA - X Files, Romance, Angst.
Rating: All chapters are R for language, except
chapters 6 and 8. They are rated NC-17 for
sexually explicit content.
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Summary: One solution to the Requiem cliffhanger.
Character deaths (maybe). MSR.
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Heartfelt thanks to beta readers, Triton and
Christina. And to Boxers for her encouragement.

I just want to feel safe in my own skin.
I just want to be happy again.
I just want to feel deep in my own world,
But I'm so lonesome I don't even want to be with
myself anymore.

"Honestly OK" -Dido

The Truth Defined (1/12)

October 12, 2000
About 3:00 p.m. (PST)
Somewhere along the Columbia River Gorge
Oregon side

His eyes open slowly, only to be blinded by
merciless sunlight. His head turns abruptly
away from the brightness, and he once again
clenches his eyes shut. Lines around his eyes
run deep into his skin as he grimaces from the

He recognizes the fact that he is lying on
nothing more than cold, hard earth. He is suddenly
startled by the sound of rushing water. He tries to
sit up and turn his head toward the sound, but his
efforts are made in vain. He struggles to hold up
his head which feels as if it weighs fifty pounds.
The man realizes he is lying near a vast river in a
forest of trees that stretch up, all the way
to the heavens.

Suddenly, a sharp pain pierces his skull, and he
grabs at his temples as if holding his head with his
hands could somehow keep his head from exploding Oh,
his head pounds, and the pounding increases when the
sunlight glares into his eyes. He winces, clenching his
eyes shut. After a time, he feels his breathing slow to
a calmer state, and the pain begins to subside.

The man wonders, "How long have I been lying here?"
The ground is hard, damp, and cold. The chill has
seeped into his bones so that they ache. His head
begins to hurt again; he cannot hold it up any
longer. And with a thud, his pounding head hits the
ground. The man is weak and unable to move his tired,
achy body. All he can do is lie there and shiver.

Suddenly, he recognizes the thick, unmistakable odor
of burned hair. He begins to realize it is his own
hair he smells. The odor overwhelms him, making him
sick to his stomach. He quickly rolls over on his
side, and he wretches and gags as he vomits.

"Please stop," he pleads to his shaken body.

It finally does stop. But a few moments later, the
waves of nausea return, and when they catch up with
him he becomes violently ill all over again.

He summons every last iota of strength he has within
him and rolls his body away from the rancid pool of
his own vomit. He can hear himself moan and whimper
as he slowly drags himself to the river's edge. Once
his fingertips reach his goal of the icy water, he
collapses from exhaustion. He manages to bring only
drops of the cold liquid to his cracked, dry mouth.
The water tastes so sweet against the horrid taste of
bile in his mouth. He takes in the water slowly.

Resting at the river's edge, a shiver goes through to
the core of his being. The forest is now markedly
darker than before.

"Oh, no. The sun must be going down," he whispers to

Fearing he will freeze to death, the man draws his
arms and legs close into his body, into the fetal
position. Cold and spent, he feels himself slipping
away from consciousness. He looks wearily up to the
sky, as his eyes well up with tears. His attempt to
yell is in vain. His throat is dry and results only
in a whispered broken cry.

"God, don't let me die here. Let me live. I need to
find Scully and our baby," he pleads.

Cupping his hands under his chin, he gropes at his
neck with numbed fingers that have long since lost
their feeling. He can't find it and begins to
panic. His breathing quickens. He is desperate to
find it, as it is his only physical connection to
her. Finally, there it is! He gently rubs the cross
between his fingers. The repetitive rubbing seems to
calm him and slow his breathing, and he feels himself
being wrapped up in a safe and peaceful blanket of

Then, as his fingers slowly let go of Scully's cross,
Fox Mulder closes his eyes and slips into


October 12, 2000
11:00 p.m. (EST)
Dana Scully's Apartment

Scully climbs into her bed again, alone. Even after
months of sleeping alone, she vows she will never
feel comfortable in her bed until Mulder returns. A
gentle little flurry in her abdomen reminds her ...
she is not alone. Scully smiles and gently rubs the
tiny miracle inside her.

"Did you think I could possibly forget about you?"
Scully speaks to her unborn child, their child.

This month Scully is just beginning to really show.
She is well past the first trimester with all of its
vertigo, fatigue, and morning sickness. In fact, she
is now at the end of the second. All in all, Scully
feels great. Except for this deep heartache that
will not go away. God, how she misses Mulder.

Scully has the radiant glow of a pregnant woman.
Despite these past months, with their intense worry
and longing for Mulder, Scully is more beautiful than
ever. Her skin is flawless and her hair is longer,
very healthy and shiny. She has managed to keep
herself very fit with good nutrition and exercise
despite her anxiety and loneliness. She takes
excellent care of herself, for the baby's sake.
This baby has helped her to stay centered during
this long personal crisis. And of course, she has
her faith.

Tonight, just like every other night, Scully picks up
the phone and calls her mother.

"Yes, Mom. I'm doing just fine."

After a pause, "No, Mom, we haven't heard anything,

Another pause. "No, Mom, I will never give up on
Mulder. I love you too, Mom. Good night."

Of course, the nightly conversations vary somewhat.
But they always pretty much follow this same mantra.
In a strange way, these calls with her mother provide
Scully with great comfort. Afterwards, she prays
each night for Mulder's safe return, knowing her
mother is whispering the same prayer.

"And good night to you, our love," Scully whispers to
their unborn child. And with that, she reaches over
to turn off her reading lamp and snuggles down under
the covers.

It has been a long, long day. Scully is tired and
quickly enters the alpha state of consciousness, that
state one enters just before drifting off to sleep.
After a short time, she becomes aware of a voice so
familiar to her. It is Mulder's voice. She can hear
Mulder's voice. And she can see him, too.

Mulder appears before her in a vision of dreamlike

"Please, Scully. I'm here. I need you to find me.
I need you, Scully," Mulder calls out to her.

"Mulder," Scully answers him in her sleep. But
Mulder doesn't answer her as the vision begins to
fade away.

Scully wakes and sits straight up in bed, startled
and breathing heavily. She takes in a couple of deep
breaths to calm herself, as she tries to comprehend
what has just happened.

"Mulder is in trouble," she tells herself. "He needs
me to find him."

She reaches over to turn on the lamp and grabs the
phone, but hesitates. She knows she should call
someone to help her, but there is an instant of fear
that she may not be believed. Who would believe that
Mulder came to her in a vision? Who would believe
that it wasn't just a wishful dream. But this was
not a dream.

Sighing, she dials Skinner's home number.

"Sir, I'm sorry to call you this late. But I believe
Mulder is back."

After a pause, Scully continues, "I don't know where
he is."

And after another pause, with a great sense of calm
and credibility, she continues, "Don't ask me how I
know. All I know is that he is back, and he needs me.
I need your help, Sir."

Scully gently pleads, "Please help me find him."

The Truth Defined (2/12)

October 12, 2000
About 9:00 p.m. (PST)
Somewhere along the Columbia River Gorge
Oregon side

Mulder's form lies lifeless near the river's edge.
Feeling himself separate from his physical body and
Rise, soon he can see his battered body down below.
He floats among the ethers, somewhere between heaven
and earth. No longer in pain, Mulder is very much at
peace. Mulder is dying.

A bright and blinding light appears from the other end
of a long, dark tunnel. Drawn to the light, Mulder
floats toward the light into the tunnel.

Rays from the brilliant source swirl around him, forming
colors he's never seen. The corona is warm and beckons
him closer, communicating with all of his senses on
a grand scale and offering him a feeling of peace and
serenity he has never known. As his eyes adjust to the
brightness, he begins to make out shapes of what appear
to be people. It is his mother and his father waiting
to greet him, their eyes emitting jeweled tears of sheer
joy at the sight of their only son. They extend their
arms out to him, inviting him to touch them once more.

Standing next to them is Samantha. She beams the smile
of an angel. Mulder's heart center swells with joy,
connected to the heart centers of his family. He
feels nothing but love, amplified to the 1000th power.

"Mom. Dad. You're together." Mulder is surprised at
seeing this blissful picture of his adversarial parents
. . . together. "And Samantha."

He is overwhelmed with elation upon finding the family
he had always wanted. As he speaks, he discovers that
the spoken word is unnecessary, as he hears his own
own thoughts.

"Are we where I think we are?"

But before his family can answer him, Mulder hears Scully
cry out his name from outside the tunnel.

"Mulder. I need you. Our baby needs you. I can't
find you alone. Help me find you. Please, Mulder."

"Oh, Scully," Mulder cries to himself.

He feels so torn. As badly as he wants to follow the
light, as badly as he wants to stay with his mother,
father, and Samantha in heaven, he can't go. Mulder
will not leave his family on Earth. The love he
feels for Scully and his unborn child leaves him no
choice but to return. His heart center lets him know
that his parents and Samantha understand his need to
return. They will be there waiting for him on the day
that he returns.

Using nothing but sheer will, Mulder makes the decision
between life and death. He forces himself to travel
back through the tunnel, away from the light and back
into the tunnel's darkness. Back to Scully.

In a flash of light and energy, Mulder is returned into
his damaged body and unfinished life.

Mulder's eyes flutter open. He finds himself once again
in the cold dampness of the forest.

"Scully," he moans.

Night has fallen. The light from a full moon shines
on top of the river. His vision slowly begins to
adjust with his change in consciousness, as he maintains
his focus on what appears to be large timber logs floating
on the water.

"I must find Scully, must find Scully," he chants to

Summoning all of his strength, he rolls his weary body
from the riverbank and into the river with a loud
splash. The icy cold water shocks him into an alert
state of consciousness, as he quickly grabs hold of one
of the logs. Weighted down by his drenched clothing, he
manages to pull himself up on top of the log and holds on
for dear life.

All the while, he repeats to himself, "Must hold on.
Must hold on."

The river's current is swift and is moving a sea of timber
down the river in the same direction.

"Owwwww," he yells as another log crashes into his hand.
He quickly moves his hands out of the water and repositions
his grip on top of the log. Mulder's hands and feet are numb
from the cold.

"Hope I CAN hold on. Can't feel my fingers," he think to

His face stings from the cold, especially his ears and his
nose. He hides his face into the log, shielding it from the
howling winds that whip through the river gorge. The wind
chill coming off the water plummets the temperature to below

Mulder snaps his head up in an effort to stay awake. He feels
himself drifting off to sleep.

"Must stay awake," Mulder mumbles to himself.

Still gripped to the log, he snaps his head up again.
He must have drifted off again, but for how long? Some
time later, Mulder can feels a gentle rain begin to
sprinkle against his back. The rain is much warmer than
the air or water temperature. The warmer water bring on
a sense of relief, and Mulder mind momentarily drift from
the reality of the moment.

He ponders the thought that we are all the sum of our
total life experience and that he is no Mulder is no
exception. After embarking on a journey to find the
truth, a journey based upon nothing but his faith to
believe . . . it was Scully who had shown him the faith
of her beliefs. He witnessed her faith and how it
sustained her against all odds.

Scully had taught Mulder that it is impossible to believe
without faith. And it was her faith that sustained Mulder
throughout his abduction. And with her faith, he found the
ultimate truth. The truth is . . . simply . . . love.

Mulder sighs to the heavens, "I've never been a
particularly religious man, but thank you, God. I believe
I might make it. I must make it."


October 13, 2000
5:30 a.m. (PST)
Rangers Station
Multnomah Falls, Oregon

"911? This is Ranger James Stephenson at the
Multnomah Falls Station. We have a male, late 30's,
in pretty bad condition from exposure. He was found
in the Columbia River. Request helicopter transport
to Emmanuel's Trauma Unit. We found some
identification. He's an F.B.I. agent by the name of
Fox William Mulder. Please notify the Portland Field
Office. *Roger*."


