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AUTHOR: Lakota (

RATING: NC17 -- for adult content and for MT. Although, I
personally think this story is more of a PG13, there
are plenty of sections that have a definite NC17 taste

CATEGORY: V, R, MT, MSR, Mulder Angst, Scully Angst

SPOILERS: Requiem, and bits of pieces of other episodes

KEYWORDS: Mulder POV, Mulder/Scully romance

SUMMARY: A new life grows with every passing day that Mulder
remains missing. He must survive against an evil race
that seeks to destroy him, the fragile cord of love and
memory his only shield, learning to trust an unexpected
friendly hand along the way.

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DISCLAIMER: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, A.D. Skinner and the Lone
Gunmen are sole property of Chris Carter and 1013
Productions. I am merely borrowing them for this story
but I warn you Mr. Carter, you better start reading
fanfics, because the writers of these stories will
definitely bring your ratings up.

NOTES: When I first started writing this story, two weeks had
passed since Requiem had been aired. I had read a lot of Post-
Requiems fanfics, but none had been from Mulder's POV--all of them
from Scully's POV. I thought I'd take a stab at it. It has been a
huge challenge for me writing in Muder's POV, because without
realizing it, I'd slip into writing in the 3rd person so it was a
constant battle for me to keep my tenses straight, especially for my
beta reader. Because it took me so long to finish, a lot of Post-
Requiem stories were written, that now I'm afraid this one won't be
given a chance.

To better depict this story, I bought 5 books--all on Alien
Abductions. They explained the layout of the space crafts,
and through hypnosis, the experiences of the tests that were done to
abductees. I also sat and watched video after video--the 'tests'
that I had Mulder go through, were not just my excuse to...ah...get
him disrobed, or put him through embarrassing tests, but these tests
have been documented in the books I read. Warning, some of the
tests they do on him might be a bit squeamish for some readers,
which is why the MT is up there in the headers.

One important note: I hope that readers don't think that my focus
was on the tests, but the constant battle he had within himself to
be strong during his absence. It's a story about the endurance of
hardship, discovering new ties of friendship, as well as the age-old
bond of love becoming a source of strength.

DEDICATION: I can't express enough how much I want to thank my
good friends that helped me every step of the way. I don't want to
miss anyone, so probably it would be best not to mention anyone,
'you know who you are'. There are two very special people
that I do want to thank openly. Triton, for being my beta reader
for a long time. She is tough, and sometimes, I almost wanted to
quit, but she kept on pushing and after I would get my section back,
I'd realize what she meant and what she wanted me to portray.
Especially the 'sex' part. I had never written a 'sex' section and
I didn't want it to just be smut, but to be loving. I hope I did my
job on that section - again thanks to Triton.

And Hiding in the Light, my late night phunny phile companion. Even
with three hours ahead of me, she would stay up countless days until
3:00 in the morning her time, exchanging ideas with me and giving me
encouragement. To pass the time away, we'd collage and download
songs on Napstar, but then we'd push each other to get back to the
work at hand - our stories. We would have our hourly fanfic writing
sessions and then trade the stories to critique each other. It was
bittersweet for both of us when we finished our stories weeks from
each other. I thank both of these philers for never giving up on

And now...the story picks up at the end of Requiem...




I know what I have to do--I know I must take Scully's place.

We're getting closer to our designated destination--a destination
that feels oddly predestined for me. A.D. Skinner is driving,
taking the curves of the mountainside carefully, almost too
cautiously. I wonder if he's stalling for time, hesitating because
he feels the unknown pressing against him like a dead weight, a
dangerous weight.

The car slows amongst the thick black of the Oregon forest, trees
swaying from the wind just beyond our headlights. Damp earth floods
through my nostrils as I step out of the car, hearing the crunch of
gravel under Skinner's heavy frame as he makes his way to the trunk,
his response automatic to get the job completed as quickly as

I clench my fist around the door handle of the car. They will never
take her again.

I join Skinner at the trunk of the car, a dim circle from the trunk
light shining off of his bald head as his muscled arms pulled items
from the tiny pit. His glance is almost one of suspicion as I
retrieve my backpack and throw it over my right shoulder, my eyes
turning away, keeping my secret knowledge hidden.

"This is starting to feel like the snipe hunt I was afraid of."
Skinner says nervously, still scanning the area as he closes the

"There is no such thing as a snipe, sir." I answer.

"You know my ass is on the line too, Agent Mulder"

"I know that." I tell him, my face unable to hide my fear.

We begin our hike through the dense Oregon growth, traveling across
steep inclines of rock before reaching the end of the line. I
bend down, placing the flashlight on the ground as I attempt to work
the gadget the Lone Gunmen had given me. Red lines of light strobe
across the black night, my eyes straining to read the numbers the
machine was spitting out to me. As I'm bending, I can feel Scully's
necklace dangling from around my neck, a reminder of the partnership
that started seven years ago; a partnership that quickly turned into
a friendship that could never be breached from any angle. I think
we stubbornly did our best to keep the friendship just that--a
friendship. But something happened to us about 2 months ago, an
incident that took us even further past that solid bond, into a
realm that far surpassed anything on this earth. It was a move that
both of us tried desperately not to cross, but it was inevitable.
The weekend had begun with crop circles, but held a surprise ending
that I would have never guessed.


I'm walking slowly toward the end of the red beams, my mind still on
Scully and the important step we took. I think if we had planned
It--it would never have happened. Fate? What is fate, but a power
that predetermines events? Is this why she accidentally came across
her old love, Daniel Waterston. My heart had ached as I had nuzzled
close to her on my couch while she explained what had happened
during my two-day absence. She told me that she had once considered
spending her whole life with that man, but then spoke of the things
she would have missed if she had. What if there was only one choice
and all the other choices were wrong? Signs, she said, that we
needed to heed to.

I stopped for a short while, picking up Scully's cross, holding it
between my fingers, my mind, again going back to that night.

'Mmm--And all the...choices would then lead to this very moment. One
wrong turn, and...we wouldn't be sitting here together. Well, that
says a lot. That says a lot, a lot, a lot. That's probably more than
we should be getting into at this late hour' I tell her, but I
turn around and she's fallen asleep against my shoulder. I brush a
strand of hair out of her face, then admire her beautiful face. I
pull my Indian throw-blanket over her and carefully tuck it around

My chivalry was obviously on vacation, leaving her upright on the
couch, instead of waking her; letting her sleep on my bed and me
taking the couch. I head toward my bedroom, and start taking off my
shoes, socks and shirt, but something stops me.

I need her.

I walk back into the living room and take her hand. She slowly
opens her eyes, confused.

"I'm sorry, Mulder, I didn't mean to fall asleep. I think I better
go home--it's been a long day; in fact long two days."

"Come with me, Scully," I whisper, caressing the back of her hand
with my fingers.

Confused, she stands up, trying to look for her shoes and keys.

"Come, Scully." I gently pull her and she follows. I lead her to my
bed and motion her to lie down, but she refuses. Her tired eyes
question me. "Don't go home, stay here," I request quietly. I watch
mesmerized as her eyes reflect her thought processes; the decisions,
the conclusions.

"I'll stay here, Mulder, but only if you stay here with me," she


I am brought to reality from my reverie when I come up against a
circle of light. I become almost motionless, and I think I hear
Skinner in the background calling my name. I see the circle of
light and the abductees, Theresa Hoese, Billy Miles, and Deputy Ray

I hesitate for a moment. I am scared, for the first time in my life
I am really scared. Not so much for my own life, but for what I'm
leaving behind-Scully, I hope you understand, this is for you. I
look to my right and I see the Alien Bounty Hunter. I don't
know if I'm afraid, or if I look at him with the knowledge that I
need to be here for whatever reason. Fate? I ask myself again. Is
this the fate I am to follow?

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<continued from Part 1>

Getting Back - 2 of 15
Disclaimer on Section 1

The light gets brighter, almost unbearable to see. I can hear
Skinner; almost a distorted voice in the background. I hesitate for
a second, warning myself to back away, now, go back to Scully. But
I know the consequences; if it's not me, it will be her.

I look up.

The group starts walking into the craft, leaving me last in line. I
feel a slight touch on my back and I am startled. I look and see
that it's Teresa smiling at me.

"We'll take care of you. Don't be afraid," she whispers. As a
group, we advance toward the light. We walk in what I assume is the
spacecraft. A long hallway is before me and small chambers are all
around me. Teresa stays close to me, her hand reaching for mine,
as she tries to make me feel safe. I feel perspiration drenching my
clothes. I quickly think of all the space movies I have seen as a
child and think that I'm going to be drifting at the non-gravity in
the craft, but this isn't happening.

A figure approaches me, a gray, what we know them to be. He or she
is short; probably Scully's height.

Scully! I quickly think of her and a stabbing pain rips through in
my heart. I'm sure I am paralyzed with fear as this long-fingered
creature takes my free hand and directs me away from Teresa. I
panic as I try to turn back to a familiar face, but she smiles and
mouths that I will be okay. I try to believe her--she must know,
she's been abducted many times before.

I try to make out the creature's gender, but I can't. It's wearing
clothes of a metallic color, a one-piece garb that covers its feet
up to its neck. I almost can't tell where the suit ends and where
its skin begins. Its elliptical-eyes are misproportioned to its
face, big and coal black. A small slit where its mouth should be.
It walks me to a pair of closed doors, and places it's elongated
hand on the side of the wall. Its prints must activate the
mechanism that opens the doors, which separate in the middle. It
gestures me into the room.

The room is white in color, furnished with only utilitarian
furniture. The creature moves to the side of a bed that appears to
be a hospital bed. It frightens me when I see the restraints and
the stirrups at the end. The creature leans toward a plain
nightstand. It opens it up and removes a green cloth gown, which it
offers to me. I almost have to laugh--I'm in a spaceship with
aliens, from who knows where, and they use the same gowns. The
smile in my face quickly fades when I hear the gray talk to me. I
don't see its mouth move, but I hear it in my mind.

"My name is Omra; you are assigned to me during your stay. You will
do as I say at all times. You will stay in this chamber and will
not leave unless I am with you. You are here for observation and
many tests are to be completed. If you cooperate, the time will
not be as long. If you do not cooperate, consequences will occur."
A slow monotone of words, smooth but without depth, rung in my mind.

