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Author: Stacy
Title: Eternity Could Never be Long Enough
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Rating: PG-13 for language
Part 1/1
Spoilers: "Requiem"
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Summary: Takes place four months after Mulder's
abduction; 3 months of being missing and a month of
being home.

"I was on the outside when you stared, you stared in
at me
I was on the outside I was blind I could not see...
Your eyes make a circle and I go, I go in there
If you walk away walk away, I will walk away walk
I will follow"

"I Will Follow" by U2

I still can't believe he's back.
Three months. Three months of pure hell, Skinner and
I furiously chasing every lead, every trace no matter
how small. My running through fields and around woods
with Skinner the whole time insisting I shouldn't be
doing such things "in my condition."
My condition, my ass. I had a Mulder to find. He is
the other half of my soul. The father of my child.
I can only guess it happened when they "took" me for
that brief period of time in the woods. I don't know
how they did it, or why. All I knew was I had to find
him. I wasn't going to have this baby without him.
I'd follow anyone anywhere to get him.
And then one day it happened. The right place at the
right time. A certain microchip that CSM was dying to
get his hands on. Dying is an appropriate term; it
seems that Krychek had tried to kill him. Krychek was
a fool to think it could be that easy. But this
chip held a key to CSM's salvation. And he was
willing to do anything to get it.
What a coincidence. I was willing to do anything to
get Mulder.
Needless to say I tricked him; quid pro quo has
become one of my favorite phrases in the past few
years. His chip was a carefully made copy, one that
in theory would still work. I almost didn't give him
even that much, but I remembered how he had saved my
life that day at the lake. There, Mister Cancer. Now
we're even. Go fuck yourself.
And I had the original... and the reason I breathed
every morning... both safe with me.
Mulder wasn't injured when we picked him up in the
same woods in OR where he vanished; at least not in a
physical sense. It was obvious he'd been...
experimented on a bit. Burns, bruises, nothing
permanent. But the mental and emotional scars were a
different story. They were there. It was in his
eyes, filled with joy but dazed at the same time. It
was in the way he fainted and Skinner had to carry him
to the car like a child. His memory was patchy, he
was nervous and didn't rest well. Several times he
had awakened me with hoarse screams that gave way to
sobs. I held him tight, soothing him, cursing the day
he'd allowed himself to be taken for the millionth
time. Finally he would sleep.
That was a month ago. Now here we are, me four
months pregnant. I feel like a beached whale and I've
only gained twelve pounds. Mulder laughs and tells me
I've never been more beautiful. When I told him I was
pregnant he was stunned; when I told him it was his he
fainted again. But he's happy, so happy. Thank God.
He had just looked at me when he came to, just stared
into my eyes. Then in a choked voice he asked me if I
would marry him. It was my turn to be stunned. He
told me he'd wanted to ask me for a long time but
couldn't. But he wanted to be a father to our child.
"Mulder, we don't have to be married for that," I'd
told him.
"I know that, Scully. But I want to be a husband to
you. And call me crazy, because I am, but we gotta
get married for that."
Then he kissed me. I lost my ability to move, even
think. How could I pass up an offer like that?
The wedding is tomorrow. Skinner is both happy and
apprehensive. Married FBI agents.... Not an everyday
thing. In fact, we'll be the first. We called in a
lot of favors for that. His higher ups hadn't been
too pleased with any of us until I waved the chip in
their face. Suddenly we were the FBI's golden
children. So after a lot of hemming and hawing and
discussion, they decided to allow it. That and the
fact that Mulder told them we'd become vigilantes if
they didn't let us. I think that scared them.
So. Tomorrow I will be Dana Catherine Mulder-Scully.
What a name. I'm still going by Scully. After all
these years, I don't think Mulder and I can call each
other anything else. We are having a church wedding;
even though Mulder is not converting Father Thomas has
agreed to do the marriage. The fact that Mulder
believes in SOMETHING is good enough for me. It's a
start down a road that could end anywhere. And we'll
be walking down that road together for all eternity.
I look over at Mulder as he sleeps.
Eternity could never be long enough.

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