October 13, 2000
9:45.m. (EST)
FBI Building
Washington, D.C.

Scully sits quietly at her desk. With her head
propped up on her hand, she twirls a pen through the
fingers of her other hand. She is visibly preoccupied
from the vision she received last night. She strongly
feels deep in her gut that Mulder has escaped from his
captors, and that he is desperately trying to come back
to her. She feels he is in trouble.

She lets out a big sigh, realizing it is futile to keep
her mind on the day's work, but work she must. She turns
on her computer when her phone rings.

It is A.D. Skinner. "Scully, I don't know how you knew
knew this, but I just received a call from the Field
Office in Portland, Oregon. They've found a man
matching Mulder's physical description also carrying
Mulder's I.D. badge. He's in critical condition at
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland."

True feeling of hope overtake her. She could only
dream of experiencing this feeling . . . until now.

"Sir, I have to go to him."

"I know," Skinner says. "I've taken the liberty of
booking a flight for the two of us. Can you be ready
to leave within the half hour?"

Scully chuckles, ruefully, thinking of the overnight
bag under her desk, the one she keeps with her at all

"You know I can. Thank you, Sir!"


October 13, 2000
5:30 p.m.
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital ICU
Portland, Oregon

Skinner and Scully race down the hall to the nurse's
station on the ICU floor. Breathing heavily from
running through the immense facility, Skinner pulls
out his identification shield as he approaches a nurse
at the reception desk. Scully is right behind him.

"We understand you have an FBI agent here in
Intensive Care," Skinner states.

The nurse senses the urgency from the man and the
woman who stand before her.

"I'll go and find Dr. Stanton. He's in charge of
that particular patient. Please wait right over
there, in the waiting room. I won't be gone long. I
promise," the nurse tries to reassure a visibly
concerned Scully.

Scully is a professional in handling crisis
situations. But she wants to see Mulder, now.
A few minutes later, a tall, thin man with gray hair
wearing green scrubs appears in the waiting room.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Stanton," he says as he extends his hand
to Skinner and Scully.

"Dr. Stanton, I'm Assistant Director Walter Skinner
and this is Special Agent Dana Scully." Both Skinner
and Scully offer their I.D.

Skinner continues, "The Agent that was admitted to
your hospital this morning is one of my Agents, Fox
Mulder. Dr. Scully is Agent Mulder's personal physician
and holds his power of attorney."

Scully joins in, "Dr. Stanton, Agent Mulder has been
missing for months. He's been the subject of a
nationwide search. It is imperative that we identify
him, immediately. Can we please see him?"

Feeling the full brunt of Scully's intensity, Dr.
Stanton nods, "Follow me, please."

The doctor leads Skinner and Scully into an ICU
cubicle where they immediately recognize an
unconscious Mulder hooked up to IVs, tubes, and
monitors. His arms and hands are bandaged. His left
hand is in a cast.

"Oh, my God!" Scully gasps as she surveys Mulder's
body. He is so thin under the hospital sheets.
She smells the distinct aroma of singed hair mixed
with the medicinal odor of burn ointment. His
fingers and his face are scraped and bruised.

"Mulder." Scully rushes to his bedside. Reaching
out with tentative fingers, she gently touches the
side of his scratched face. "Mulder, I'm here. I
found you. You are going to be OKAY. I promise."

Interrupting the moment, Skinner asks Dr. Stanton,
"What can you tell us about his condition?"

"Please, why don't we all step into my office,"
replies Dr. Stanton. And he motions for Skinner and
Scully to follow him.

Having just found him, after all these months, Scully
is hesitant to leave Mulder.

"I'll be right back, Mulder," she whispers in his
ear. "I knew I would find you. I love you."

Scully follows the two men down the hall and into a
small office.

"Please, have a seat," motions Dr. Stanton.

"Agent Mulder was heliported here. He was found in
the Columbia River and presented with symptoms of
severe hypothermia. He was unconscious upon arrival,
and has yet to regain consciousness. We estimate
that he may have been in the river water for some
twelve hours or more. We are treating him for the
hypothermia. He is extremely weak and dehydrated.
He is receiving fluids, electrolytes, and
antibiotics. We were able to slowly thaw his
extremities. He has a simple fracture in his left

After observing Scully's interaction with Mulder
just moments ago, Dr. Stanton senses a great
attachment between these two people. Unable to
look Scully in the eye, Dr. Stanton instinctively
turns his focus toward Skinner, "At this point, we
don't know if he will be able to keep of all his

Turning to Scully, he continues, "The first 24 to
48 hours are crucial in predicting recovery. And
infection is a potential complication we don't want
to see."

Scully locks eyes with Dr. Stanton. She nods her
head to communicate that she understands the
severity of Mulder's condition and that she needs
to know everything.

Dr. Stanton continues, "But I'm afraid it gets even
worse. Agent Mulder also appears to have suffered
an electrocution."

Scully's eyebrow raises as if she is puzzled.

"Possibly from a lightening strike," Dr. Stanton
tries to offer an explanation. "I've seen this
before. The river gorge breeds thunder storms this
time of the year. Upon arrival, Agent Mulder's heart
rate was irregular. That is why we have him hooked up
to the cardiac monitors. He has first degree burns on
his extremities and on his back, which, I believe, will
require skin grafts."

After a sigh, Dr. Stanton goes on, "The good news is
that his lungs are remarkably clear and his kidneys are
functioning. Of course, we will be watching him for
pneumonia. I have him on oxygen to assist his
breathing. We are watching his cardiac rhythm VERY
carefully. Like I said, the next 24 to 48 hours will
tell the tale. I'll be frank. He may not survive."

"Agent Mulder is very strong. He keeps himself in
good physical shape," offers Scully. "He WILL make

Skinner braces Scully with his arm in an effort to
offer her strength.

"He WILL make it, Sir," Scully whispers to Skinner,
almost as if to seek his reassurance.

Skinner offers her the reassurance she needs. "If
anyone can make it through this, Scully, Mulder can."

The Truth Defined (3/12)

October 13, 2000
9:30 p.m. (PST)
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital ICU
Portland, Oregon

A florescent light fixture flickers in the hallway
outside Mulder's hospital room. Scully is on her
cell phone. She paces up and down the hallway,
very intent on her conversation with the Gunmen.

"Yes, Langly. I positively identified him this

After a pause, "He's still unconscious, but he's

Listening to Langly, she continues, "I don't think
we will see Dr. Stanton again until tomorrow morning.
I'll call you tomorrow, as soon as I know more. Give
our love to the guys."

Scully shuts off her cell phone, as a slight smile
reaches the corners of her mouth. Over the past six
months, the Gunmen have been there for Scully. She
would have never guessed that Mulder's nerdy group of
friends would become so dear to her. Each of them
dotes on her, each trying to somehow fill part of the
void Mulder had left behind. They knew they could
never fill the void, but she had grown to love them
for caring enough to try.

Scully walks back into the cubicle to be with Mulder.
At his bedside, she lightly strokes his face over and
over again, careful not to touch the scratches on his
right cheek. His face is the only part of his body
that is not bandaged. She loves his face and gently
kisses his forehead and each eyelid.

"Hey, it's me," she whispers gently. "How are you
doing?" But there is no response.

About this time, Skinner appears into the doorway.

"Scully, it's been a really long day for you. You
look exhausted. You should go back to the hotel and
try and get some rest, if not for you, for the baby's
sake. I'll stay with him tonight."

Fully expecting a rebuttal from Scully, he is
surprised to hear her reply.

"OKAY. Just another minute." Then, she turns her full
attention to Mulder.

"Mulder, please wake up. It's me, Scully."

At the sound of her name, Mulder stirs slightly and
quietly moans, "Scully." Mulder is struggling to
regain consciousness. Again, he moans, "Must save
Scully and our baby."

Scully flashes a surprised look at Skinner.

"Oh my God, Sir. He knows about the baby. How could
he know?" she gasps, shaking her head in disbelief.

Skinner looks just as surprised.

Scully turns back to Mulder and leans down to his
ear. "Mulder. You must save us from what? Please,
Mulder, talk to me."

But Mulder is now silent and drifts back into


October 14, 2000
8:30 a.m. (PST)
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital ICU
Portland, Oregon

Scully arrives at Mulder's room just as Dr. Stanton
is walking out into the hallway with Skinner. She
joins them.

"Ahhhh, Dr. Scully. I am glad to report that Agent
Mulder appears to be holding his own. His
temperature is up just a bit. It's currently 100
degrees, but nothing to be alarmed about. His heart
rhythm is good, but I'd like to continue to monitor
him for at least the next 24 hours or so. I would
also like him to remain on oxygen until he regains

Skinner offers, "He's been mumbling. Trying to come
out of it. But everything he says is incoherent."

"I believe he is coming out of it," says Dr. Stanton.
"Let's just keep doing what we're doing. It's working
so far. I'll come by and check on him again this

"Thank you, Dr. Stanton," Scully replies. Scully
then directs her attention to Skinner.

"Now, you are the one who looks exhausted, Sir. I
can take over for a while."

"Thanks, Scully. I think I will get some sleep.
I'll be back by 3:00. You call me if you need
anything, OKAY?"

"I will, Sir."

As she watches Walter Skinner walk toward the
elevators, Scully can't help but think about what a
friend and confidante Skinner has become over these
past months. Since witnessing Mulder's abduction,
Skinner was now so much more aware and open to many
of the paranormal experiences that Mulder and Scully
had reported over the years. The new openness in
their relationship has refueled a trust in Skinner
that Scully had once lost. He knew of her pregnancy
and was her protector, confidante, and ally within
the FBI.

As Skinner enters the elevator, Scully pulls out her
cell and phones her report to the Gunmen, as
promised. Then, Scully walks into Mulder's cubicle,
returning to her vigil.

Mulder is sleeping so peacefully. This almost 40-
year old man looks like a young child when he is
sleeping. Scully can't help but wonder if their
child will be half as beautiful as this man.

"He's breathing a lot easier this morning," offers a
nurse who is changing the IV bags. "He's talking
in his sleep. I think he's trying to come out of
it," she smiles.

Scully is startled, as she hadn't noticed anyone else
in the room.

Scully smiles at the nurse's report. And when the
nurse leaves the room, Scully walks over to the
window and opens the blinds to let in some of
the morning sun. She then walks over to the head of
Mulder's bed and takes the fingers of his right hand
into hers. She carefully strokes his fingertips with
her right hand, careful not to disturb the bandages.
And with her left hand, she brushes his singed hair
away from forehead. She places there the gentlest
kiss. And then, going around the nasal canula, she
very softly kisses his swollen lips.

Mulder lets out a groan, and his eyes begin to
flutter. He is waking up.

"Oh, Mulder. I knew you would come back." Scully
greets him with her enigmatic smile. But he begins
to thrash and stir in a panic.

"Hey, now. Mulder. You have to lie still for me.
You are connected to tubes and wires. But you're
safe. Look at me, Mulder. Look at me!" Scully is
now almost shouting at Mulder.

Mulder's eyes lock with hers, and almost immediately,
he begins to calm down.

"That's it. Breathe, Mulder, nice and steady.
Breathe," Scully bends down and whispers in his ear,
as she gently strokes his hair. Mulder tries to speak,
but nothing comes out.

"Do you want to try a little water?"

He nods. Scully offers a straw to the corner of his
mouth, and he greedily accepts.

"Take it slowly."

He nods again. "Oh, Scully. I hurt," he strains to

"I know you do." She grabs for the call button and
rings for the nurse. "Now that you are awake, they
can give you something for the pain."

As the nurse walks in, Scully explains he is awake
now, but in a lot of pain.

"I'll be right back with something for him," the
nurse says and disappears into the hallway.