What kind of tests?" I ask nervously, "It's not like you haven't
tested humans in all the years of our existence."

"We come to your world to study. We have realized that each of you
are very different." He communicates with me, telepathically.
"You are a special specimen that we have been trying to test for
many years--you were promised to us many times, but someone
always protects you. You are not protected any longer. Now take
off all your garments and put this on. This will be what you will
be wearing during your confinement."

"Could I have some privacy?" I ask the creature.

"There will not be any privacy for you--you will be monitored at all
times." The gray stands by me, watching my every movement. I had
no choice but to do as I was told, taking each piece of clothing
off. I slip the gown over my head, thanking that my bare-ass
was not going to be exposed for the duration of my stay.

"The chain comes off too," Omra says, pointing to Scully's cross.

"No, please...I promise, I will do anything and everything you say,
but please, I need the cross to stay with me." I plead.

The alien walks toward me, picking up the cross with one of its
long-clawed fingers. "This is from the one you left behind. We
know of her. It will be permitted. disobedience and the
chain is removed."

I nod my head in compliance, gathering my clothes and turn toward to
the nightstand. I feel the clawed fingers stop me, "No, these are
not to stay here."

"Sustenance will be given three times a day as we realize that is
what humans need to do to keep nourished. Lavatory facilities are
behind here," the gray instructed, pointing to a curtained area in
the corner of the small room. Omra walks to the curtain, pulling
it open, exposing a toilet, sink and showerhead that were thronged
together in the tiny confines of the corner of the room. Even the
rod that held the curtain barely reached my chest--there would be no
privacy for me.

I wrap my arms around my body, not really from the cold, but as a
result from the sudden knot I feel in my stomach. The emotions
rushing through my consciousness has suddenly become my focus, the
wonder and awe of where I now am has started to dissipate. I now
feel the loss of Scully quite painfully, and the fear of the
unknown, of the tests and what might possibly happening to me, were
foremost in my mind.

"The temperature will be regulated according to the testing that
will happen. It is at a comfortable degree right now; you should
not be cold." These words echoed in my mind, as I turn back to

"I'm not cold," I reply, then ask. "How is it that you know our

"We know all the languages of your world. Now, it is time for
nourishment--follow me."

Omra places its hand once again on the mechanism, waiting for the
doors to open. "Proceed," it motions, indicating to me to walk
ahead of it.

The doors simultaneously open one by one from each chamber, and each
human appears one at a time to move down the hallway. I look
around, trying to locate a familiar face, catching a glimpse of
Teresa approaching me.

"I see you get to wear the latest in gown--wear as I do," I quip,
trying to lighten the moment.

"His and hers gown," she replies, grinning ruefully up at me.

I feel a strong nudge on my back from Teresa's gray. "We aren't
suppose to talk right now." Teresa whispers to me, reading her
guide's mind.

"Why can't I hear him?" I ask her quietly.

"We can only hear our own gray's, now hush, or we'll be

We are taken to the eating area; which is a colander-like structure
in the center of the ship where human's congregate during meal
times. If I were to guess what I had just consumed, I know I would
probably get sick, but figuring that it was either starve or eat
it, I chose the later. After our meal, we were led to a sitting
area where the group was able to talk freely to each other.

"What do they have in store for us?" I ask Teresa, looking around at
the others as they pace the floors.

"Mr. Mulder," she starts to say.

"Please, Mulder--just Mulder."

"Mulder, you learn to wish for these short moments of human contact
that they allow. Cherish every moment, because...because there are
times that you'll wish that they take your life," she whispers.
"They'll give us, what we think, is about 10 minutes, three times
a day, right after our meals. Mulder, eat all your food, don't
waste it, because you won't get anything else. Sleep when they tell
you to sleep, just try to follow their rules. Please...I beg you,"
Teresa frantically tells me, her eyes pleading with me.

"That is a tall order for me," I smile, knowing that I am not one to
follow the book.

Two grays that were taller in stature appear at the door. From the
attire they were wearing, it appeared to me that they might be a
form of military police. I look around noticing all the humans
standing up at their presence. I had no choice but to follow suit.

"Be strong, Mr. Mulder, be strong," Teresa mumbles, in fear that she
would be heard.

The group walks back to their perspective chambers, not one looking
back, each one knowing their orders. I take a step in my quarters,
then turn to face Omra. "I have insomnia, is there a television I
can watch. There are great outer space movies from the 50's that
are shown late at night."

"There will be tests before your morning sustenance. It is best that
you retire at once." The gray presses a button from a panel in the
wall, turning off the lights. A dismal blackness fills the room.

"Omra, is it possible for me to take a shower and get ready for bed
before you turn off the lights?" I ask.

"That is not permitted at this time, it is time to slumber," the
gray directs. There was a short silence, then the light came back
on, and " you are not one to follow orders I will give you a
short time to do as you need, then I will be back to turn off the

I was thankful that my 'alien' seemed to have a heart, or whatever
it had, it seemed to know that he was of no threat. I knew I
couldn't over step my bounds, one wrong move and I knew that Omra
would not be willing to give in to some of my requests, like
keeping my cross around my neck.

I wanted to take a shower, I needed to feel the water-maybe that
would help me sleep. I pull my hospital gown over my head,
dropping it to the bed, then entered the makeshift bathroom. I
searched and chuckled ruefully as a stream of water poured out 'Heat
sensitive,' I thought. 'I should have brought my toiletries.'

The water was actually pleasant. As I stood under it, rubbing my
hands on my face, I close my eyes for a second, a vision of Scully
popping in my mind. I had not thought of her in a couple of hours.
'Scully, better me then you,' I voiced out loud, 'I lost you once
to them, I will not lose you again'

I step away from the showerhead, stopping the flow of water. I look
back grinning, "How cool is that?"

I open a small cabinet to find a towel, and even a toothbrush and
toothpaste. 'Ah, all the necessities of home.' I hang the towel on
the rack and walk to the bed, slipping the gown back on, then crawl
under the thin blanket. The room was so quiet, not a sound
anywhere, dead silence, only my breathing to keep me company. The
door opened, Omra steps in and without a word, turns off the light,
then walks out.

I toss and turn, trying to get comfortable, my mind continuously
on Scully. I hold the cross between my fingers, the only connection
to her that I may have of her left.

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<cont from Part 2>

Getting Back - 3 of 15
Disclaimer on Section 1

"Stay with me, Mulder," she murmurs, moving closer to him.

Being so close to her brings forward a feeling that he seems to have
always tried to suppress. The atmosphere of his room is not helping
his feelings either--the darkened room, her sweet smell of vanilla
filling his senses, the brush of her skin barely touching his.

"Are you sure now is the best time for this, Scully? We are both so
tired." Mulder asks quietly, cupping her face with his hands. Her
flushed face radiates warmth to his touch. Her sky-blue eyes focus
with such brightness that it stops his breath. Her smile is soft,
so dissimilar to what he is accustomed to. She raises her hand and
gently caresses his cheek with the back of her fingers.

Transferring her gaze to his hazel eyes, she lets one of her fingers
slide to his lips, pressing it gently along the lower edge,
seemingly oblivious to the effect it has on him.

The feather touch on his lips brings a surge of heat through his
veins; a sultriness that he swears is pumping all the way up to his

"Mulder, why do you think we were brought together?"

"To debunk my work," he answers as a matter of fact, "Are you still
with that fate stuff" he responds, grabbing her hand and sliding it
down to his bare chest.

"Mulder, what do you feel about me?" she asks quietly with a shyness
in her voice.

"What do I feel about you? Now that's a loaded question," he muses.

"Can't you be serious for just a minute?" she asks, her
disappointment clear from his response. She detaches his hold,
dropping her hands down to her side.

He senses the instant separation and knows that maybe it's time to
tell her the way he really feels--no hallways, no bees, just a
moment of truth. He moves his hands again to her, but feels
tightness, almost coldness in her rigid stance, but he ignores the
refusal and takes her hands in his. After a few seconds, he
lets go of her right hand, moving his up to her hair, pushing the
strands behind her ear. He bends down, feeling a vice-grip on his
other hand. He knows it's just a reaction of her a 'not knowing' his
intentions, but he ignores the hold, and moves his mouth closely to
her ears, so close that his warm breath brushes against her ear, and
he delights in the sensation of feeling a shiver radiate across her

"You are the air that I breathe," Mulder whispers into her hair.
"You are in my consciousness and unconscious mind every minute of
the day. My life has been a series of footnotes--the constant need
for approval from my dad, the distant feeling I've had with my
mother, and the obsession that dominated my whole existence in
finding Samantha. But you, Scully, you have shown me what they
never did--approval, trust in my quest and unconditional love. My
mother may have conceived me, Scully, but I didn't start living
until I met you." He lifts his head slightly, his eyes reflecting
the years of anguish. "I told you once I loved you and you gaffed
it off as some induced result of the drugs they were pumping into
me. I was lucid then, as I am completely sane right now. I can't
live without you, I won't let anyone harm you, I lo..." She quickly
covers his lips with her fingers, stopping the words he had hoped
she wanted so desperately to hear.

Scully steps back, releasing herself from their embrace. A
reluctant feeling overwhelms him is felt as he turns away,
embarrassed and confused. A fear engulfs him, as he wonders if his
feelings are his alone. She looks up and captures his hands in
hers, squeezing it tightly as she leads him to the bed. She sits,
and pulls on his arm to indicate his next move. As he lounges down
besides her, sitting close enough that their knees are touching, she
continues to hold his hand, entwining her fingers through his. Her
head is downcast, her soft hair swaying gently across her forehead,
hiding her eyes from him.

