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How much in life is decision and how much

All So Quiet -Susan Frankovich--4K--PG
When he opened his eyes, there were dark green clouds twisting in the sky and the wind was a hot whisper against his skin...

GETTING BACK (1/2)-Lakota--145K--NC-17
GETTING BACK (2/2)--136K
A new life grows with every passing day that Mulder remains missing. He must survive against an evil race that seeks to destroy him, the fragile cord of love and memory his only shield, learning to trust an unexpected friendly hand along the way.

Disconnected series-Joann Humby
Mulderīs gone, but not forgotten. When survive is the only positive thing you can do, survival may not be enough.

Detente -Xenith--99K--PG
Mulder's thirty-ninth birthday arrives on an unhappy note when he finds himself forced to listen to what CSM has been waiting to tell him and to depend on the man for survival.

Osmosis-Michelle Kiefer--101K--R
Mulder and Scully investigate a rash of violent crimes and meet a man who cannot speak and the young woman who can hear him. Episode 8X01 in the IMTP Virtual Season.

Among the Ashes-Mary Kleinsmith--9K--PG-13
Mulder's calm couldn't last forever.

Abah XV: A Greater Gift-Susan Proto--58K--PG-13
Mulder receives a gift that only he can really appreciate.

An Unnatural Mother-Agent L--15K--PG
Teena Mulder's thoughts at her son's bedside shortly after the events of Demons.

Barbecue Series 20: ATM-Susan Proto--38K--PG-13
Just a quick stop at the ATM.

Breaking-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
I'm breaking and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Grace Series V: Saving Grace-XScout--49K--R
Finally things seem like they're turning around for Mulder and Scully. Until someone unexpected shows up and wreaks havoc in their lives.

Breathe-Susan Frankovich--1K--G
Mulder's POV

Dealing with Disappointment -Susan Proto--11K--PG-13
Dealing with it.

MEMOIR: YEAR ONE-Laura Castellano--158K--PG-13
MEMOIR: YEAR TWO-Laura Castellano--106K--PG-13
BIG OLE FAT WARNING: Mulder and Scully are both dead--you find that out in the first paragraph--but the story is written entirely from Mulder's POV. This part has spoilers for just about every Season One ep, as well as Je Souhaite--it assumes Scully died immediately after Je Souhaite and nothing after that episode happened.

Driving-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
Scully's POV, post-colonization

Are You The One?-The X-Pig--14K--PG
It's cleaning day for Mulder.

Eleven-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
I knew him when he was eleven...

Eternity Could Never be Long Enough-Stacy--5K--PG-13
Takes place four months after Mulder's abduction; 3 months of being missing and a month of being home.

First Steps-Vickie Moseley--8K--G
What was lost is found.

Seaspray-Michelle Kiefer--11K--PG
Third party POV.

New Millennium: Get Lucky-Vickie Moseley--18K--PG-13
Continuation of the New Millennium series. Mulder has a run of bad luck.

Folded Like A Saint-kim1013--4K--PG
Introspection in the future leads to a shock form the past.

For Right Now-Susan Frankovich--1K--G
poem, Mulder's POV

After Crump's death, Scully watches Mulder drown in resignation.

Hidden Truths-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
Mulder tries to process his father's death...

Introspection: Return-Jen and Lauren--25K--PG
Four months after Requiem, Mulder is returned, and everybody has a lot of figuring out to do.

Fourteen -Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
poem, Mulder's POV

Lamentation-Laura Castellano--4K--PG
Mulder POV.

In Silence-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
What if Scully had been awake the entire time instead of sound asleep when Mulder came to her room and cried at her bedside?

Mulder's thoughts after his abduction.

Tourniquet-Tara Avery--12K--PG-13
"He takes the twine out of his pocket and winds it around his finger tightly, drowning one pain in another."

in the quiet of the night-Susan Frankovich--1K--PG
bedside scene in Redux II

Misinformed-Agent L--21K--PG
Mulder is abducted, but the experience isn't quite what he expected.

i thought you knew me-Susan Frankovich--1K--G
Mulder's POV.

Missing Time-Agent L--9K--PG
Mulder learns a truth and makes a sacrifice.

my father's eyes-Susan Frankovich--1K--PG
Mulder's feelings after telling his father that he 'lost' Samantha again...

The Present Implies Presence-kim1013--3K--PG
Companion to "Folded Like a Saint"

We All Fall Down-Tara Avery--15K--PG-13
A grab-bag of the dark and depressing.

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