"Scully, how are you and the baby?" Mulder whispers
slowly. "I love you so much."

"I love you, Mulder," and tears form in Scully's blue
eyes. "We are both fine," she reassures him.

After a pause, she continues. "You knew about the
baby? How?" Her eyes search desperately his for
some kind of a plausible explanation. No one knew of
her pregnancy. No one.

Mulder struggles to speak in a low whisper, "The
aliens told me you were pregnant with our baby." He
takes a few breaths before continuing. "CGB Spender
was working with them. He gave you back your
fertility, Scully."

Scully gives him a disconcerting look. "That doesn't
make any sense, Mulder. Why? Why would the Smoking
Man give me back my fertility?"

"You are in danger, Scully. The baby is in danger."
Mulder is breathing harder. "Don't you see? We're
all in danger." The monitors are clicking and
beeping with increased activity. Mulder is becoming
more and more agitated. "Where is Skinner? I need
him to help protect you."

Just then, the nurse returns with a syringe. She
injects it into Mulder's IV. The monitors soon
return to more normal rhythms. And Mulder, breathes
deeply as his heavy eyelids close to half mast.
Still conscious, the pain medication lulls him into
A dull state. He is calm now.

Scully looks at the nurse with gratitude. She is
relieved that Mulder is no longer in pain. But she
is also concerned that Mulder is unable to finish what
he was trying so hard to tell her.

"Protect us from what?" Scully says under her breath
as the nurse leaves them alone.

Mulder cannot respond. Scully stays with him in silence.

The Truth Defined (4/12)

October 14, 2000
3:00 p.m. (PST)
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital ICU
Portland, Oregon

Scully quietly naps in the recliner next to Mulder's
bed. He has drifted off to sleep, still connected to
tubes and monitors. Skinner enters the room. Scully
hears the door open, and she opens her eyes.

"How's he doing?" Skinner asks quietly.

"Sir, I've got to speak with you," she murmurs lowly,
casting a quick glance at the sleeping Mulder. "Can
we speak privately out in the hallway?"

Skinner nods his assent and steps back out of the
room. Scully lifts herself awkwardly from the chair,
her balance slightly off center due to her swollen
abdomen. And she joins him in the hallway. Scully
then repeats the conversation she had with Mulder that
morning, including Mulder's charges of CGB Spender's
involvement with her pregnancy.

"That nicotine-sucking, son of a bitch," Skinner

"You believe what Mulder is saying, Sir?" Scully

"I have no doubt that Spender was involved somehow,
but I am finding it hard to understand how Mulder
knew about your pregnancy. I believe without a doubt
that he was abducted. I witnessed that myself. The
fact that he does know about this baby is enough for
me to take his concerns seriously. He wants you
protected, and I am able to organize that."

"Protect us from what? I'm not going anywhere
without Mulder, Sir," Scully insists, trying hard to
retain her composure.

>From the hallway, they notice Dr. Stanton entering
Mulder's room. They quickly end this conversation
and follow him into Mulder's room They watch as Dr.
Stanton examines Mulder.

Upon completion of the examination, Dr. Stanton
speaks to Skinner and Scully. "I can't explain it,
but his burns and lesions are healing at a remarkable
rate. The burned lesions on his extremities and his
back appear as if they are a week further into the
healing process than they are. I don't think he's
going to need skin grafts after all. I can't explain
it. It is possible that being trapped in the river
water somehow kept the wounds hydrated, I suppose."

Dr. Stanton shrugs his shoulders as if to say he is
merely guessing. But he appears to be both surprised
and very pleased with Mulder's progress.

"When he wakes, we'll take him off the oxygen. But
we need to keep him on the antibiotics, fluids, and
heart monitor for a while longer."

"Scully, we may be able to get both you AND Mulder
out of here VERY soon," Skinner says to Scully under
his breath.

After a few short professional pleasantries with Dr.
Stanton upon his exit, Skinner notices that Mulder is
awake. Mulder stirs, trying to get Skinner's

"I know, Mulder. Scully told me everything."
Skinner tries to reassure his Agent and smiles.
Mulder gives a sigh with relief.

"But she won't leave here without you, and I don't
blame her. Not after all she's been through."

Skinner continues to explain his statement, "She
Didn't know if you were dead or alive, Mulder."
Skinner's face conveyed to Mulder the heaviness of
Scully's concern for him. "And on a personal note, I
am so sorry I couldn't save you from abduction."

"Not your fault, Sir. It was mine." He turns to
look deep into Scully's blue eyes. "Scully, I didn't
know about the baby when I left for Oregon. I
wouldn't have gone if I had known." Mulder's raises
his eyebrows, which form deep lines of concern in his

"I know, Mulder." Her eyes radiate her heartfelt
understanding of this revelation. She gently strokes
his face, showing him she understands and forgives
him, watching the lines from his forehead fade.

After a long moment, Skinner interrupts. "Mulder,
can you tell us what happened after you were
abducted? What do you remember?"

"Well," Mulder speaks slowly and deliberately. "I was
immediately separated from the rest of the group.
I never saw any of them again." He takes a deep
breath and swallows hard. "There were many tests,
very painful tests. And you know me, Sir. I asked
them as many questions as they asked me. And I paid
for that, dearly."

"Did you find any answers to your questions? Scully
asks, great concern is written all over her face.

"Yes. I received confirmation of a great alien war,
a war that is being fought here on Earth."

He struggles to continue, "Scully, our baby is the
latest genetic 'strain' of an alien-human hybrid."
Looking deep into her eyes, Mulder tries to explain,
"Don't you see? Both you and I are survivors of two
different strains of alien viruses? I was exposed to
the black oil in Tunguska and the toxic blood of the
Alien Bounty Hunter. You were exposed to a completely
different alien strain in Antarctica."

Mulder's voice trails off, and he coughs as his mouth is
Very dry. Scully offers Mulder a sip of water. Then,
he continues, "It was no accident that you were allowed
to become pregnant, Scully. CGB Spender gave you back your
fertility. And I believe you can recall when that

Scully looks down, ashamed at being reminded of the
fact that she had once been taken in by The Smoking

"Scully," Mulder tries to get her attention. He
looks sheepishly at her. "They needed for us to
procreate. They were prepared to do it with or
without our cooperation. You and I just made it easy
for them, that's all."

Skinner begins to shift his body, uncomfortable with
listening to this conversation. He begins to leave
the room.

"No, sir!" Mulder stops him. "You need to hear this."

Mulder looks a Scully and continues, "Do you remember
when I was abducted from the hospital and you found
me, using Diana's code key? They already had your
ova, Scully. It was then that they obtained samples
of my brain tissue and sperm. They created embryos
from your eggs and my sperm. But then, the Rebel
forces attacked their laboratory, and our frozen
samples were destroyed."

"When they saw that you and I were headed for an
intimate relationship, they decided to allow us to
procreate 'the old fashioned way.' If you had not
already been pregnant, you would have been abducted
in Oregon, Scully. Instead of me."

Scully is astounded. After a moment, she asks,
"Then, why did they take you, Mulder?"

"They still had vials with your ova in another
location. But they needed to replace the samples
of my sperm. Don't you see, Scully?"

Mulder offers his good hand to Scully, and she takes

Mulder continues, "If our child is their latest and
greatest 'successful' human-alien hybrid, they once
again have enough of your ova and my sperm to make
armies of our child's clone."

Taking in a deep breath, Mulder continues, "They
returned for you, Scully. They don't need me anymore.
Now, they want you. You and the baby."

Mulder tone becomes more serious, and he shifts the
intensity of his gaze to Skinner. "Sir, that is why
I must hide Scully and the baby. They have a vast
interest in our child. They want to take her from us
and study her."

Scully still looks as if she is in shock. "Did you
say 'her,' Mulder?"

Mulder nods in the affirmative, with such love in his
eyes. "Scully, please don't worry. That is why I
had to come back. I have to protect you and our

Skinner is also appears to be shocked by what he has
just heard. "Mulder, the doctors said you were
electrocuted. And yet your burns are healing at an
abnormal rate. Were you indeed struck by lightening?"

"No. I was burned when I was returned through the
Earth's electromagnetic field. Time is still very
sketchy for me. How long have I been gone?"

"Almost six months," Skinner replies.

"Six months," Mulder takes in a deep breath. The
magnitude of losing six months of his life hits
suddently hits him. He's missed six months of
Scully's pregnancy. He searches Scully's eyes for
something to hold on to. But he finds her eyes are
filling with tears as she mirrors his sense of loss.
She gives his good hand a squeeze, letting him know that
this has been her loss as well.

The Truth Defined (5/12)

October 15, 2000
Noon (PST)
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital - Adult Care
Portland, Oregon

Scully almost has to run to keep up with the aides as
they wheel Mulder's gurney down the hallway. While
trying to keep up, Scully is on her cell phone
finishing her conversation with Frohike.

"Yes, he's making a miraculous recovery. He is being
moved to a room on the adult care floor as we speak.
His burns and lesions are healing at an incredible
pace. I'll call again tomorrow to let you know how
he's doing. I will. Goodbye."

The aides wheel Mulder past the nurse's station and
into Room 924. They park the bed in the corner of
the room. As they position the IV pole and call
button close to Mulder's good hand, Scully helps
Mulder into a more comfortable position by raising
the head of the bed. After a few moments, they are

"Mulder, the guys send their best," Scully informs
him. She smiles, shutting off her cell phone.

"I'm so glad they were there for you while I was
gone. Sometimes, they really surprise me," Mulder

Mulder is now off the monitors. There is only one
remaining IV, antibiotics. Scully can't help but
notice he looks so much better today. More like his
old self. But he is very thin. Earlier that day,
Scully helped feed him breakfast and lunch. She is
encouraged and relieved with his progress.

Only now does she give herself permission to
acknowledge just how close to death he really came.
When she and Skinner found him at the hospital just
days ago, she knew how serious his condition was. As
a physician, of course she understood. But as a
woman, as THE woman in Mulder's life, she couldn't
bring herself to even consider the possibility of
losing him . . . again.

"Scully, come here." Mulder pats the side of the
bed, moving over to make room for her. Scully cannot
help but smile and sits down on the side of the bed.
Mulder gently places his hand over her abdomen.

"Don't you think it is time I became acquainted with
our daughter?" And Scully places her hand over his
on her abdomen. After a moment, she moves his hand
down lower and to the side.

"Can you feel her, Mulder?" Scully asks.

"Scully. She's kicking. I can feel her." Mulder's
face is elated with joy. He can see his joy mirrored
in Scully's blue eyes.

He continues to gaze into her eyes. "Scully, I love
you two so much. I'll never leave you again."

"Promise, Mulder? Because I don't think we can stand
the prospect of ever losing you again."

And Mulder gently pulls Scully's mouth to his and
begins to give her the sweetest softest kiss she's ever

Scully leans back into the pillows. She and Mulder
continue to gaze into one another's eyes, lying close
to one another.


October 16, 2000
Noon (PST)
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital - Adult Care
Portland, Oregon

Finished with his exam, Dr. Stanton stands near the
foot of Mulder's bed, carefully reviewing the chart.

A restless and agitated Mulder rants, "I haven't run
a temperature in over 24 hours. You said it
yourself; I'm doing great. So, how about letting me
out of here?"

"I must hand it to you, Agent Mulder," Dr. Stanton
replies, smiling. "Just a few short days ago, had I
been a betting man, I wouldn't have bet on your
survival. And now, you are doing extremely well."

Looking up from the chart, Dr. Stanton continues, "I
can see no reason why we can't discharge you this
afternoon. I'll ask the pharmacy to fill some
prescriptions you will need, and transcribe my latest
notes for you to take back to Washington."

Just then, Scully enters the room. Mulder can't help
but announce, "Hey Scully, I've been sprung."