"Why won't you let me say those words to you?" Mulder's voice

"The other morning, when I went to the office and heard you ramble
on about the crop circles, I didn't want any part of it, Mulder. I
just wanted out." She looks up at him defiantly, her eyes ablaze
with emotions. " I wanted to do something other then run after your
cock-eyed beliefs. I saw the expression on your face and I felt
that I hurt you-but at that time, I didn't care. When I went to the
hospital and was given Daniel's chart by mistake, I thought that
was fate. I was meant to bump into him. All the years that you and
I worked together, in that recess of my mind, I always wondered
about Daniel. I would look at you and I had feelings for you;
actually very strong feelings, but then my mind would think of him.
I guess the thought of; what if? When I saw him and he acted like
nothing had changed. I was his young thing, maybe even his prize, I
don't know. He told me he left his family because of me. At
that time I came to the conclusion that he was using me as an excuse
to escape a life that he didn't particularly like. At that point,
Mulder, I realized that I had left him a long time ago. That was my
past and you have been my life for the last 7 years." Scully smiles
at him then, a wonderful, beautiful, loving smile.

Mulder moves closer, and lowers his voice as his forehead touches
hers. "Scully, what is the reason you think that we've never
crossed that line? Is it the fear of losing the friendship we
have?" he asks.

"I don't know." she murmurs.

"I still remember the drive to Area 51, you were in one of those
moods," he grins, "shall I quote the words you said?"

She glances at him, biting the inside of her mouth, shaking her head
in amazement at another example of his eidetic memory.

"Don't you ever just want to stop? Get out of the damn car? Settle
down and live something approaching a normal life?" Mulder

"And what did you answer me, Mulder, and I quote, 'this isn't

"I may not be able to promise you a white-picket fence, but I can
stop the car, Scully. As for settling down and living somewhat of a
normal life, do you seriously think that you can live a normal
life?" He asks. Before getting an answer, he continues "What we
have is more then friendship. A bond that can only get stronger, in
partnership, in friendship, and yes Scully, even in love."

Mulder stands up from the bed, walking toward the door, "I better
let you go to bed."

She rises quickly and catches his hand before he moves too far away
and stands between the door and Mulder, looking up at his saddened
hazel eyes.

"I will ask you again, stay with me," she whispers. "Come here,"
she instructs, grabbing the waistband of his pants.

He stops close to her, almost with a hesitation, knowing in his
heart that if he approaches her, there will be no stopping.

She raises her hand to his right cheek, "Have I ever told you how
much I love your mole?"

"No," he smiles, "how much do you love it?" he asks, leaning toward
her. He splays his fingers through her hair, holding tightly as he
brings her close to him. He gently touches his lips with hers, a
gentle kiss, a teasing kiss. He outlines her lips with his tongue,
delicately, then softly stops for her approval, still indecisive.

"Mulder, is there any bees in your apartment?" she says with a sharp
intake of breath.

"Shh," He turns her head to the side, his kisses continue from her
lips to her cheek, feathery kisses barely touching her skin,
reaching her earlobe, taking a gentle tug. He follows his trail of
kisses back the same path, moving her head gently facing him until
he delicately kisses each eyelid. He then tilts her head one more
time to expose her pale soft skin, his moist lips nibbling her neck.

"Are you going to give me a hickey?" Scully asks, deeply with

"Shhh," he repeats one more time.

"Oh, Mulder!" She cries, as tears of joy form in her eyes; her arms
now snake around his neck as she returns the kisses to him. It is
his turn to receive the light kisses, the teasing kisses, the gentle
kisses all over his face and his neck until they meet lip to lip,
warm tongues collide, explore and taste, teeth clink together, nip
and bite gently.

As his arms caress down her body, he takes a hold of the hem of her
blouse then hesitates momentarily, searching her eyes, recognizing
the arousal he sees there, the acceptance that they are about to
proceed to a newer, more intimate level in their partnership. She
gives him that smile that only Scully can give him, then raises her
arms to assist him.

Mulder lowers his hand seductively from her neck to her breast,
finding the clasp to her bra, located in the front, and unsnaps the
clip. Scully closes her eyes, throwing her head back, her breathing
deep with desire; his hands move to her breasts, cupping them,
feeling her nipples harden with excitement, He dips his head down,
his tongue trailing down her chest. Reaching her nipple he circles,
his tongue around the areola, grasping gently with his teeth and
pulling on the swollen nub. The deep throaty sounds coming from
within, Scully spurs him on and he closes his mouth around her
nipple. Her moaning of sheer pleasure is sending him to complete
ecstasy as well.

Freeing herself from his embrace, she steps back for a second to
look up at him with an intense focus before she places her hands on
his chest, feeling his damp chest shimmering in a coat of
perspiration. With a smile, she looks down, and using her fingertip
very softly starts to outline the bulge that is pressing against his
jeans. Finding the tip of his swollen penis, she moves her
finger in a circular motion. Then with an open hand she starts to
rub over the fabric, feeling the throbbing against her hand.

"Scully, keep doing that...our seven years of waiting
will end this very second." He says, his chest rising and falling
with the sound of his heated breath. She does one last seductive
outline and reaches for the snaps of his jeans. With each unsnapping
of his pants, she lightly gives him a kiss.
Snap...kiss...snap...kiss until she gets to the last one.

"Now, my long-standing curiosity will be satisfied." She teases,
repeating the lines she had said years before during the Peacock
case. She gradually slides in her warm hand, burrowing it beneath
the waistband of his boxers. She still keeps on teasing by not
touching what he wants so badly, and moves her hand along the side
of his groin, through his crankily pubic hair, tracing around the
base of his sensitive genitals. With one swift move, she grabs him,
holding him tightly, feeling the heated pulsation in her hand.

The sudden feel of her hand on his penis startles him aback for a
second. He slumps into the crook of her neck, as her moans become
fire to his ears. He wraps his arms around her, cupping her
backside through her clothing, squeezing the firm cheeks of her
buttocks with every manipulation she does on his groin.

She lets go of him, sliding her hand across to his hip,
simultaneously slipping her other hand inside his boxers, then
sensually starts rubbing his bare hips, gently lowering his jeans
and boxers down to his thighs.

The thought of his nakedness against her engorges his penis to the
point of almost becoming painful. He holds her even tighter as he
then continues to nibble the curve of her neck, reaching her
shoulders. Her head is tilted to the side, giving him encouragement
to continue his path. Their muffled groans are echoing against each
other, hot breath dancing across tingling skin, wet lips sucking on
any available surface. His heart is beating so fast that it feels
like a cage full of doves are beating their delicate wings within
his ribcage.

With one foot, he frantically tugs at his other pant legs, trying to
lower them before he loses balance, until the jeans finally fall to
the floor. Without missing a beat, he steps out of them
simultaneously pressing at the same time; he keeps his gentle
feather kisses down her chest. It's his turn to torture her,
slipping his hands across her silky belly and into her underwear,
tickling across her pubic hair, reaching lower into the wet folds
below and rubbing firmly from clit to vagina.

The sensations of Scully, thrusting into his hand, liquid heat
pooling across his skin, her moans vibrating in his ears, her hands
pulling at his hair and scraping across his back, and the delicious
smell of her wafting around him suddenly becomes too much and he
just wants to be within her, around her, above her and all over her.
His hands move to her backside, lowering her pants and underwear.

He stoops down, his arms wrap around her; he lifts her up and
presses her against the wall. She swaddles her legs around his
waist, her arms embracing him around his neck, her naked and heated
breasts pressing into his chest.

Holding on to her tightly, pinned against the wall, he slowly starts
pumping, up and down, lifting her small body just high enough to let
the tip of his penis tease her opening, then bringing her back down.
Her breathing against is ears is intensifying with every thrust as
she whispers words that only lovers say in the throes of passion.

"Deeper, Mulder, harder, faster." She moans to him.

Their thrusting becomes a unison, two bodies tightly held to make

"Sc...Scully...I...I...can't ho...ld on!" Mulder's voice forces out
with his final thrust, as his seed fills her cavity filled with her
own juices, as she orgasms at the same time.

Both drenched in sweat they stay wrapped in each other's arms for a
couple of seconds, enjoying their orgasm.

"Scully, let's go to bed." Mulder whispers to her, carrying her
gently, her legs still wrapped around his hips. He lowers her
softly on the bed then climbs in next to her, holding her close to
him, both content in enjoying the sensations of the new intimate
stage of their relationship.

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Getting Back - Part 4 of 15
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My eyes flutter as I try to open them, but the bright lights of the
room force my lids to stay close. I lay quietly, still immersed in
the sensations the dream has left behind. Only, it wasn't a dream,
but a vivid memory of the night when Scully and I had consummated
our love. If I were to spend the rest of whatever life I had left
alone and without ever seeing Scully again, I at least would know
that we were able to finally pass the barrier we had built so many
years before.

Still having Scully and the images of that night on my mind, still
feeling the sticky sensation of her soft warm skin moving against
me, still visualizing the smile that had bloomed across her lips as
she had come, I reach my hand down to feel my morning erection. A
smile appears on my face, feeling the reaction of my groin at the
mere thought of Scully, when I realize that I am nude. My eyes bolt
open to see Omra standing next to me, watching my every movement.

"Where are my clothes?" I ask nervously, my eyes skittering around
the room.

"You will not need your clothes. You were told already--there would
be tests. We start today," Omra instructed, its voice now audible
to my ears.

"I can hear you" I remarked, confused.

"We can make ourselves heard, if we choose." Omra stated, then
continued. "The tests will not be comfortable to you, but they must
be done."

"Why must they be done?" I interrupted.

"As I said before, we have sought you for a long time. You are a
rare individual with knowledge and biological markers that most
humans do not have. Do not be afraid. I will always be by your
side. Cooperate and you will get back to the one you left behind.
You have much feelings for that one." Omra communicated to me.

"How do you know about her? She was abducted six years ago. Were
you involved with that too?" Mulder asked, impatiently.

"Testing was done on her as well."

"You took her ovum. You took away any chance of her having any
children," my voice angers.

"You need not worry about her. You have great feelings for her-
feelings that we still do not comprehend. I have been here with you
through your slumber and know what was in your thought process. You
have very strong feelings for her," Omra continues.

"How do you know?" I say through clenched teeth.

"I can read your mind. I know your thoughts and it is not hard to
see the reaction of your sexual organs." I flush at these words.
"You need not worry about her. She is safe now. It has been months
now that she can reproduce. She will wait for you." With its
last words, Omra retrieves the thin blanket from the chair and
covers me.

"What?" I nearly shout at the gray's last words. "I don't

The doors open, as the two aliens dressed in military attire
walked in, pushing a gurney into the room.

I scoot up from the bed on my elbows, but was quickly pushed down
by the long-fingered hand of Omra.

"Stay still," Omra communicates to me, then turns to the guards,
bowing its head slightly for them to proceed.


I can't stop the shaking I feel within me. I have no choice but to
follow their orders. If I try to get away, where can I possibly go?
No place to hide, I'm at their mercy.

The taller guard moves the gurney close to the bed that I'm lying on
and without telling me, I know he wants me to slide on it. I look
at Omra--don't know why, maybe for permission, maybe it will protect
me; but it merely gestures to the stretcher. I swing my legs over
the bed to a sitting position, keeping the blanket over my lap as I
then move to the gurney. The shorter guard tries to pull the
blanket away from me but I grab it tightly. I have an intense need
to protect some part of my dignity. Omra looks at the guard and
without words, the guard seems to agree to let me keep it. Omra
and the shorter guard stand on each side, while the taller guard
starts pushing the gurney.

I'm being pushed through a corridor--I think it has a dome on top.
I look to my right and see a control panel on the craft. It looks
like a cockpit on an airplane but more metallic. As I'm being
pushed, I can see different forms of aliens walking quickly pass me.
As they proceed, they turn to look at me, their faces emotionless.
Some are small grays that look like Omra. They have large, pear-
shaped heads that protrude in the back, long arms with four long
fingers, a thin torso and gangling long legs. I can't stop looking
at their eyes, big black eyes which curve upward and are more
rounded toward the center of the head and pointed at the outer edge.
The other form of aliens are tall luminous entities that are
translucent almost having insect-like in appearance.

The walls and ceilings are curved and white. The floor appears
dark. I see computer-like consoles and other equipment and
instruments that link the sides of the rooms. Some have balconies
and various levels of alcoves. We reach the room that must be the
medical facility. The ambiance is sterile and cold. It is brightly
lit, with a hazy luminosity from indirect light sources in the

What I see next makes my skin crawl. I'm scared and my hands start
hurting from my clenched fists, holding onto the blanket. The room
has a sterile feel to it, a medical ominous feel. The floor is jet-
black and a glass wall with human being suspended, with helmets on
their heads. Some aliens are sitting behind a control-panel
alongside each suspended individual, monitoring their vitals signs.
I can only imagine that I will be next, suspended like they are.

The taller guard pushes the gurney up against a table that is tilted
to a forty-five-degree angle. He motions to me to move again, to
get on the table. The fear in my face is obviously noticeable to
Omra. It leans close to me and I understand it; it communicates
with me that I will be okay. I sit up and hesitantly move onto the
flat platform, still attempting to hold onto the blanket, but it is
taken away from me. I lay on soft textured table that begins to
move and mold to my bodies contour. Each guard move close to me;
one walks to the end of the bed, taking a hold of my legs,
separating them and strapping them into stirrups. The other guard
takes my arms and straps them down as well.

The guards leave the room, leaving Omra in the room alone with me.
I look at him, fearful at the unknown. "What are they going to do
to me?"

"I have told you-tests," it conveys to me.

Two beings walk in, dressed in white and automatically start pulling
out medal trays filled with instruments. One approaches and sweeps
it's gaze across me, looking at me from head to toe. I'm
uncomfortable under his stare, laying naked. He puts his long
fingers on my neck. I realize at that moment that he is going for my
cross, Scully's cross.

"Don't touch it," I holler.

I startle him, his huge black eyes glare at me with anger. Omra
puts a hand over the outstretched hand of the doctor and says
something to him; the doctor reluctantly backs away.

I am so scared. At this moment, I feel like a child, waiting for my
dad to come to my room with a strap. Knowing that I'm going to be
punished for something I did wrong.

My head is turned to my right and strapped tightly so I can't move.
I see in the corner of my eye an instrument in the doctor's hand--a
long thin like wire. It has it in front of me, then he presses onto
something on the control panel and the tip of the wire expands into
a circular object. He walks up close to me and I can feel his long
leathery fingers on my face, holding me down. I feel the coldness
in the tip of my ear and then feel the excruciating pain. The wire
is being pushed deeper and deeper in my ear. I can hear myself
screaming. The tears fill my eyes and my heart is pounding. I try
to move my hands, to push them away but I can't. I'm strapped down
and I can't move a muscle. The room starts spinning as my
equilibrium is off balance. I'm nauseous; I need to throw up. I
try to hold it but I can't. My body starts convulsing from the
heaving I'm doing and the pain in my ear. Within a few seconds I
feel a pop in my ear and then the wire is removed.

"Lie still, the pain will subside." Omra conveys to me. It takes a
white cloth and starts cleaning the mess that I've done from my
vomit. I try to steady my breathing, try to loosen my muscles that
I don't realize are tightly knotted.

"Wha...what...did they put in me?" I gasp.

"You will find out soon enough. Just be still, there is a little
more testing today and then you will be taken to your room to rest.
You will have sustenance with the group of humans in the late of the

They work meticulously, pressing buttons on panels, before
approaching me again. They undo the strap around my head, then move
me so I could face forward toward the ceiling, placing the strap
tightly around my head again. They force me to open my mouth, while
they insert a steel object in the opening. I'm waiting for them to
jam it down my throat, but it doesn't happen. I think they are
inspecting my teeth. I don't know-I have my eyes tightly shut. I
feel the long fingers on my eyelids, forcing them to open. They are
now looking in my eyes, then the shorter being has a steel wire and
moves it close to my nose.

"No, please no, not again, please," I yell, imagining the pain that
I'm going to receive. I know they are going to shove that up my

The taller being stops him, shaking his head.

Omra leans down to me and communicates that they will not do that
test today, but they will do it at another time. I take another
breath of air and loosen my body again.

I think that the testing is over when I see both of the beings walk
to the end of the bed. They press on a button on the panel which
reclines the bed to a flat position. As they press another button,
I feel my legs start spreading, the stirrups separating further
apart. I look at Omra with a fear that I can't even express.

"This will hurt-take short and steady breaths," I understand it to
say. I grip the end of the bed and clench my teeth. One of the
beings takes a flexible instrument, probably about 4 feet long with
a little wire cage at the end, inside of which is a small, spherical
object. I feel the cold leathery fingers on my rectum, then the
cold wire enters me, pushing deeper and deeper in me. I am
screaming, in between the gasps of air I'm trying
to inhale.

"Stop, it hurts... stop!!!" I'm yelling. I can feel the pain radiate
from my rectum to the pit of my stomach. The instrument is in me
for only about two minutes, but the two minutes feel like a

"Shhh," Omra whispers to me. "The testing is over for today.
Tomorrow there will be more."

Is this supposed to make me feel better? I feel wetness around my
rectum, I'm sure I'm bleeding. Omra walks to the end and wipes me
down. A buzzer is pressed and the two guards walk back in. They do
not have me move back to the gurney to wheel me back, but raise the
bed a few inches, while wheels are snapped in place. I am wheeled
down the hall, back to my room. We pass a small group of people
that are being escorted to the eating area. Teresa is in the group.
She turns to me and her eyes fill with tears as she sees
me naked on the gurney, knowing what just has happened to me.

I'm returned back to my room and watch detachedly as the guards
start to remove the restraints off, but Omra stops them. It motions
to them to leave. Omra waits until the door is closed before
approaching me, and then walks over to me. It starts undoing the
straps and motioning me to try to sit up. I try but the room starts
spinning. Whatever they have done to my ear, is playing havoc with
my equilibrium. The room starts spinning and I feel a queasy
feeling. I know I'm going to lose whatever is left in my

"I...I'm going to vomit," I warn Omra, trying to cover my mouth.

It helps me sit up but it's too late. I retch all over the bed and

"You must take it slow--take moderate intakes of air." It says to
me, taking me by the arm. I over tower him with my height but Omra
is so much stronger then me. It leads me to the makeshift bathroom.

"I have to use the toilet," I tell it. "But I'm afraid with that
thing in me."

"It is secure, it will not harm you. Now you must cleanse
yourself. I will get you some garments to put on." Omra projects
to me as it walks out of the bathroom and into the room.

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Getting Back - Part 5 of 15
Disclaimer on Section 1

After going to the bathroom, I step into the stream of water and
stand there, letting the spray hit my body. I try to exert the
least amount of movement during my shower, avoiding any sudden
actions that might bring on any more dizziness. I step out of the
shower and towel myself down when I feel a cramp on my lower
stomach, and I bend over in pain.

"You are not feeling well, let me help you dress so you can lay down
and rest." Omra tells me, taking a hold of my arm and leading me to
my bed, "Bend down a little so I can put the garment over you."

"This reminds me of when I was five years old, my mom used to dress
me after my shower just like this," I tell it, lowering my body to
make it easier for Omra to reach over my head.

Omra stares at me, my vulnerability unmistakable to it. Omra
quickly turns away; although unable to feel human emotion; there is
a feeling between us triggered by my last words to it.

Omra finishes dressing me, slipping the hospital gown over my head.

"Omra, did I say anything wrong?" I ask him quietly, lying down on
my back. Before the being could answer, another sharp pain spreads
through my stomach, my body immediately convulsing into a fetal
position. Omra takes the blanket and places it over my body.

"The pain will go away. It is not harming you."

I stare up at my companion as I wait for the cramps to subside,
"Omra, what did they do to me?" I ask him again, feeling my voice
quiver, "I seem to be asking you that question a lot."

Omra sits on my bed, next to me; it's long leathery fingers rubbing
my back.

It was strange. I don't feel any fear from this alien being sitting
next to me. I should be fearful, on my guard, but my gut instinct
tells me that even thought Omra is holding something back, this
being does feel more than an emotional emptiness. On that thought,
I allow my arm to release its hold on my stomach, slowly stretching
toward Omra's lap, my fingers coming in contact with leathery soft

Omra looks at me, the absence of facial muscles giving me the
impression that no emotion lies behind the gray skin, but I stare
into its oblique eyes, reading a sign that was only meant for

"I have a story to tell you," it conveys to me, blinking slowly
before continuing, "I gave birth to an offspring just like you many
epochs ago. What you call years." I raise my head in shock,
embarrassed at my realization that this gray is female and I've been
forced to be nude in front of her.