A surprised Scully looks to Dr. Stanton for
confirmation, to which he responds, "Yes, I'm
releasing him this afternoon. But Agent Mulder," he
says looking back over at Mulder, "I'm not releasing
you to return to work for another 10 to 14 days. You
are to take it easy. Understood?"

Mulder nodded, but Dr. Stanton sensed that Dr. Scully
would have her hands full trying to keep this man

"Thank you, Dr. Stanton." And Scully extended her
hand in an expression of gratitude.

Shaking her hand, Dr. Stanton says his goodbyes and
leaves the room.

Scully walks over to Mulder's bed and places her hand
on his shoulder in an effort to keep him in bed.

"I need to call Skinner and request arrangements to
return to Washington. I believe there's a flight
this afternoon. Skinner brought you some clothing
yesterday, while you were sleeping. They are in the
closet, along with your things," Scully points to the
closet on the other side of the room.

Mulder takes her hand and gives it a little squeeze.

"And I need to get your prescriptions filled. Will
you be OKAY until I get back?" Scully gives his hand a
little squeeze in response.

"Oh, yes. The nurse said she would help me get
showered. I can do that while you're gone. Damn
this cast. I wish you could help me get showered,
Scully," Mulder is pretending to whine.

"I promise. I'll be on 'shower duty' tomorrow,
Mulder. And every day, thereafter," Scully muses and
gives gives Mulder a playful little peck on his lips.


October 16, 2000
3:00 p.m. (PST)
Legacy Emmanuel Hospital - Adult Care
Portland, Oregon

Mulder is sitting up in a chair, dressed and ready
to go when Skinner walks into the room. Skinner
can't help but notice a pink heart drawn on his
cast with "Forever" inside it. It brings a smile
to his face.

"So, you are obviously ready to vacate this place,
Agent Mulder," smiles Skinner. "Where is Agent

"She's obtaining the medical paperwork to take with
us. She already picked up the prescriptions. They
are right here," showing the bag to Skinner.

"You know, Mulder. Your absence was really hard on
Scully. She put up a brave front. But underneath
that front, she was dying inside. You need to know
that. And you also need to know that she never gave
up on you, not even for a second."

Mulder couldn't help but notice how much more
approachable Skinner was now, after witnessing
his abduction. Mulder never had a problem speaking
his mind with Skinner, but it was different now.
Mulder felt genuinely closer to Skinner than ever

"I dreamed of her every night, Sir," Mulder begins.
"It was Scully who kept me going. When the aliens
were conducting those horrible tests, I would think
of Scully. And when they told me about the baby,
well, I just had to find a way home. Scully
came to me in my dreams in the forest. She wouldn't
allow me lay down and die. She was with me when I was
in the river. She's always with me, Sir."

With a sincere gratitude, Mulder continues, "Thank
you so much for taking care of her while I was gone.
I will spend the rest of my life making this up to

"I believe you, Mulder." And Skinner gives Mulder a
smile that conveys his approval.

Scully enters into the room. She can't help but
notice she has interrupted a conversation between
Mulder and Skinner. But she quickly ascertains that
it must be a light hearted one, because both men are
smiling and in good spirits.

"Are we all ready to go to the airport?" asks Skinner
as he starts to collect some of Mulder's things.

A nurse appears at the door with a wheelchair. Scully
and Skinner help guide Mulder to the wheelchair and lock
the leg supports in place. While traveling down the
hallway, Mulder meets and thanks several of the nurses
and orderlies.

Several minutes later, they enter the elevator and ride
down to the ground floor. Skinner, Scully and a nurse
walk Mulder to the hospital entrance where a cab is
waiting to take the three to the airport.


October 16, 2000
5:00 p.m. (PST)
Portland International Airport
Portland, Oregon

Once at Portland International, Skinner checks a
couple of bags with the 'Sky Cap' and asks for a
wheel chair.

"Oh, Sir. I don't need a wheel chair," Mulder
argues. "I'm doing great, really."

"Alright, Mulder," concedes Skinner. "We'll try it
your way." Scully just shakes her head in familiar
disbelief. Both she and Skinner have learned that
arguing with Mulder about physical limitations is
usually pointless.

Once inside the main terminal, they are directed to
Terminal A, where they stand in line at to enter
Security. Person by person, the line inches closer
to the metal detectors, when Scully's cell phone

"Hello," she answers. After a brief moment, she
cups her hand over the receiver and softly informs
Mulder and Skinner that it is Frohike.

She returns to her phone conversation when a look of
alarm comes over Scully's face, as she gasps, "Oh,

Mulder puts his arm around Scully's shoulder and
gently leads her out of the line. Skinner follows.

"Scully, what is it?" Skinner asks.

"Hold on for a minute, OKAY?" Scully instructs
Frohike. She then turns her attention to Skinner
and Mulder.

"Frohike says the Gunmen installed a trip wire in our
apartments in order to monitor any unwanted activity
while we are away," Scully explains to Skinner and
Mulder. Mine sent out an alert this morning. When
Frohike went to check on it, an electronic search
revealed several bugs. He said some of the furnishings
were disturbed, but nothing obvious was missing. Almost
as if whoever broke in was looking for something in

Scully returns to her conversation with Frohike.
"Yes, we are leaving now. Thank you so much for looking
out for us. I'll see you tomorrow," and Scully
ends her call.

"I don't like the sound of this, Scully," Mulder

"Me, neither," says Skinner. "In light of recent
events, I don't think you should return to
Washington, until I have had a chance to further look
into this, Scully. I want you and Mulder to stay here."

"I agree with Skinner," Mulder says most convincingly.
"It's not worth the risk. And right now, we don't know
why someone would want to break into your apartment."

Scully places her hands protectively on her abdomen
and Scully agrees to stay with Mulder.

Skinner whispers back. "I'll go on to Washington and
see what I can find out. Call me tomorrow, Agents."
Skinner gives them a stern look, searching for an
agreeable response. Both Agents shake their head in
the affirmative.

Handing their bags to Mulder and Scully, Skinner
proceeds to walk through Security, leaving them
to stay behind in Portland.

Mulder and Scully start to walk back toward the
terminal entrance. Once outside the Security area,
Mulder stops Scully. Reaching inside his jacket
Pocket, he says, "There is something I need to return
to its rightful owner."

And with his fingers, he suspends her gold cross in
the air from its chain. She smiles at its sight.
Mulder reaches around the back of her neck, clasping
the delicate chain. Turning her towards him, he gazes
deeply into her eyes.

"Scully, you know I've never embraced any particular
religion. I never really had a need to know about
such things. I told you all about the soul experience
I shared with my sister, Samantha. You helped me to
be led to the truth about her abduction."

Mulder gazes even more intensely into her eyes, "She's
no longer alive, and I can't deny that I KNOW she is
in a better place. And since my own abduction, I
know now that there is a greater power out there, a
creator of all things. I've seen heaven, Scully."

Scully's eyes emit utter amazement. She cannot
believe what she is hearing.

Mulder continues, now holding Scully in his arms, "I
know, without a shadow of a doubt there is a God, a
Creator who is more powerful than us, more powerful than
them. While I was away, Scully, I had the faith of
YOUR belief. I finally found the meaning of truth,
the ultimate truth. The truth is . . . simply
. . . love."

He pauses, "Like the love our Creator has for us, and the
love we have for our child. The love I have for you.
The truth is love," he smiles down into her face.

"Oh, Mulder." Scully's blue eyes fill with tears, as
she holds him closer to her. Closer than he's ever

The Truth Defined (6/12)


October 16, 2000
6:30 p.m. (PST)
Portland International Airport
Portland, Oregon

Downstairs from the main terminal, Mulder and Scully
quickly review the disturbing events of the evening.

"Who do you think is responsible for breaking in my
apartment, Mulder?" Scully asks with concern in her

"I don't know, Scully. I just don't know. I know
this," Mulder proceeds. "I trust you, the Gunmen,
Skinner, and your mother. After all these years,
it's nice to know who I can really trust."

Scully nods her head in agreeement.

After some discussion on plans for the night, they
walk to the parking structure and up to therental car
counter. Scully reaches into her handbag and after
fumbling with her wallet, she hands Mulder his
"M.L. Luder" credit card.

Mulder smiles at Scully's preparedness and takes care
of the rental.

After obtaining the car, Scully drives while Mulder
navigates with the Avis map searches the dark road for
lodging signs on the Interstate. They decide to go over
the bridge to the Washington side of the River.

Soon, they find and check into the Shiloh Inn.


October 16, 2000
7:30 p.m. (PST)
Shiloh Inn
Vancouver, Washington

Once inside their Inn room, Mulder pours his
exhausted body onto the bed. Scully lies down beside
Mulder, staring up at the ceiling. She thinks about
the events of the last several days. She is
exhausted, too, physically and emotionally spent. She
almost lost Mulder. And now he is lying here with her, and
he's going to be OKAY. The corners of her mouth turn up
into a smile.

She tries to relax, but she still feels a strong
sense of apprehension. 'They' are looking for her and
the baby. And Mulder is as good as dead if they find
him again.

With eyes closed, Mulder wearily reaches over to find
Scully. Successfully finding the warmth of her body,
he rolls over on his side and moves closer to her until
he is right up against her. He wraps himself around
her. They lie there together, and he gently strokes
her hair. She snuggles even closer to him.

"I am tired, Scully. But I could lie here forever
like this with you. You feel so good," Mulder
whispers into Scully's ear.

"Not as good as you feel," Scully says softly.

A moment later, Scully continues, "Even though I know
you're here with me now, you'll never know how much I
missed you, Mulder. I am so afraid I will wake up to
find your return is all a dream. I'm afraid I'll
wake and find you're not here."

"I'm here, Scully. And I'm not going anywhere
without you," Mulder whispers into her hair. "You
were right. From here on out . . . no matter
what, we stay together." And he plants little feather
kisses on the side of her face.

Scully turns to Mulder and looks lovingly into his
eyes. She slowly, gently kisses his mouth. He parts
his lips, allowing her tongue to brush his lips and
meet his tongue. They are so hungry for one another.
Yet they are so tender, almost as if the other might
break from the intensity of their love.

Mulder is becoming aroused and his erection comes on
fast. He becomes harder with each passing moment and
moves closer to Scully so that she can feel it, too.
He wants her, and he wants her to feel just how

"Scully, do you think it would hurt the baby if I
were to make love to you?"

Mulder's question is so naive, and it touches
Scully's heart. She can't help but think that for
someone with Mulder's claims of vast and varied sexual
experiences, sometimes he is so inexperienced when it
comes to affairs of the heart.

"No, Mulder. We won't hurt the baby. Not if we're
careful," Scully whispers reassuringly.

Scully begins to remove her slacks and then, her
panties. Mulder quickly undresses too, and lies
on his back. She returns to him and straddles
herself above him, above his magnificent erection.
Just the sight of his desire makes her ache to have
him inside her.

Mulder is in awe of Scully's bare abdomen. She is in
perfect tone, perfectly formed with their child. His
hands gently explore every inch of her taut
abdomen. He looks up into Scully's eyes and
emits sheer love, respect, and devotion with his
gaze. Scully places her hands on top of his, careful
not to hurt his injured hand. She helps him explore
her body.

After a time, she leads his hands to her pelvis.
Mulder gently strokes through her auburn pubic curls.
He can feel that she wants him, too. She is so moist
and when he lightly presses near her swollen clitoris.

Scully reaches down and lightly strokes his erection
up and down. She is pleased with herself as she
feels him grow harder with desire. She wants to take
him inside of her, now, but not yet. She doesn't
want their loving to end this soon. They have both
waited far too long.

She reaches behind her and begins to lightly circle
his testicles, and Mulder groans with delight.

"Oh my God, Scully. Do you know what you do to me?
I want you so badly, it hurts."

Staring down into his eyes, Scully unbuttons her
blouse and slowly removes her bra. Mulder's eyes are
fixated on her breasts. He hasn't seen her breasts
since she became pregnant. They are larger, more
rounded and fuller now. She watches her lover's face
as his eyes drink in this sight.

"Oh, Scully. You are absolutely THE most beautiful
woman I've ever seen. And you are carrying our baby."

And he reaches up, just barely grazing her nipples
with his fingertips. In fascination, he watches as
each one hardens into an even more beautiful sight.
Mulder burns this picture of Scully permanently into
his memory. It is a sight he thought he would never
live to see.

Scully takes Mulder's broken hand and gently kisses
his fingers.

"Mulder. I know I said 'not yet,' but it's not
possible to want you any more than I do at this
moment." Her eyes plead with him to increase the
pace of their lovemaking.

Mulder is ever aware of Scully and the baby. With
the fingertips of his good hand, he slowly enters her
opening. He finds she is already incredibly wet and
ready for him.

"Now, Mulder, please," Scully is begging.

She gently guides the tip of his throbbing penis into
her waiting opening. Upon contact, Scully gives a gasp
of relief. But she wants more of him. So, she moves her
hips to meet him and take him in deeper.

"Oooooohhhhhh," she moans.

"This isn't hurting you, is it, Scully?" Mulder stops for
a moment, expressing concern. "I don't want to hurt you."

"No, Mulder," Scully struggles to get the words out.
"You are bringing me such pleasure. I want more of
you. Please."

And Mulder carefully thrusts his penis up and deeper inside
of her.

Moaning simultaneously, they ride waves of pleasure
together. And each wave is more intense than the one

Then, Mulder slowly pulls himself almost all the way
out. And even more slowly, he gently thrusts up and
into Scully, only deeper. Back out again, and then
in, a little deeper. She rhythmically moves her hips
counter to his thrusts. Her movements heighten
Mulder's intensity, as he responds to her with primative
sounds which communicate his pleasure. Feeling she is
close to the edge, Scully lets out a soft moan.

In one, long movement, Mulder thrusts into her as far
as he can. They are now one, completely joined.

"Scully. My Scully," he whispers. He stops moving,
holding Scully's hips close to him to keep them as
one. They close their eyes, allowing themselves to
experience the walls of her vagina gripping in spasms
around his erection, massaging them into carnal bliss.

Scully moans softly with each spasm. He can feel her
vagina continue to gently milk his penis, inviting him to
ejaculate inside of her. Scully fights her impending
orgasm to hold on.

"Scully, I can't hold on any longer." Mulder's face
winces in an effort to maintain control of his body.

"It's already been too long. Let it go, Mulder,"
Scully says with such love.

Her body continues to milk him until he feels his
semen on the verge of boiling out and over. With one
final upward thrust, he feels himself explode into
her. His body spasms out of control, and he cries
her name as he comes, "Ssssccccuuullllyyyy."

"Oh, Mulder. Mulder," she chants, holding him tight.
She follows him into a delicious orgasm. Long
afterwards, her vagina continues to love his
penis in rhythmic spasms, ebbing and flowing until
Mulder swears he ejaculates a second time. And then,
Scully comes again.

They gaze into one another's eyes, shaking and
breathing heavily. Heat radiates from their bodies
bodies, and their muscles are twitch involuntarily.
They carefully lie their drained bodies down, holding
onto one another for dear life. They remain this way
for a time, until gradually, their bodies cool and
their breathing slows. Mulder gently kisses Scully's

Mulder whispers into her ear, as shifts positions and
looks deeply into his lover's eyes.

"I had it so wrong, Scully. Before you, sex was just
about me caring only about my own pleasure. But with
you, it's about giving and sharing. And creating
life. The more I give to you, the more I receive in
return. I've never felt this way about anyone,
Scully, until you."

Mulder continues, "Do you remember this same,
incredible feeling when we made our baby girl?"

Scully nods as she listens intently, and Mulder

"I love you, Scully. And I want to make lots of
babies with you." Mulder's green eyes now glisten
with tears, as he basks in his newfound truth. The
more he loves this woman, the more he loves this

Scully's eyes also fill with tears, as softly she
shares, "I do remember the night we conceived our
baby, Mulder." And Scully gently caresses her
abdomen, their baby. "I'll never forget it."

Now they are face to face, both spent and deliciously
happy. They were meant to be together, forever.
Mulder reaches down, foraging for a blanket. Once he
feels the warm thermal fabrick in his hand, he pulls it
up and covers them both. He lightly and protectively
places his hand on Scully's abdomen. Still holding one
another, they drift off to sleep.

The Truth Defined (7/12)

October 16, 2000
6:45 a.m. (EST)
Dulles International Airport
Arlington, VA

Skinner is vaguely aware his fingers are cramping.
He looks down at his hands and realizes it is
probably from digging his fingers into the armrest
upon the touchdown of the DC-10. From his window
seat, Skinner can see the sun shining up over the

After several hard bounces down the landing strip
before the plane levels into a nice, smooth taxi,
Skinner is relieved to finally be on terra firma.
It's been a rough flight from Chicago after a long,
unscheduled delay.

While in Chicago, Skinner had made arrangements for
the undercover surveillance of his arrival at
American Airlines Gate 127A at Dulles. His gut told
him that whoever, or whatever, was so interested in
Scully and her baby might be there, awaiting her
arrival. As a precaution, he also made certain that
Mulder's and Scully's names still appeared on the
flight manifests on the previous evenings' flights
from Portland and Chicago.

"Assistant Director to the Federal Bureau of
Investigation. Membership does have its privileges,"
Skinner thought to himself. He could not help but

On his way back to Washington, Skinner felt a sense
of sadness for his two most distinguished Agents.
All these months, he had carried such a heavy load of
guilt for letting Scully down. She had sent him to
Bellfleuer with Mulder to protect him. He had
promised her that, and he failed.

He couldn't help but feel he had let her down. He
tried to be there for her during Mulder's
disappearance, but he knew he was a poor substitute
for the man she loved. Skinner so admired and
respected Scully. In another time and place, he felt
that Scully could have been the one and only woman in
HIS life. But it was clear to him, and to everyone
who knew them, that she and Mulder were made for one
another. Skinner would never betray that love.

As for Mulder, although Mulder was careful to spare
him the details in his recount of the torture he
received in captivity, Skinner knew better. He could
see the truth of the pain in Mulder's eyes, as he
spoke of the tests. It was so like Mulder to spare
others from pain.

In Bellfleuer, Skinner had witnessed the unthinkable,
the unbelievable. He promised Scully he could no
longer deny what he knew to be true.

Skinner had since developed a keen awareness on this
long path of self-discovery, where he learned the
meaning of belief, trust, and friendship. He
observed these qualities time and time again in his
two, star Agents. It was his honor and privilege to
know them. It was an even greater honor to call them
his "friends." Now, he would make it all up to both
of them, or, rather, all three of them. He would do
everything in his power to protect them from further
harm. The survival of the human race depended upon

The plane continues to taxi into the terminal, and
Skinner is already becoming vigilant for the
possibility of trouble at his arrival. His rising
adrenaline level shifts him into a state of high
alert. As soon as the stewardess gives the "go
ahead" to de-board, Skinner stands and gathers his
belongings. He then stands in the aisle of the plane
and waits for his turn in the long line of passengers
waiting to exit. Finally, he exits the plane door
and walks down the ramp into the terminal, where
he notices one his under cover Agents. He then
spots another who gives Skinner a hand signal to
look to his left.

Skinner flashes his eyes to the left and immediately
recognizes Krycek, seated at the Gate and reading a
newspaper. Krycek is poorly disguised as a Marine.

Skinner thinks to himself, "The bastard is doing a
pretty piss-poor job if he is trying to blend in with
the scenery."

The sight of Krycek brings Skinner's blood to a
simmering boil. No more would Skinner allow himself
to be under the control of Kryeck! Skinner had made
that promise to himself. Never again would Skinner
allow this monster to control his will, leaving
Skinner with the self-hatred and humiliation that
comes with weakness.

Skinner mumbles to himself through his clenched jaw,
"I've been waiting to meet up with you again, you

Skinner continues to follow his fellow passengers
into the terminal Gate. He then walks around and
behind his seated target. Skinner reaches over
Krychek's shoulder and snatches the newspaper out of
his hands. His gun is drawn, and he aims, point
blank, for the back of Krychek's head.

"I wouldn't move a muscle if I were you, or I'll blow
your fucking head off," Skinner threatens and shoves
the barrel of his gun into Krycek's skull to show he
means business.

Out of the corner of his eye, Krycek can see three
other Agents approach him with their guns drawn, also
aimed point blank at his head.

"Where's Mulder?" Krycek seethed. "Mulder and Scully
were booked on this flight. I saw the manifest."

"You shouldn't believe everything you read, you son-
of-a-bitch!" Skinner sniped.

"Actually, I'm looking for Scully," Krycek sneers.
"Where is she, Skinner?" Then, Krycek begins to

"Don't move, I told you. Or I'll blast your ass out
of this world!" Skinner commanded.

"You would just be sending me back home." Krycek
attempts to goad Skinner into losing it so that he
might gain advantage of the situation.

"What do you want with Agent Scully?" Skinner demands
to know.

"I don't want her. I want the child she carries,"
Krycek says with a chilling coldness. "Don't you
know there is a war on?"

"Yeah, and I don't want to be on your side when you
lose. And you will lose. That's a promise from me
to you," Skinner declares.

"I control you. Surely, you haven't forgotten that
fact. It can certainly be arranged for you to be
reminded." And Krycek begins to move his right hand
into his pocket.

"Oh, you used to control me, Krycek. But not

With calmness and a stillness that is surreal,
Skinner fires a single shot into the back of
Krychek's head.

The Truth Defined (8/12)


October 17, 2000
6:30 a.m. (PST)
Shiloh Inn
Vancouver, Washington

Mulder stirs, waking from a deep sleep. Suddenly,
he is aware he is alone in bed in a darkened place. His
heart begins to beat faster, his breathing constricts,
and panic begins to creep in. Are the aliens coming
for him again?

He pans across the room, gradually remembering where
he truly is. No, he is not on the alien ship. He is
in the hotel room where he spent last night with

He could never forget last night with Scully.
Thoughts of Scully calm him, and he takes a deep
breath in an effort to slow his reaction of anxiety.

As he tries to focus his eyes, he sees a light under
the door in the bathroom. He hears water running
and then, the flush of a toilet. A moment later,
Scully emerges from the bathroom wearing Mulder's T-
shirt which is stretched taut over her rounded

"Are you OKAY, Scully?" he mumbles, trying to hide the
remnants of his memories of the abduction experience.

"We pregnant ladies visit the little girl's room at
least 100 times a day. Better get used to it," she
jokes. "And we need to eat, too. Often. I think
I'll call room service. Would you like something,
Mulder? You really should have something in your
stomach before you take the antibiotic."

"Some breakfast would be great. And some coffee,
please." Mulder is amused as he watches the
idiosyncrasies of the pregnant "love of his life."
Now it's his turn in the bathroom to clean up and
brush his teeth.

Scully hangs up the phone and pouts. "They said it
will be at least an hour for room service. I'm
hungry now."

Mulder pokes his head from around the bathroom door.
"I know a way we can keep your mind off of food for
awhile, Scully." Mulder's mouth is full of

"We have to contact Skinner this morning," Scully
reminds Mulder. "I think I better use this time to
get showered. We don't know what the day will hold."

He hesitates for a moment so he can rinse and spit.

"Well, then, I HAVE to join you in the shower. I
need help," he pleads, holding up his cast.
"Besides, you promised to take on shower duty
beginning today."