"Do not feel ashamed," Omra projects, "Unclothed humans means
nothing to us."

"What did you have?" I ask softly.

"A male like you," she communicates, "My planet has sought your
world for many years. Ours is a dying planet and many of us were
sent to different worlds to find a better life source for us to
continue producing. Of the many worlds, we have found that the
planet Earth has given us the most information. Our main objective
was to take humans to our planet to procreate our world. Instead we
took humans during their life years and tested them. We wanted to
see how the humans lived."

The pain in my stomach seemed to be subsiding so I decide to sit up,
giving my complete attention to Omra.

"Is the discomfort going away?" she asks.

"A little, yes," I answer, giving her a slight grin, "I can hear you

"Verbal communication will be easier while I tell you what must be
told. In what you call the year of 1965, our ship stopped to take a
small human from its slumber. We were told to take a male, but an
error was made since there were two children to choose from. We
took the smaller human instead." Omra explains.

I gently move back against the headboard, a twinge of dizziness
washing over me. I keep my mouth shut, more interested in what Omra
is telling me.

"This child was female, a captivating, energetic child. My
offspring was a couple of years older. My offspring, Boalta, took a
liking to this child and they would play together as often as they
could. As the human years passed, we took her many times.
Boalta and this lovely female were always together. This child
showed me to...what is the word...feel? As this child grew older
and learned to communicate with us, she would tell us of her family
on Earth and her sibling whom she desperately wanted to be with
again--this sibling that we were originally supposed to have taken."

"How old was this male that was supposed to be taken?" I ask, my
eyebrows furrowing as I began to understand what I was being told.
The familiar scenario was too similar for it to be coincidental.

"We believe he was about 4 Earth years when we took the female for
the first time." She responds, nodding her head to indicate she was
aware of my suspicions, then continues with her story. "The leaders
of our world were in communications with the leaders of Earth and
plans were to take more humans so they would be tested. We took
this young female many times during her years on Earth. When she
became 8 years old, it was decided that she stays with us, so we
could study how a human grows. Boalta was very happy to know that
this beautiful child would live with us, but her sadness was my
pain. She was a very important specimen for both planets--she had
something they were very interested in. My son, you have the same
biological makeup that she had and that is why for so many years,
they have been trying to apprehend you. This child with green eyes
and long brown hair became withdrawn and liquid was always falling
from her eyes--she called them tears. And those tears were always on
her eyes. She showed us the word 'love'--a word that we did not
understand at first. But Boalta and I learned to love her.
She had much love for her brother. This child was taken from the
testing area to our ship many times during the last 4 years of her
human life. At her last visit, she communicated with us that she
could no longer tolerate the tests. She had not seen her sibling in
4 years and she ached to see him. She no longer wanted to live in
either her own planet, or our form of living. One day she vanished.
We never saw her again. Boalta shed liquid from his eyes--tears.
Something inside my form hurt, I was confused and did not know what
I felt. Boalta grew to be a man, a military man and had to travel
to your planet, but one day he did not return. I lost my Boalta, my
offspring. I then learned what the child with the green eyes felt;
a sadness in her being. A sadness that I carry with me through my

"Omra, what was this child's name?" I ask nervously, knowing the

"Fox, you know the name of this child that was ours as well. She was
your sibling that we shared." Omra said.

"Oh God, oh my God...Samantha, Samantha!!!" I shout, my head
starting to throb at the vibration of my screams, "You took her
away from me." I shouted, my voice immediately lowering into a sob
as Omra reached out to stroke my brow.

"I looked for her all my life." I place my hands over my eyes, my
cries uncontrollable. "You said that the boy was chosen at
first, I was to be taken, wasn't I?"

Omra scooted closer to me, "Yes, it was you who we were to take. It
was planned between our leaders and a man that was in contact with
us. This man frightened us. He always had a stick of smoke in his
mouth." Omra said, then added, "When I found out that they had
located you and their plan of taking you, I asked to be your
guidance. They do not know yet that you are a sibling of Samantha.
They must not know. Now for the question you asked. You want to
know what was done to your body. An object was inserted in your ear
to test your brainwaves and your thought process. The object that
was inserted through your cavity is a homing device. When you are
taken back to your planet, we will know where you are at all times.
In this manner we will be able to take you when we are in need of
more tests."

"I'm a lab rat, that's what we've been all these years, a lab rat.
Samantha, my God, Samantha had to live through these tests..." My
voice yelling, mixed of anger and despair.

"I will take care of you. I loved your sister, as much as I loved
Boalta. I cannot stop the tests, but I will be here to hold you, to
ease your pain." Omra said, taking me in her arms and holding me
against her small body. At first I hesitated, but then felt a need
to wrap my arms around this gray, and I sobbed until I felt that I
couldn't shed another tear.

"Fox, I know more of your life than you know. I know you have love
for a female you left behind. I know that you thought we were going
to abduct her and that is why you chose to take her place. I don't
know how long they plan on keeping you here, but all I ask is that
you follow orders and I will try my best to have you back with your
loved one. I will not take you away from her, like we did with your

She helped me lay down, placing my head on her lap as she swayed
slightly back and forth, lulling me to sleep.


Omra looked down at the young human she was cradling in her arms for
over an hour. She wondered how he must have felt when he found out
his sibling was taken from him. Yes--she knew how he felt, for she
had lost her offspring because of the war between the worlds. It
started out as a survival tactic for their planet. They needed to
find a way to continue their race. There were never any feelings
for these humans until she met this young man's sister. Watching
him sleep, she remembered watching Samantha sleep when she was in
charge of her. 'He looks so much like his sister--they must have
loved each other very much.' He stirred in her arms, then with a
start, he woke up, his arms flailing, trying to protect himself.

"I...I'm sorry," he whispered, as he realized where he was and who
was holding him.

"No, you did nothing. I have been watching you slumber in my arms,
and it made me remember of my offspring and also of your sibling. I
have made an oath to myself. Fox, what is the word you use in your
planet, son... Yes, son, I have made a decision. I saw a beautiful
human lose her battle to live, and I will not see you lose your life
as well. I have to follow orders and I have to make you follow
orders as well. You will still have to endure more tests, but I
promise you, that I will take care of you after the tests. When
they are ready to let you go; they will leave the homing device in
you. I will remove the device from your body; they will never find
you again." She explained, then added, "I am able to go into your
slumber thoughts, and I know the need and love you have for Dana.
That is her name?" She communicated, "When they release you, you
will go to her, I promise, for Boalta's existence, I promise. Now
it is time to awaken and have some nourishment. It is midday and
the others will be released to eat and visit. Get up slowly
to get your balance." she instructed.


"How will you take the device out of me?" I mumble, trying to get my

"It will not be pleasant. There are two ways--surgery, which I will
not be able to do, or the same way it entered. But we will worry
about that later. I cannot remove it now, or they will find out.
They have you on the monitors already. Right before they release
you, I will extract it"

That wasn't what I was hoping to hear, but I would have done
anything to keep Scully and I safe.

I did as I was told and took each step gradually until I got to the
door, then waited for Omra to put her handprint on the mechanism so
the door would open. I stumble into the hallway, seeing the doors
from the chambers open and the rest of the group walks out in
single file. I looked around trying to find Teresa. I needed to
find her, my only link with civilization. I felt a slight tap on my
shoulder, "Teresa," I said enthusiastically as I recognize her.

"How are you feeling?" she asks sorrowfully, her demeanor quiet, her
face drawn. I could see the sadness on her face, the appearance of
many sleepless nights.

"Like I've had a roto rooter up my ass," I smirk, "Teresa, how have
you lived knowing that they know your every move?"

"Violated, raped, a prisoner," she says to me. "Sometimes I try to
forget, but other..."

I feel a jab on my back as we both turn around to see the guards
motioning us to be quiet. I know Omra has to keep up the pretenses
in orders to help me, so I obey their orders and walk in a single
file line until we reach the eating quarters where they will give us
our tray of rations

"How is your guard?" I ask her, moving my food around on my plate.

"It's the same one I always get. She is okay. I think she fears
for her well-being so I'm not given very many privileges. Mulder, I
think I'm going to be set free in a few days. Maybe they will let
you go as well?"

"Well, I'm tagged, so I don't see why they won't let me go now. I
need to get back to Scully," I whisper, taking a hold of the cross
that is under the neckline of my gown.

Just before our break-time is up, a medical doctor, or what appears
to be, walks toward Omra and starts talking with her. I could see
that Omra was trying to argue but as everyone had their level of
authority, it looked as if Omra was not the authoritative one
between the two. She walked out of the eating area, taking a quick
glance back at me. I felt a chill up my spine and another wave of
fear. If she is taken away from me, I will surely die. I know that
Omra will watch over me as much as she could. Did they
somehow find out what we were discussing in my room?

Within a short time, we are instructed to get up and go back to our
quarters. I get up slowly, placing my hand on the small of Teresa's
back, a flash of dispirit comes over me, remembering the numerous
times that I have done this gesture to Scully.

"I hope I see you again. Although, maybe not...because if I do see
you again, that means we're both still here." I try to make light of
the situation.

Just as we lave the eating area to go to our respective rooms, I
lean down and whisper frantically into Teresa's ear, "Teresa, if you
get sent back before me. Please, can you get in touch with Scully
and...and give her my love. Tell her that I'm surviving and that we
will be together, can you do that for me?" I ask tearfully, then
add, "Teresa, have Scully go to your house when you talk to her. Do
not go to hers. If you have the device on you, then they will track
her down. Please, can you do that for me?"

"I promise." She whispers, walking into her chambers.

A different guard walks me back to my room. The alien opens the
door then motions me to get in.

"Omra, where is Omra?" I ask, nervously walking toward the bed. The
guard angrily flashes his arm in front of me, motioning me to get on
the bed.

What am I going to do in this room, day in and day out? Just lay on
my bed. I will go stir crazy. I need to find out where Omra is; I
need to know if our conversations had been overheard. If something
happens to her, it will by my fault.

The hours pass slowly as I try to hold on to every memory, every
event in my life to help pass the time. It is now late and the guard
comes back into my room to escort me for my evening meal. I look
around furiously looking for Teresa, but she does not accompany
the group. After asking some other people, I find out that Billy
Miles and Teresa were set free. I am happy that they are no longer
subjected to the tests, but at the same time I fear for my future.
I wasn't hungry, I just didn't have the appetite to eat or for that
matter go on.