"Yes, I did promise, didn't I?" Scully smiles.

Mulder, still nude from the night before, walks back
into the bathroom, turns on the tub faucet with his
good hand, and waits for the water to become warm.
He places the soap and wash cloths within reach.
Once satisfied with the water temperature, he turns
on the shower. Scully comes up behind him carrying a
plastic bag and surgical tape from her medical bag.

"Oooooh! Are we going to get kinky, Dr. Scully?"
Mulder quips.

"Here, Mulder. You can't get this cast wet." Scully
wraps his cast in the plastic and tapes it taut
around his arm. Upon finishing with the tape, she
traces his arms and his back, first with her eyes,
followed by her fingertips. "Your burns are almost
all healed. It is just incredible, Mulder." She
pauses and then asks, "How are you feeling?"

Mulder looks deeply into Scully's eyes.

"I'm still sore, everywhere. But I feel better.
Rested," he pauses. "Scully, this is the last time
you will have to take care of me. Now, it's
my turn to take care of you, you and our baby." And
he lightly kisses her mouth. She tastes of

Scully pulls the t-shirt off over her head, and
Mulder carefully guides her into the shower. They
stand under the spray, allowing their bodies to
become drenched. Their bodies glisten from the
light reflecting off their skin.

"Oh, Mulder. The water is turning cold," Scully
says. She shivers and her teeth begin to chatter.

Mulder turns the faucet to adjust the temperature,
but it doesn't help much.

"Guess we better make this a quick one," Mulder

They quickly soap themselves and rinse. Mulder steps
out of the shower and turns on the overhead bathroom
heater. He grabs a towel, handing another one to
Scully. The warmth of the heater feels wonderful.

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind," he
complains. "I wanted to take a nice, long shower
with you."

Scully walks up to him, puts her arms inside his and
says, "Come here."

Up on tiptoes, she kisses him passionately. Her
senses are flooded with the touch of her lover's body
and the clean fragrance of soap. Holding one another,
Scully's fingertips glide up and down Mulder's shoulders,
back, and down to his buttocks. She can feel his
erection pressing against her pregnant belly. She
takes him by his good hand and leads him back into
their room, over to the edge of the bed. She takes
his erection gently into her hands.

"Mulder, sit down. I need to talk to you."

With a puzzled look, he sits down on the bed. Scully
kneels down in front of him, still holding his erect
penis. She moves her head near his pelvis and gently
brings her lips to the tip of his penis. Her tongue
runs lightly but deliberately up and down the
underside of his erection. His senses are overwhelmed.
Mulder closes his eyes and shudders. Then she places
him slowly into her warm and welcoming mouth, where he
grows bigger and more erect.

His head is reeling with pleasure. "Oh, Scully. I
love you," Mulder sighs as his eyes lock with hers, and
he smiles. "But I told you that I will take care of

He struggles to sit up, pulling her up to a standing
position. Laying her down on the bed, he gently opens
her legs and strokes her thighs with feather touches.
When his hand brushes past her opening, she is already
wet with desire. He lowers his head to her thighs and
opens them a little more. He slowly begins to run his
tongue along her labia and probes into her opening.

Time stands still for Scully. Mulder sweetly
tortures her for minutes, or is it hours? Until she
cannot take much more of this intensity without going
over the edge. She does not want to orgasm alone.

"I need to feel you inside of me," Scully pleads. "I
ache for you, Mulder."

Mulder hesitates for a moment and looks across the

"Follow me, Scully." He leads her to the corner of
the room where there is a chair and an ottoman. "I
have an idea." He pauses. "Kneel down like this."
And Mulder helps her kneel down on the ottoman with
her hands on the chair.

He then kneels down behind her. Reaching between her
legs, he inserts a finger into her warm wet opening,
until he is satisfied she is physically ready to take
him. She moans with approval.

Then, he guides his erection to her aching opening and
enters her from behind in one needy thrust.

"Again, Mulder, please," begs Scully. He pulls her
her hips up and slightly back, toward him, as he
thrusts forward into her, again. Then he reaches
around her with his good hand and begins to gently
encircle her clitoris as he skillfully moves from

Scully falls back on her haunches, moving her hips
back to meet him on every inward thrust.

"Mulder. You never cease to amaze me." Scully takes
his good hand and guides it up to her breasts. Her
nipples are erect, and he gently squeezes one
breast, then the other. Mulder leans over her back
and whispers into her ear.

"I missed you so much while I was gone. I can't
seem to get enough of you, Scully."

"I know, Mulder. Me, too," Scully whispers in short
breaths. She turns her head back toward him, and
they kiss.

The intensity of this relationship, is reflected in
the heat and the passion of their love and undying
trust in one another. Each is thinking that their
is the ultimate love, the ultimate truth. Each
is thinking that they are no longer alone. . . so
fortunate to have found the other.

Mulder's good hand moves back to Scully's hip, and he
holds her as they fall into a rhythm. They moan in
unison upon each inward thrust. Mulder moves into a
more upright position, picking up the pace of their
lovemaking. He feels her spasm around his penis, and
he knows she is close to orgasm.

Mulder then deliberately slows his pace, making each
stroke one complete and fluid motion. He is taking
them for a ride. All the way in and then, almost all
the way out. All the while, he caresses Scully's
shoulders, going down her back and to her hips.

Pulling himself all the way out, Scully feels she
will die from the lack of him. But then, in one
controlled movement, Mulder gives her every last
millimeter of his length. He holds himself into
her, and she can feel his throbbing testicles
pressed in between him and her moist pubis.

"Ohhhhhhh, Mulder," Scully manages to whisper as she
reaches the summit of her pleasure. And she takes
Mulder over the edge with her in a shaking, quaking
orgasm. He lovingly responds to her gift of pleasure
with a long, low moan. He gives her every last drop
of his desire.

Mulder bends over Scully's back and holds her tight,
waiting for their rapid breathing to slow its pace,
waiting for Scully's spasms to slow and then,
subside. He kisses her softly. They love this part
of the loving.

Suddenly, there is a loud rap at the door that
startles them.

"Room service," yells a voice from the other side of
the door.

"I told you I could take your mind off of food for
awhile," Mulder says as he dismounts her.

Scully slightly chuckles. "Yes, Mulder, you did.
And now, I'm REALLY hungry!"

"Me, too," says Mulder, smiling back at her.

The Truth Defined (9/12)

October 17, 2000
8:10 a.m. (PST)
Shiloh Inn
Vancouver, Washington

"Mulder, are you going to eat your fruit?" asks
Scully, intently interested in the remnants of food
on his plate.

"Uh, no, Scully. Help yourself," Mulder replies, his
eyes widening in disbelief at the size of Scully's

Finished with his breakfast, Mulder leans back in his
chair and watches his beloved continue to eat with a
vengeance. In pre-baby days, Scully did well to eat
a cup of yogurt for breakfast. Today, she ate an
entire veggie omelet, toast, fruit, milk, and a
waffle on the side. And now she is foraging for his
left overs. If he hadn't witnessed this himself, he
would have never believed it. Mulder tells himself
he had better keep his amazement to himself.

"Did you take your medication?" Scully reminds
Mulder. Now he feels so fortunate to have this
woman care so much for him. Even in the midst of a
pregnant woman's hunger attack, she is still thinking
of him. He is both truly touched and amused.

Mulder walks over to the nightstand and picks up his
prescriptions. Pouring the pills from the bottles
into his hand, he walks over to the television and
turns the power on. Carrying the remote control, he
then he seats himself back at the table with Scully.
He pops the pills in his mouth and chases them with a
glass of water.

"Well. I wonder what I've missed in the world in the
last six months. Anything important?" Mulder
reaches over to hold Scully's hand.

"Oh, wow, Mulder," Scully remarks while fixated on
the apparent live coverage on CNN. It is obvious
from the images that something big has happened.
"Please, turn up the volume."

Mulder clicks the volume dial on the TV remote

Over the television, a CNN News Correspondent speaks
in a strange voice. It is very flat and almost
robotic in an obvious attempt to remain calm.

>From the television:
". . . and dogs with remote cameras strapped to their
bodies in an attempt to give law enforcement some
idea of what happened here, some idea of the
magnitude of this tragedy. We await the arrival of
this special canine unit. The terminal has been
sealed to all but specialized military personnel,
dressed in orange Biohazard suits. We witnessed these
specialized teams, and we believe we counted 4 teams,
go into the terminal over two hours ago. We have yet
to see anyone come back out. There could be a
perfectly logical explanation as to why we haven't
seen anyone emerge from the terminal building. But
the more time that passes without any activity, the
more ominous this situation becomes."

"You are seeing a live picture of our camera fixated
on the exit of the terminal building. We are using a
zoom lens because police barricades have moved the
Press back about 1000 yards across the street. And
if I sound muffled, it is because all member of the
Press have been issued gas masks to use as a

Scully and Mulder sit at the table, mesmerized by the
news coverage.

"Just to recap as best we can, at approximately 7:20
a.m. Eastern Standard Time, an apparent terrorist
attack occurred at Dulles International Airport in
Washington D.C. From earlier reports, we believe
some kind of a Biotoxin, perhaps Anthrax, was released
inside the main terminal. We believe there are
fatalities inside the terminal, and we believe the
number of fatalities will be high. Dulles is one of
the busiest airports in the United States. In the
world for that matter, and this morning was no

"Mulder," says Scully with great concern in her
voice. "Skinner. We have to call Skinner."

Scully grabs for her cell phone, and quickly dials
Skinner's number.

"The cellular customer you are trying to reach is not
available at this time. To leave a voice mail
message, press the star key."

Scully quickly hangs up the phone.

"There's no answer, Mulder." Scully's face shows her

"Scully, his flight was due to arrive shortly after
midnight. I'm sure he arrived hours before this
incident. He's OK." Mulder tries to reassure

But as he hears himself speak, he is not so certain
he can convince himself of Skinner's well being.
Mulder continues, "Try his office, Scully."

Scully then dials the long series of numbers to get
through the FBI switchboard. After a moment, Mulder
hears that Scully is speaking with Kimberly.

"You haven't heard from him today?" The tone of
Scully's voice is becoming higher in tone, her
concern increasing.

"Was the flight manifest from the Chicago flight last
night checked to see if he, in fact, was on that
flight? It was due into Dulles after midnight."
There is a long silence as Scully listens, intently.

"Uh, no. I haven't seen Agent Mulder since he was
released from the hospital." And Scully looks up to
meet Mulder's gaze.

The look on his face is one of confusion at hearing this
one-sided conversation.

"No, I had to stay behind to take care of some
investigative matters. "Yes, I will. Thank you."
Scully slowly hangs up the phone.

Mulder waits for for Scully to say something.

"Kimberly said that Skinner's name appears on the
Flight Manifest for the flight from Chicago, early
this morning." Scully's tone is very somber. "The
flight was late taking off from Chicago and arrived
at Dulles at approximately 7 a.m. Eastern Standard
Time. Skinner's plane had unloaded all passengers in
the Terminal. By FBI calculations, Skinner was in
the terminal at the time of the Biotoxin exposure.
No one has seen him or heard from him since he left
O'Hare Airport."

Mulder's stricken expression is merely a reflection
of Scully's.

"There's more," Scully tries to continue. "Mulder,
our names also appear on the flight manifest for the
flight to Washington. Kimberly said the FBI
presently has you and me officially listed as
'missing', along with Assistant Director Skinner.
Due to my phone call to Kimberly, it will soon be
known that I am not missing.

Scully takes in a deep breath and continues.
"Kimberly warned me that A.D. Kersch is in charge of
the investigation of the Biotoxin incident. The FBI
is presently speculating Assistant Director Skinner,
and you and I, died in the contaminated terminal
along with many other people. This information has
not yet been released to the press. I just blew that
line of speculation for me, Mulder. Kimberly knows I
stayed behind in Portland."

Scully takes another deep breath, "But I haven't blown
it for you. I told Kimberly that I haven't seen you
since you were discharged from the hospital. They
may still assume that you were with Skinner."

Mulder face shows how stunned he is, as he begins to
put it all together. He looks up at Scully, whose
crystal blue eyes are now filling with tears.

"Skinner's dead. I can't believe Skinner is dead."
Mulder states in a flat monotone.

Scully nods slowly in shared disbelief with tears
now flowing.

"Mulder, Skinner was our only ally in the FBI," she
chokes back more tears. "It will only be a matter
of time before Kersch calls me in for questioning."

"You mean us, Scully." Mulder takes Scully's hand.
"I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to
protect me." A glint of light reflects in the tears
forming in Mulder's eyes.

"I told you that you don't need to take care of me
anymore. And you need to understand something."
Mulder takes Scully's face in his hands and stares
intently into her eyes.

"There is no me without you, Scully. I won't leave
you and the baby. And I won't be separated from you,
again. It's you and me, together." Mulder's eyes
search Scully's for understanding.

Scully nods in agreement, and they hold one another
so tightly.

"I agree with you about one thing, Scully," Mulder
speaks softly into Scully's ear. "We've got to get
out of Portland."

The Truth Defined (10/12)

October 17, 2000
10:00 a.m. (PST)
Somewhere on State Highway 240

Mulder drives the rental car, speeding down the
highway toward the Oregon Interstate. He and Scully
ride in silence, staring at the road ahead. They are
each in deep thoughts of reverence for their dead
friend and ally, Walter Skinner.

Before leaving the hotel, they had agreed that going
back to the FBI, with Kersch now in charge, was not
an option. Now that Skinner was gone, they had lost
their already 'limited' access at the Bureau.

Now they are on their own. Fugitives from an alien
race . . . no one would ever believe them, except the
Gunmen. But D.C. is a long way away. Money will soon
become an issue. And now that they are
underground, M.L. Luder's credit card is traceable,
as well as close to its credit limit.

And Scully thinks of her mother, her mother who has
already lost so much. She has to think of a way to
let her mom know that she is OKAY, that Mulder and the
baby are OKAY.

Finally, Mulder is the one who breaks the silence.
"Scully, would you call the Gunmen? We're going to
need them to wire us some money."

Scully pulls out her cell phone, only to find the
battery needs to be charged. She pulls an adapter
out of her bag and places one end into the car's
cigarette lighter. After a several minutes, still
attached to the adapter, the phone has enough power
to make a call.

"I have messages," Scully announces after she turns
on the phone.

Mulder quickly glances at Scully. "What time?" he

"There are several. Beginning at 11:00 a.m. Pacific
Standard Time. The last one was about 15 minutes
ago. From Skinner's phone!" Scully's voice rises in
pitch in disbelief.

Just then, the cell phone rings. With a look of
great anticipation, Scully checks the caller I.D.

"Mulder, it's Skinner's phone," she announces.

"Hello," she answers tentatively.

After a pause, Mulder can hear her say, "Sir, where
are you?"

Scully continues to pause as Mulder tries to pay
attention to her conversation. Realizing that he
can't drive and concentrate on this conversation, he
pulls the car over to the side of the Interstate.

Now it is Scully's turn to speak. "Sir, we saw news
reports of a Biotoxin contamination in the main
terminal at Dulles. We believed your flight had
landed at that terminal!"

Scully gives Mulder a look and a nod in the
affirmative, in an effort to conform that it is,
indeed, Skinner with whom she is speaking. Mulder
waits a very long time, only hearing an occasional,
"yes" or "OKAY" from Scully.

Finally, she says, "Hold on, Sir. Let me tell him."

"Mulder, Skinner wants us to meet him in Seattle.
I'll explain it all, on the way. He wants to know
-- how far we are from Seattle?" Scully asks.

"About four to four-and-a-half hours," Mulder replies
while he attempts to fathom what he believes he is

"Sir, we will meet you there at 3:00," Scully says
into her cell phone. "And Sir, it is so nice to hear
your voice!" Scully smiles as she turns off her cell

Mulder is anxious to find out what was said, and
Scully tries to quickly relay the conversation.

"Skinner said that Krycek was behind the Biotoxin
exposure at Dulles Airport."

"Krycek?" asks Mulder with surprise in his voice.

"Yes," Scully continues. "And now, Krycek controls
Kersch in the same manner in which he controlled
Skinner. Using nano-technology." Scully pauses.
"Mulder, Kersch directed Skinner to bring you back to
Washington. And now, Skinner believes it was all a
set up. He believes that Krycek intended to kill you
and me. His motive will be impossible to detect, as
law enforcement is treating the Biotoxin exposure as
an act of terrorism."

Mulder is hanging onto every word as Scully

"It was a miracle Skinner was able to escape.
Skinner feels that he has also lost his access in the
Bureau. Right now, the Bureau thinks he is dead, and
he wants to keep it that way. He will meet us at the
Space Needle at 3:00, so that we may regroup.
Mulder, he said that we are the only ones he trusts."

Mulder nods his head to show that he understands, and
reaches for Scully's hand to give it a reassuring
squeeze. He starts the car and drives to the next
exit, where he turns the car around and proceeds
north on Interstate 5 toward Seattle.


October 17, 2000
10:45 a.m. (PST)
SeaTac Airport - Tacoma, Washington

As Mulder and Scully travel to Seattle, Skinner walks
through the terminal at the Seattle-Tacoma airport
toward the main exit. He had arrived there from

While walking past the gates, he can't help but
notice that every television station is tuned to the
breaking news out of Washington. Crowds of people
stand around to hear the latest bulletins.

He also notices that security is incredibly tight.
By all appearances, the airport is on high alert. He
guesses that all U.S. airports are now on high alert.
No one but he knows what really happened in that
terminal. He is certain that law enforcement
believes the incident is an act of terrorism.

Aware of the airport security cameras everywhere,
Skinner is concerned that he might possibly be
recognized. After all, 'dead men' do not walk
through airport terminals.

He steps unnoticed into the nearest Men's Room. And
as soon as he walks in, he immediately walks back out
of the rest room exit . . . Not as Skinner . . . but
as a large, built, steely eyed blonde man in his late

He is not Skinner. He is the Alien Bounty Hunter.

The Truth Defined (11/12)

October 17, 2000
2:45 p.m. (PST)
The Space Needle Parking Lot
Seattle, Washington

Mulder and Scully sit in their rental car, parked in
a lot adjacent to the Space Needle, the designated
meeting place. This normally busy tourist site is a
ghost town today. Traffic in downtown Seattle is
abnormally light. Today is no ordinary day.

"Skinner should be here any time now," Mulder says.
He is impatiently tapping his fingers and checking
his watch.

Scully is struggling with her cell phone.

"Mulder, according to my phone messages, A.D. Kersch
is attempting to reach me. Why does that not
surprise me?" Scully turns off her cell phone.

"I think we should ditch your cell phone, as the
digital roaming function produces phone records,
reporting our precise location." He pauses and then
continues, "It's difficult to go underground in
today's world, even with average consumer
technology!" Mulder tries to mask his concern
with levity.

"Yeah, I think you are probably right," Scully
replies as they see Skinner drive up beside them.

As Skinner gets out of his car, Mulder and Scully
do the same and walk over to join him. Smiling at
the sight of him, Scully offers Skinner a hug.
Mulder gives Skinner a heartfelt pat on the

"It's good to see you looking so well, Sir," Mulder
is smiling.

"Well, I wouldn't be, if Krycek had been successful,"
Skinner replies. "When Krycek heard that you had
returned from your captors, Mulder, it was his worst
nightmare. You were the target at Dulles, and he
didn't care who else had to die with you."

This information is extremely unsettling to Mulder.
The look on his face appears as if he has been hit
with a sledge hammer.

"Has there been any word on casualties?" Mulder
almost doesn't want to know the answer to his

"They are massive. Thousands were exposed to the
Biotoxin. Several hundred have already died." He
pauses. "I'm sorry, Mulder. You are not responsible
for this tragedy. Krycek is."

"Mulder, please," Scully says and she takes Mulder's
arm. "Listen to me. You cannot blame yourself for

Scully believes she knows how Mulder feels. She
knows how she would feel.

Skinner puts the conversation on an even more
serious course. "Krycek controls the Bureau. I
believe the FBI was in on his plans to kill you,
Mulder. Until body counts and autopsies are
concluded, you, Scully, and I are all presumed to
be dead in that terminal. And when they find out
we are not, they will search for you and then, for

Scully volunteers, "I inadvertently phoned your
office this morning, Sir. Kimberly informed me that
you were in the terminal, and that Agent Mulder and I
were also on the flight manifest from Chicago. I
told her that I had been directed to stay behind
in Portland, and that I had not seen Mulder since
since he was discharged from the hospital. I
believe I was pretty convincing."

"Yes, Sir. I'm concerned that Scully's location can
be traced from Portland to Seattle. Through our rental
car and Scully's cell phone," Mulder adds.

Skinner shakes his head in agreement and
informs the Agents, reassuringly, "I was able to
secure some funds and 'sanitized' credit cards
before leaving Washington this morning. I strongly
believe we should leave your rental car here, along
with your phone, Scully. The FBI will follow you
here, to Seattle. We should leave Seattle,
immediately. Let's travel in my car. It's clean."

"But leave to where, Sir?" asks Scully.

"Well, we know with certainty that we can't stay
here. Law enforcement thinks the Biohazard
incident is the act of international terrorists.
All border check points and airports are at a
state of high alert. Seattle and Portland are
out. And I would not suggest going north toward
the Canadian border. "Skinner does not offer a
further suggestion.

Mulder interjects, "Perhaps we should get out of this
major metropolitan area. Maybe go to a smaller town
where we might go unnoticed."

Scully almost laughs. "Well, if we are going to go
unnoticed, I'd say our dark suits and trench coats
need to be exchanged for something a little less
obvious. Right now, I'd say we all look like Feds."

"Mulder," Skinner directs, "You look pretty tired.
This is only your first day out of the hospital.
I'll drive the first shift."

"You'll get no argument from me, Sir." Mulder had to
admit to himself that driving all day had taken a lot
out of him.

Mulder and Skinner transfer travel bags from "Luder's"
rental car to Skinners' car. Scully tosses her cell
phone in the trunk of "Luder's" car. The three then
drive away together, leaving the other rental car behind.


October 17, 2000
11:00 p.m. (PST)
Interstate 5
Somewhere in Oregon

The rolling motion of the car gently wakes Scully.
Mulder had insisted that she 'and the baby' take the
back seat, so that she might stretch out and be more
comfortable. Stretch out! At 6'4", she loved Mulder
for stuffing his large frame in the front bucket seat
so that she 'might stretch out.'

Earlier that afternoon, they had stopped and picked
up some casual clothing. And once in comfortable
clothing, Scully didn't realize how tired she was
until the car ride almost immediately lulled her to

She can hear Mulder gently snoring from the front
seat. She struggles to sit up, but her growing
roundness is making this routine task more difficult
as the weeks progress.

"Sir, what time is it?" Scully asks Skinner
quietly, so as not to wake Mulder.

"Oh, it's almost 11:00," Skinner replies through
the rear view mirror.

She moves closer to Mulder's seat, and ever so gently,
places the back of her hand to his face. His skin
feels a little warm. He is sleeping hard.

"How is he doing?" Skinner asks.

"I think he may be running a low grade temperature.
But considering what he's been through, he is doing
remarkably well. Rest is probably the best thing he
can do right now, to give his body time to heal."

Scully notices that it is now very dark outside. She
also notices that they are traveling on an Oregon
interstate highway.