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Getting Back - Part 6 of 15
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It's now been seven days since I've been confined in this room and
three days since I last saw Omra. My fear is that they had been
spying on this room all along, listening in on the conversation
between Omra and I had. Maybe they discovered her feelings toward
my sister, Samantha, and ultimately me. I knew Omra was treading on
dangerous ground by promising to break the rules and remove my
homing device before my release, and I could only wonder what kind
of punishment awaits her if she was caught.

Looking back on the last week, it felt like an eternity had passed.
I had started out exercising in my room to help pass the time and
keep my endurance up, but after these long days of solitude, I
suddenly can't find the inner will to keep fighting, to go on. The
most strenuous activity I do is walk to the bathroom to relieve
myself. I did manage to find a bar of soap in the back of the
cabinet and scratch a mark for every day that I am confined. There
are seven scratch marks on the bar of soap, seven days that I have
managed to survive.

There is no point in shaving and showering. No one here cares what
I look like or even pays much mind to me. I am taken to the eating
area three times a day and I fill the plate with whatever gobbly-
goop they call food. I move the food around the plate with the
utensil and end up eating nothing, no appetite to spur me on.
Teresa and Omra both insisted that it was important to eat, yet what
am I eating for, to be strong for the next excruciating test?
Seeing Scully any time soon was only a fantasy in this obscure,
routine world I now exist in.

As each day passes, I only feel more alone than ever. I now believe
that I will never see her, the light at the end of the tunnel fading
away, a purgatory that will never end.


"Agent Scully, it's Teresa Hoese. I need to talk to you." Teresa's
voice spoke with desperation through the telephone.

"My God, Teresa, where are you? Assistant Director Skinner went to
your house looking for you, your husband and Billy, but everyone was
gone," Scully replied anxiously, quickly adding, "Mulder. Have you
seen Mulder?"

"I can't talk to you over the phone, but it is urgent that we meet.
For your safety, please come back to Oregon." Teresa spoke in a
serious tone.

"I'll be on the first plane out." Scully said urgently, immediately
hanging up with Teresa and dialing Skinner's home number.

Two rings jangled in Scully's ear, a sudden click and a "Skinner"
stopping her from throwing clothes into her suitcase.

"Sir, I just got a call from Teresa Hoese, she wants to see me as
soon as possible. I don't want to do this alone, so would you mind
accompanying me to Oregon?"

"Agent Scully, you know I'm behind you 100% of the way. I'll be
right there." Skinner answered without a second thought, hanging up
as he jumped from his chair, heading straight for his empty
overnight bag, filling it with a couple of changes of clothing.

Ever since Mulder had disappeared, Skinner's guilt was unbearable.
He had replayed the incident in the Oregon forest over and over in
his mind, now realizing that all of those years Mulder had thrown
bizarre case reports on his desk were indeed not as far-fetched
as he had originally thought. In fact, his keeping a short rein on
Mulder and the X-Files division had been a huge mistake on his part,
Mulder had been right, the explanations and theories had been all

He had not been able to protect his agent, one minute Mulder was
there, the next minute he had vanished without a trace. Having to
tell Scully that he had failed her, that her partner was abducted,
more than likely not even on this earth, was the hardest news he
ever had to break. Yet, he thought his news was the most difficult,
but when Scully had confided "I'm pregnant," any stability that he
was clinging to was immediately diminished. Those words had
absolutely stunned his senses, knowing for years that there
had to be something between the two, but their professionalism never
let it be known. The love and respect they had grown to share only
made him respect his agents that much more. They had found a
special level of intimacy, far more than anything he had ever
shared with another human being, including his wife. They had been
very good at keeping their secret, he never imagined their
relationship had been taken to a sexual level.

Skinner had picked Scully up within a half-hour, boarded the plane,
and settled impatiently for the long trip across the continent.

Walking up Teresa's steps after hours of waiting was a huge relief
to both of them, Skinner standing back a few steps while Scully
tapped on the door.

Teresa opened the door, surprised to see that Scully was not alone.

"Teresa, this is Assistant Director Skinner, our boss of many years
as well as a good friend of Mulder and me."

"Pleased to meet you, come on in," Teresa said cordially, opening
the door and allowing them to enter her house. "Please, sit down."

Scully and Skinner moved toward the couch.

"Fox is okay," Teresa quickly said, bowing her head and mumbling.
"At least he was the last I saw him."

"What do you mean by the last time you saw him?" Scully asked

"Fox was abducted by the same aliens that have been abducting me for
so many years. I will not lie to you; he has been subjected to
tests, tests that you only read about in the science fiction books,
but they are real. I don't know why they are keeping him for so
long. I thought he would have been released at the same time I was,
but he was left behind. He wanted me to tell you that he promises
he will return to you, and that he loves you." Skinner scooted
closer to Scully, placing a reassuring hand on her back for
support as her face contorted in pain, fear for Mulder's safety
evident in her ice-blue eyes.

"What kind of tests?" she asked bitterly, turning to Skinner, "Sir,
he's never going to be sent home. He's never going to see his..."
She suddenly stopped, unable to finish her sentence as she caressed
her stomach. She wouldn't let anyone see her weakness, she
had to believe and fight for him. She had no idea what she needed to
do, but something had to be done. She stood up angrily when a wave
of dizziness hit her, head rolling back, knees buckling underneath
her. Skinner quickly caught her, bending down to carry her small
body into his arms. He laid her on the couch while Teresa ran to
the kitchen for a wet cloth.

"Mr. Skinner, what happened to Agent Scully?" she questioned.

"She hasn't been feeling well." He responded, taking the wash cloth
from Teresa's hand, gently placing it over Scully's forehead.

Scully's eyes opened slowly, "Must be this high altitude. I'll be
alright in just a minute." She took a few deep breaths, and tried
to sit up slowly.

"Is she pregnant?" Teresa asked, surprising them both with her

"Why do you say that?" Skinner questioned, looking up at Teresa.

"Mr. Skinner, a woman knows when another is pregnant." Teresa
responded, walking close to the couch, bending down on her knees to
face Scully. "Are you carrying Agent Mulder's baby?"

Scully looked at Skinner, heavy lines across her face showing many
sleepless nights of waiting, wondering, hoping.

"Agent Mulder doesn't know of the pregnancy, correct?" Teresa asked,
helping Scully to sit up on the couch by repositioning a couple of
throw cushions.

"No, he doesn't. I didn't know myself until the day he...he..." she
started to say, but the tightness of her throat wouldn't let her.

"No... no, he doesn't know, or he would have mentioned something to
me." Teresa mumbled, standing up from the kneeling position. "It is
imperative that he finds out, for his will to survive."

"He won't give up, he's always been strong," Skinner stated.

"You do not understand the tests that have been done to him, and the
tests that are yet to be done. Not only are they torturous, but
they take every last bit of dignity that you have away."

"What kind of tests?" Scully reiterated.

"It is of great importance that you keep believing that he will
return-for the sake of your health and your baby," Teresa said,
crossing over to the window, pulling the drapes to look outside.

"But will he find out? We don't even know if they plan on
bringing him back. What if they keep him, what if he'
already," Scully's anger with herself for being weak and her
fluctuating hormones were already affecting her thoughts.

Teresa turned around facing both agents, "You do believe in God, do
you not? Pray Agent Scully, pray if you believe, pray that he will
come back. Now, I think it's better that you go back home and move
forward, take care of yourself, and have faith that he will return
to you." she said.

Skinner helped Scully stand up, then escorted her to the door, his
arm resting gently across her shoulder.

"Thank you for letting us know that he's okay. At least we know
that he is still alive." Skinner thanked her as he shook her hand.

Teresa opened the door, watching the two agents get in the car. She
shut the door, then walked over to the window once again, opening
the drapes. Skinner turned around toward the window, taking one
last glance to see Teresa, but what he saw gave him chills up his
spine. It wasn't Teresa's reflection on the window, but the
reflection of an alien being.

Teresa closed the curtain as her body shape shifted back to Omra,
"Fox, you are not going to die." She whispered vehemently, "You have
to live for your offspring. Your offspring will not be fatherless."


Another day. Another mark.

A gray has been sitting in my room every hour on the hour, guarding
my every move, my every thought. Besides keeping watch on me, his
other task is escorting me to the eating area and back. He won't
communicate, but just sits in a chair watching my every movement.
Days are starting to blend together, my determination to fight, to
somehow make it home, is slowly deteriorating. With Omra and Teresa
being taken from me, I kept eating less to none, forgoing any effort
to take care of myself in an attempt that I could just make myself
wither away into nothingness.


Fourteen days have passed. I'm either going to have to make smaller
scratches on the bar of soap, or I'll have to get another one. I
walk out of the bathroom, heading for the familiar bed, when the
door to the chambers open and two guards walk in. It's the same
guards that took me to get tested the first day I was here. For a
second, I think of running back to the bathroom, and bolting the
door shut, but I laugh at myself because there is no doors, no
privacy here. My only consolation is that they are not pushing a
gurney this time. But my theory is quickly dismissed when the
taller of the two motion me to walk out to the hall.

I am taken through a corridor, down a ramp to a lower level where
there is a white marble-like platform. There are desks all around
with computer-like buttons on top of the desks, creatures sitting on
chairs, working diligently, pressing buttons. We pass that
room and continue down the hall where there are windows lined on the
right side. I do a double take as I see children, half-human and
half-alien, playing. I stop and place my hands on the glass, trying
to adjust my vision, trying to see if my eyes are deceiving me.
They are hybrids; the final result of the medical rape that they had
performed in countless of women on earth. I feel a push on my back
to continue on, so I do, but not until I look back one last time, my
eyes full of sadness for the innocent children.

I am taken to another room, where a familiar table is in the middle
of what appears to be an operating room. I plant my feet on the
floor, refusing to take another step further, but the strength of
the two grays are overpowering. I approach the form-fitting table,
ready to sit, when the long-clawed gray stops me and starts tugging
at my gown. I know I have to undress again and bare my nakedness to
these beings. Dignity violated. Again.

The two beings start strapping me in and I let them this time. I am
determined that this time I will try to go into another world in my
mind and hopefully the pain will be minimal. The doctor walks in
with his assistants, carrying trays of instruments. The doctor
walks to the end of the bed and I startle at the feeling of his
clawed hands on my leg. He's doing something to my leg. He's
moving his fingers gently up and down my calf, each time putting a
little more pressure until an agonizing pain stabs on my calf.
He's injected me with something. I bite my lip trying to minimize
the feeling but it's useless. I then feel a sharp scrape and look
down to see blood as they take a graft of my skin.

I wish they would put me out, I don't want to see what they are
doing to me. I look to my right side and see the other doctor, whom
I'm assuming is the assistant. He takes a rubber tubing that's
quite big in diameter from the instrument table. I can only wonder
what is in store for me next, until the unthinkable happens. He
takes my penis with his long fingers and places the tubing over me,
proceeding to suction it like a pressure cup. I feel pain as it
stretches me, and I'm completely humiliated. The movement vibrates
as the suction device stimulates me into an erection. I want it
stopped, I feel like I'm being raped.

"STOP!" I yell.

"Shhh, it will be over soon," Omra touches me slightly on the
forehead. I open my eyes and see her standing there. In between my
fear, I feel a sense of relief that Omra is finally here, and will
protect me. She'll make them stop.

"Please have them stop," I beg.

"I can't, Fox, you know I have to let them do the tests. But I will
be with you to hold you later. I won't leave you anymore." She
assures me.

I am ashamed that I'm feeling aroused and I don't want to ejaculate
this way. I hold back, I try to think of other things; anything but
what they are doing. The reverberating of the machine is
tremendous and I can't hold it any longer, my artificial arousal
grows into a full orgasm as my body convulses, the spasms lasting a
minute. The procedure stops abruptly as I hear myself moaning,
screaming, and panting, tears immediately jolting from my eyes. I
can hear myself crying.

My mind races as I think of the ramifications of what has just
happened to me. My sperm is taken from me to create a group of
hybrids, of children, that were never supposed to be born. They
would still be a part of me, of my genetic makeup, even though I
will never know them.

Within minutes, I am pushed away from the room; Omra is walking
beside the gurney. I know she will be there for me when I get back
to my room. She said she wasn't going to leave me anymore. This is
the first time in days that I allow a positive thought cross my
mind, and I am surprised how good this feels.

"Fox, you will be alright. Why don't you just get out of bed and
cleanse yourself. It seems to me that you have not been doing that.
Come, let me help you." Omra communicates to me, helping me sit on
the gurney.

"I can't do this anymore." I mumble.

"You must not think like that. I will not let you be like your
sister. She was strong; she did this for 6 Earth years. I will not
let you give up and leave your love behind. Do you understand?"
Omra demands.

Even with my height she overpowers me in strength. She walks me to
the bathroom area and guides me to the shower.

"Sit on the floor so that you can feel the stream of water hit you.
Let it cleanse you, not only from the outer dirt you carry, but the
shame that you have right now. Do not feel humiliated for what they
did to you. This is their way to procreate our planet. We are
losing the battle, and this is the only way to continue."

"So you agree with what they are doing?" I ask bitterly as the spray
from the showerhead flows down upon me.

"Of course I do not. I do not want harm to come to any more humans,
or our people. I just want this to be over." Omra tells me, as she
pushes my soaked-hair from my face. "When you are done, you will
take that hair off your face," she says, referring to my
week-long stubble. "I disappear for days and you do not shower or
shave as you humans need to do." She scolds.

"Where were you? I needed you?" I ask, looking up from the floor.

"I went on a mission to Earth. I have news that you need to know.
But not until you are cleansed and back in bed." She announces,
turning and leaving me to complete my bathing.

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Getting Back - Part 7 of 15
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I feel the stream of water hit my back as I sit here on the shower
floor, balled up, my arms wrapped around my knees. My mind flashes
back to the Sunday I frantically called Scully from the Hansen's
Motel in Providence Rhode Island; my clothes splattered with
blood. Then, I just wanted answers, answers that I thought Dr.
Charles Goldstein could give me.

Scully came to me that day, opening the shower curtain as I sat in
the tub, shaking, as I'm doing now. But a replay of that day won't
happen right now. I'm in this one alone. She can't come to save me
this time. This thought makes me shake harder, I miss Scully so
much, and I need her so much.


"Fox, what is wrong with you. You must get out of the water. It is
ice cold and you will get sick," Omra conveys, turning off the
water, "You have used all the hot water and you are now trembling."
She pulls the shower curtain open all the way, then retrieves a
towel, wrapping it around my quivering body and helping me to stand.

"I...I'" I tell her, my teeth chattering.

"I must get you warm." Omra continues, quickly rubbing with the
towel that is placed over my shoulders, trying to create friction.
She leads me from the bathroom area and onto my bed. "I have a
reward for you. But I should not grant it to you after you are
neglecting your health."

I look at her with bored amusement and can't help but laugh, " Omra,
why should I be concerned about my health. I've been violated,
probed, scraped, drilled..." I tell her sarcastically.

"Fox, you cannot get sick. When the time comes, you need to be
healthy to go back to your loved one." Omra steps back and looks me
up and down, sighing at my forlorn expression.

I sit up on the bed, holding the towel tightly around me, my fingers
turning white. "I will never be released," I tell her with fierce
resignation. There is a sob in my voice that I cannot hide.

"I will make sure of it. If it means my life, you will be set free.
Now, lets get you warm." Omra continues, pulling out my boxers from
the shelf.

"I can wear my clothes?" I ask her, enthusiasm creeping into my
voice and then laugh at myself for getting this excited over a pair
of boxers.

"Only your undergarments can be put on. You will still need to wear
the gown. I do not want the protectors to find out. This is for you
to feel a little more like yourself." Omra says, leaning down to
help me step into my boxers, steadying me as she gently slides
them up over my thighs and hips. It is the only gentle physical
contact I have had in what seem eons, and I find myself appreciating
Omra's friendship more. She takes the clean hospital gown and I
stoop down so she can slip it over my head. " Omra, you are
treating me like a 5 year-old. I can dress myself." I tell her as
she guides me to lie on the bed and covers me with a couple of
blankets. I close my eyes for a second and picture myself as a
child, with my mother helping me dress and tucking me into bed. "I
can have more then one blanket?" I smile at Omra, trying to offer
her my appreciation: "I don't want you getting in trouble."

"You need someone to care for you and I choose to do so. Do you
mind that much?" She asks me and I give her another smile. Omra
reaches out to stroke my forehead.

"I was a mother once and did all this with much happiness to my son,
Boalta. I have no one to mother anymore, and I would like to help
you now. Fox, you asked me about the protectors; they are not
allowed to come in unless they notify me beforehand. At which
time, we will have to remove the undergarments and take off the
extra blanket." Omra says to me, pulling a chair close to the

"What was it that you were thinking when you were cleansing
yourself?" she finally asks me.

I turn on my back, drawing my knees up, looking at the white
ceiling. "I was thinking about Scully. I can't keep my mind off of
her, each day it becomes harder to be separated from her. She means
so much to me, and I need her. Omra, I have lost so much in my
life. I've had to accommodate for my losses, and learn to live with
the years of emptiness. Scully has shown me a whole new life, and
without her, I know I won't be able to go on." I feel my heart
constrict as I speak, and my eyes itch with the need to cry
like the five-year-old I feel I am now.

"You must not think that way." Omra takes her long fingers, and
carefully moves the wet strands of hair away from my forehead.

I turn again to my side, gazing at this small being that for no
reason has developed a friendship toward me. "I was happy for
Teresa, that she was released, but then you disappeared and I felt
more alone without anyone here..." I start to say.

"Your friend, Teresa has not been dismissed. She is still

I raise up on my elbow, my head propped on my upturned palm, my face
confused, "But I haven't seen her in nearly two weeks; she's still
on the ship?"

"She is not well. The last tests that were done on her have
depleted her energy. I am afraid that she is losing the battle to
go on. Her husband is deceased and all she does is cry for her
infant child."

"Sudden anger washes over me at these words. "Is this the pleasure
that all of you get. To take us away from our family and friends,
just to use us as guinea pigs, to violate us so that you can
procreate your planet?" my voice rises. I sit, up pulling the
blankets away from my body.

"Fox, I must tell you something, but it must not leave this room..."
she stresses firmly, grabbing at my arms as I rise from the bed.

"Yes Omra, I'm going to tell my good friend the guard, or the
protector, or whatever you call them." I say sarcastically,
striding over to the mechanism that opens the doors. I am
amazed at how much energy I have now. Anger is a good thing. "I'll
just let myself out and see with who I can divulge your big secret."

"I was given an assignment to go to your planet Earth and help with
the apprehension of more humans." Omra starts firmly, speaking
quickly to grab back my attention.

"You don't have enough here, you need more of us?" My annoyance at
the injustice is now reaching a peak as I start pacing the small

"I demand you to sit, NOW. I will help you, but you must follow my
rules," Omra's voice demands, equally angry. "I merely follow
orders. If I do not, I will be terminated. If they were to choose
to eliminate my existence, I would not have cared before, but now
I need to live. I have made a pledge to myself and to my offspring,
Boalta. My vow is to see you through this." I walk back to my bed,
noticing that she is now equally annoyed as I am. Omra continues,
"I have been thinking of the device that is inside of you. I
have to get a colleague, a medical accomplice to help extract the
device, but if I cannot, then it will have to be me. If you go to
Earth with it in you, they will track you." Omra explains.

"Omra, taking the device out of me won't do me any good," I snap,
impatiently, "They know where I live and they know where Scully
lives." I approach the being, kneeling in front of her. "We will be
tagged for the rest of our lives."

"If the device is removed, they will not search. There are too many
other humans that they can retrieve." Omra takes my hand in hers.
"Fox, during my recent assignment to Earth, I took the liberty to go
to the location from where you were taken. We, my species, have the
ability to change our appearance and become human."

My eyebrows furrow, my expression showing confusion at Omra's words.
"Shape shifters, I know all about them, I have run into a few during
my searching. They re not the most pleasant of aliens that I have
come across."