"Where are we?" she asked, somewhat confused.

"I asked myself, where is the last place I would
expect to find Mulder?" Skinner is still staring
at her in the rearview mirror. "And you know what I
came up with?" He pauses and after he receives no
response from Scully, he continues. "Bellefleur,
Oregon. We're almost there."

"Won't we be recognized there, Sir?" Scully asks,
still somewhat groggy from sleep.

"Well, most everyone we've encountered is gone.
And the Federal heat has been off the town for
months. Besides, there's an international incident
going on of far greater importance, remember?"
Skinner reminds her.

Within fifteen minutes, they arrive at the Bellefleur.
exit. But rather than drive toward the town's
only motel, Skinner takes the road that leads to
the forest, to the abduction site.

Skinner watches Scully with cold, dark eyes.
She immediately begins to feel uneasy.

Listening to her gut feeling, she asks emphatically,
"Where are we going?"

Her voice increases in volume and intensity. This
time she hopes she does wake Mulder.

Skinner replies in an even, monotonous tone, "Trust
me, Agent Scully."

"Damn," Scully swears to herself. She no longer has
her cell phone. As they move farther from
civilization, she can't even call for help.

The car now veers off the paved road and onto a
gravel road. With increasing speed, the car is
bouncing and shaking, and Mulder is now wide-awake.

"Hey, what's going on?" Mulder wants to know.

Mulder glances behind and him immediately sees that
Scully is distraught.

Without changing her posture, Scully reaches down to
the floorboard, where she unzips her flight bag. She
frantically digs into the pockets, feeling for what
she wants.

"We're in Bellefleur, Mulder. He's taking us to the
abduction site." Scully's voice tries to contains her
alarming concern.

Picking up immediately on Scully's alarm, Mulder can
feel the adrenaline levels in his body build.

"Bellefleur? But why, Sir?" Mulder demands to know.
"I don't understand. This is the site where I was
abducted? You were there."

Mulder then feels Scully's hand tap his right arm.
She passes an object into his hand. As he closes
his fingers tightly around the object, Skinner
turns his head toward Mulder and flashes Mulder a
look he had seen before, years ago on a submarine
in the Arctic.

And in a spilt second, Mulder realizes exactly who
Skinner is.

Mulder gasps, alerting 'Skinner,' and immediately,
the door locks click into the locked position and
Skinner morphs into the Alien Bounty Hunter.

Mulder lunges for the bulky alien, who effortlessly
throws him back into his seat and into the door jam.
Mulder's head slams into the front passenger side
window. The glass cracks into a spider web pattern.
Mulder is dazed by the impact.

"Where is Skinner?" Scully demands to know.

In a cold and monotone voice, the ABH says, "He is
dead. He died in the airport terminal."

"And Krycek?" Mulder pants, stunned and unable to
move. The back of his head is bleeding.

"He's alive," drones the ABH.

Mulder sneers, "At Dulles, it was you, wasn't it?
You green-blooded bastard! You were the source of
the Biotoxin that killed all those people!"

The events of the past 24 hours have all come together
now for Mulder. And from the backseat, Scully is
simultaneously right there with him in the thought

"Can you die now?" the ABH asks Mulder in reply. "We
don't need you anymore. It is her we want," and the
ABH shifts his gaze back to Scully in the rearview

A moment later, the car stops abruptly at the end of
the road. Shutting off the ignition, the ABH clicks
the door locks to the open position. The sound of the
door locks is loud against the thick silence. Then,
the ABH orders Mulder, "Out of the car."

Doing as he is told, Mulder slowly pulls up on the
door handle and opens his door.

The ABH quickly exits the driver's side and opens
the back door on the driver's side of the car.
He reaches into the backseat, grabbing Scully by
the arm. In one swift motion, he pulls her
out of the car and to her feet. Mulder slowly
staggers out of the passenger side. His head and
shirt are covered with blood.

In the glow of the headlights, Scully catches a
glimpse of Mulder, and she lets out a gasp at the
sight of his injury. Terrified of the fate that
awaits him, as well as the fate that awaits her and
their unborn child, she desperately tries to think
of a way out . . . They need some kind of a
diversion. Scully gives Mulder a signal with her
eyes. In his dazed state, she prays that he can

Then suddenly, Scully doubles over and cries out in
pain, dropping to her knees on the ground.

"Oh, the baby," she yells. Her cries echo through
the silent forest. "It's coming. It's not time
for the baby to come."

The ABH bends down to catch Scully by the arm, as
Mulder runs around the back of the car and comes up
behind the ABH. The alien stiletto is hidden
in Mulder's hand, and with a "fffffffffffft," Mulder
releases the pointed, lethal weapon from its sheath.

Holding the weapon in his clenched fist, Mulder pulls
his arm up and back, above his head. Then, with all
his might, he drives the weapon into the back of the
ABH's neck. Bull's eye, a direct hit, and the ABH
falls to the ground with a massive thud. Mulder
raises his hands to his nose and mouth to try and
prevent inhalation of the deadly virus.

"Run, Scully!" Mulder yells, as the green acid goo begins
to ooze from the neck puncture. "Get in the car, Scully."
Mulder shouts, his voice muffled.

Scully jumps into the car on the driver's side.
The keys are still in the ignition, and she quickly
cranks the motor, as Mulder dives into the back seat on
the driver's side of the car. With tires screeching,
Scully hits the accelerator hard. They speed away
from the lifeless form of the ABH on the ground;
a thick cloud of dust billows behind.

As Scully continues to drive with the all the skill
of her training, Mulder watches from behind the
rear window to see if the lifeless form remains on
the ground. Soon, there is enough distance between
them and the ABH that he can no longer see him or
it, whatever it is.

Once satisfied of their escape, Mulder breaks the
silence in the car. "Scully, are you all right?
You didn't come into contact with his blood, did you?"

"No, Mulder. I'm fine Mulder. The baby's fine. You
did know that I created a diversion back there,
didn't you?"

"I caught your signal. I was hoping it was a diversion
but I couldn't be certain." The concern in his voice is
almost overwhelming.

"Are you all right?" Scully echoes his concerns through the
rear view mirror.

"I'm OKAY, Scully." He continues, "As long as we are
together, we are going to be fine."

And Mulder reaches over the back of the front seat and
places his hand firmly on Scully's shoulder, and gives her
a loving squeeze.

The Truth Defined (12/12)

October 21, 2000
8:45 p.m. (EST)
Lone Gunmen's Headquarters
Arlington, VA

The Gunmen have gathered together tonight for a
meeting, the topic of which will soon be revealed.
While waiting for the meeting to begin, the three
are each engrossed in his own electronic gadgetry.
And each is engrossed in his own thoughts of the
recent events in Washington.

Recent days have been spent monitoring the airwaves
of every governmental agency imaginable and even a
few that are unimaginable. There is a heavy quality
at the Gunmen's headquarters, a serious quality.
Much more serious than usual. They are each coming
to terms with the possibility that one of their
greatest fears has come to pass. And that their
government is likely involved.

Suddenly, there is a loud rap at the door. Langly
stops playing his video game and stands. His tall,
thin frame, clad in a black Ramones tee shirt, quickly
walks over to the surveillance camera, where he sees
a video image of Mulder and Scully, standing outside
the door arm in arm.

Langly looks closely at his two friends on the
monitor. Mulder and Scully had skirted the outside of
the system before, but now they are truly outlaws,
outsiders to the system. They are together, but
they are also very much alone . . . targeted for
capture by both "them" and "us." Indeed, they were
putting their lives at risk by coming back to

Langly couldn't help but come to the ironic
realization, "Wow, now they are like us. Trust
no one."

"What's the password?" Langly asks over the

"Blue suede shoes," Mulder deadpans sarcastically.

Upon hearing that, Langly turns off the alarm and
magnetic lock, allowing the two to enter the

"You two look like something that was thrown up from
a mosh pit," Langly chuckles, the one-liner reflecting
how travel-worn Mulder and Scully appear. "You look
really bad, and you smell even worse."

"Gee, thanks, Langly," Mulder's sarcasm continues.
"You would too, if you had been through what we've
been through," Mulder stares back at Langely,
obviously not in the mood for his jokes. "We drove
straight through from Oregon, stopping only for
restroom breaks."

Byers steps in, "It's good to see you both safe and
sound." And he offers a handshake and a hug to both
and kisses Scully on the cheek. "And Mulder,
I wasn't so certain I would EVER see you again.
Welcome back."

"Ditto from me," Frohike says and offers similar
gestures of welcome to his friends.

"Me, too," offers Langly. "I was just kidding

"I know," Mulder replies, giving Langley a pat on the
back to show that no harm was done.

Scully searches the eyes of each of the Gunmen.
"Were you able to reach my mom and let her know that
we are OK?"

Frohike reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls out a
small white envelope. He hands the envelope to Scully
and says, "She asked me to give this to you."

Scully slowly opens the envelope and pulls out its
contents. It's a letter, and Scully sits down in a
nearby chair and begins to read.

Byers softly reports to Mulder, "The death toll in the
Dulles incident has now reached over a thousand, and
many more are hospitalized and not expected to live."

"Yes, we know," Mulder responds in a low voice. "We
were listening to the reports over the car radio.
Have you heard anything about a similar incident in
the last few days?"

Frohike jumps into the conversation, "We got word
that a Biohazard team was called to Oregon to clean
up something."

"Clean up something? Yeah, right," Mulder quips.

The Gunmen give Mulder a puzzled look as he goes
on, "An Alien Bounty Hunter, disguised as Skinner,
almost abducted both of us. We killed him, or it.
His green toxic blood spewed out of the back of his
neck. We have reason to believe that it was his green
blood that killed those people at Dulles. They were
all exposed to a deadly alien virus."

"We can confirm that Skinner's body was found at
Dulles. We've been tapping into FBI channels,"
Frohike offers.

Looking up from her letter, Scully looks so sad.
"Mulder, Mom says to give her love to you and to
Skinner." She is beginning to choke up. "And to
thank you all for watching out for me and the baby."

"I can't believe he's really gone" Her blue eyes
well up with tears at the thought of the loss of her
dear friend and confidante. The room is heavy with

Frohike walks over to his workstation in the corner
of the room, reaches into the lower shelf, and pulls
out a bottle of Scotch. Chevis Regal, a Christmas
present to himself. He opens the bottle and gulps
down a swig. Then, holding the bottle up in the air,
Frohike declares, "I propose a toast. To Walter
Skinner, a true ally to our cause." And he passes
the bottle to Mulder.

Mulder wipes the mouth of the bottle with the tail of
his shirt. "A true, true friend," adds Mulder, his
throat choking out the words as he tries to hold in
his grief. He takes a large drink from the open
bottle. It burns going down his throat, but the
burning somehow feels good. He walks over to Scully,
puts his arm around her and hands the bottle to her.
Scully leans into him.

"A profile in courage, compassion, and dignity,"
Scully declares, solemnly, her eyes still filled with
tears. "I'll pass on the Scotch," Scully says as she
pats her pregnant abdomen and hands the bottle to

"A straight up and righteous dude," Langly adds and
takes a drink from the bottle. Langly is serious and
sincere. He passes the bottle on to Byers.

"The finest example of leadership and authority I've
ever known," Byers eloquently states and takes a sip
from this same bottle.

The bottle of Scotch is passed around the circle
again, many times, until there is no more Scotch.
All together, . . . minus one, the room stands still
in silent tribute.



Author's note: What happens to Mulder, Scully, their
baby, the world? I leave those questions, and more to
be addressed in a future installment of "The Truth
Defined", other fanfic stories, or even better, a
sequel to X Files: Fight the Future (we can dream!).
And maybe Skinner did not die. For no one truly dies
on the X Files.