"Fox, The ones you have encountered are like law enforcement
officers. I know you call them Alien Bounty Hunters, you have
spoken of them in your dreams. But all of us have the capability to
change form. While I was on assignment, I became Teresa."

I look at her from my kneeling position, turning my head slightly to
the side, a puzzled look on my face. "Why?"

"I called your love and told her that she had to come to see me, to
see Teresa."

My eyes widened, " You saw Scully?"

"Yes. She came to Teresa's house with a balding man call Skinner."

"You saw Scully? How is she?" I ask excitedly, my hand going to the
cross that hangs around my neck, "She was not well when I last saw
her. She fainted a couple of times, I...I don't even know if she's
okay. I've been worried."

"She is well. Fox, you have to be strong and endure the tests for a
little longer while I find a way to help you escape. Because I...I
lost an offspring to this war, and I will not have your child lose a

I look up at her, not immediately comprehending the words spoken to
me, "Omra, I don't have a child."

"Yes my son, you do have a child. Your love is carrying it within
her, nurturing it."

"Scully's pregnant? I don't understand Omra. She is unable to have
children." The words circulate around my brain like a wave of cold
water gushing across my scalp. I feel complete bewilderment at what
Omra has just informed me, "The tests that were done to her left her
barren, unable to ever have a child; her ovum were all removed.

"Trust me, son, she is with child. The fetus in her womb is your

I can feel my heart palpitating stronger than usual, my breathing
has become deeper and faster, "...I don't understand, my child,
Scully is carrying our baby. But we were together only once, we made
love just once."

"Although we do not procreate in the same form that humans do, I
believe that once was enough for both of you."

My eyes fill with tears; tears of joy and then heaviness fills my
soul, as the realization that I might not ever see Scully again
overwhelms me. And now my child-my child. I lower my head, trying
to hide my tears, but I can't. My heart aches, my body goes limp
as I sink to the floor and ball into a fetal position as I sob.
Omra stands up from the chair, then kneels along side of me.

"You must do as you are told; follow orders, be strong for the
tests..." the alien says to me, pulling me into her arms. I can't
stop my tears as they stream down my face as memories of my life
soars in my mind; the abduction of Samantha, the alienation of my
father, the unemotional life I led until I met Scully, the only
person that ever trusted me wholly and believed in me. And now, the
final blow, the termination of my life without ever seeing her again
and my baby, knowing that Scully would have to raise the child on
her own, knowing that she needs me just as much as I need her. I
rise up in anger, my arms pushing Omra away, causing her to fall to
the floor. I start pacing, back and forth, my chest heaving with
the heavy breathing that I'm doing. I need to scream, to let all my
anger out or I will explode, "Why? Why?" My voice bellows against
the walls of the chambers.

"You must lower your voice, they will come in here and wonder what
is wrong with you." Omra warns me but it's too late. The chamber
doors open and two guard's storm in.

"No, he is all right, let him be." Omra communicates. The two
guards ignore Omra and stalk towards me, lifting me from the floor.
They throw me onto the bed, releasing the restraints from the sides
of the bed and attempts to strap them onto my limbs. The
strength of these guards overpower me, but my outrage gives me
energized stamina and I try to charge at them. I can only keep this
up for a very short while, as I'm still weak from the lack of
nourishment that I've had in the last days, I tire as they hold me
down. One guard takes a hold of the collar of my gown and rips it
completely away from me. The taller of the two guard's stares at my
boxers, then turns to face Omra.

"Did one of you leave his undergarments here so he could find them?"
Omra accuses, hoping that they will believe him. Without another
word exchanged, the taller gray pulls my boxers off, leaving me
naked on my bed, then finishes strapping me down. Once they
know I am secure, they both depart, leaving me strapped on this bed,
not only naked but feeling less than a man. I feel that I am
constantly being stripped of my pride, naked in the eyes of everyone
and everything.

"You must get control of yourself. I will not be able to help if
you have outbursts like this. I understand you're reasoning and I
have made an oath. From this point on we will plan your escape,"
she conveys to me, taking the blanket that was thrown on the floor
and covering my naked body with it. "I will stay with you, I will
take care of you, my son."

My cries start to diminish and my voice quivers to a silent moan, my
eyes become heavy. I close my eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

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Getting Back - (8 of 15)
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"I think we are going to have ourselves a soccer player."

"Did you feel that?" Scully whispered, spooned up behind Mulder.

"Yes. How can I not feel the punching on my back," Mulder chuckled,
turning around to face her. He started bunching the comforter with
his feet, until he had the bedding completely off, his eyes admiring
her naked body next to him. "Have I told you how much I love your
navel, it's an outie, right?" His hand caressed the circumference
of her swollen stomach, stopping at her navel.

"Shut up, Mulder," she retorted, placing her hands under her waist,
trying to turn her body to a flat position on the bed, grimacing at
her movement.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concerned.

"I don't know," she replied, putting her right hand against her
bulging stomach, rubbing it back and forth. "I've been
uncomfortable for hours, it'll pass." She lifted up the top
portion of her body carefully, trying to stretch her arm down to
reach the blanket, "Cover me up."

Mulder propped himself up; resting his chin on his hands. "No, I
want to see you just like you are, completely natural. Never in my
wildest dreams did I vision us like this, both naked in bed, you
carrying our baby."

Scully started to chuckled, her hand circling her stomach, "Well,
let me see Mulder, one; both of us in bed, two; both of us in bed
naked and three; both of us in bed naked and very pregnant, no
Mulder, never in my wildest dreams. It took you long enough," she

"Me, long enough? Yes, blame it on me. Did you hear that, baby,
Mommy is blaming me." he joked, nestling closer to her, placing his
head gently over her stomach.

"Want to see something?" she asked, "Look, our baby has his little
foot or elbow sticking out." Mulder raised himself up, again
propping himself on his hand. Scully placed her hand on the right
side of her swollen abdomen, showing him the protrusion. "Our baby
has once again decided to dig under my rib and it is very
uncomfortable. Let's see if I can move him." She prodded her hand,
pushing the hard lump on her side, until she coaxed the baby to
move; a ripple of a wave across her belly.

"Scully, you're going to hurt the baby," he said, watching
fascinated, his eyes widening in amazement, "Oh my."

"Can you believe it, Mulder, our miracle."

"A miracle," he smiled. He again spooned up besides her, nudging
his head to the crook of her neck, as he whispered in her ear.
"Scully, when in our working relationship did you change your
feelings from partner to...?"

"...Lovers?" she finished his sentence. "I don't know. I didn't
think we'd ever get to lovers. I can tell you that very early on
our partnership, my feelings did change and sometimes my thoughts


"As I was saying, when thoughts trickled in, I pushed them aside
because I thought that you were so busy in your quest, that you
didn't want to think of anything else. How about you?"

"That's an easy one. At the famous root beer-ice tea stakeout," he
teased. "I still remember those words, Scully. Afterwards, the
abduction and your cancer cemented those feelings, but how could I
make good on my feelings, not knowing if you only thought of us as
partners," he told her, kissing her gently on her earlobe. "Scully,
do you know how sexy you look right now?" He continued his sensual
kisses down her neck then to her shoulder.

"Don't even think about it, Mulder." She told him, trying to push
him away from her. "Now it's getting late and Skinner isn't going
to appreciate you taking another day off, one agent on leave is bad
enough." She twisted her body best she could to take a look at
the clock as it registered 6:00 in the morning.

"Come on Scully, the doctor said it won't harm the baby." He
proceeded with his kisses down her chest, inching himself to her
breast. "I also want to tell you that your breasts are beautiful"

"Enjoy them while you can Mulder, because our baby will have first
dibs on them, and then after the nursing is done, they'll go back to
their normal size." she tantalized.

"Doctor said it was okay to make love. You're not going to deprive
me are you?" Mulder moaned as he continued with his kisses, his
hands exploring her body.

"This is crazy, Mulder; you are so incorrigible." Scully said
softly, turning with difficulty to her side once again, her hands
circling the hairs on his chest. "Kiss me."

He lifted his head, looking into her deep-blue eyes, his own eyes
filled with desire and love. He kissed her lips, both tongues
connecting, exploring. Scully's hand moved down the long length of
his body, her finger trailing a path to his groin. She took a hold
of him; hot and hard but yet so smooth.

"Umm, Scully," he whimpered.

Holding his penis lightly, she barely made contact the tip of her
fingers and thumb stimulating his hardness even more. His groans in
her ear were torment to her, but giving him pleasure was more
important than she was. His body gently swaying with the tempo
of her hand movement. She could feel the pulsation and could feel
the heat on the tip of his penis-she knew he was close when she felt
a cramping spasm that was felt through her stomach and generalizing
on her vagina. She winced in pain and unconsciously gripped tightly
on his groin.

"Ouch," he shrieked. "Scully, what's the matter?"

"Mulder, either you came without us knowing, or one of us peed in
bed, or..." she groaned, moving her hand away from him, patting the
sides of the mattress next to her bottom.

"What?" he asked, trying to get back his composure?

"I think your child didn't approve of our extracurricular activity
and baby has decided to tell us so. Mulder, my water bag broke and
I think you better call the doctor and the hospital."

It took a couple of seconds to register what she had just told him.
He sat up; looking down at the wet mattress, then quickly got up.
"But you still have two weeks!"

"Seems that our child is as impatient as his dad. Can you help me
get into the shower while you get things ready."

"A shower, right now Scully, we need to get going NOW!" he
emphasized, rushing to the phone, then putting it down, then rushing
to the packed suitcase then back again to the phone with a
bewildered look upon his face. Scully grinned at how childishly
disheveled Mulder looked.

"The first pregnancy usually takes a while for delivery, just help me

She started her shower, realizing that something was not quite
right. She was getting contractions a little too close together.
'Plenty of time' she said out loud. Within twenty minutes they were
in the car. She didn't want to scare him so she kept her moans to
herself, doing her he he's and ha ha's she had learned during labor
classes; but this wasn't right. Barely moving out of the parking
structure a strong contraction hit that took her breath away, but
again she kept her pain from him. She couldn't tell him right now
that she didn't think they were going to make it. She could see
that Mulder was a nervous wreck. The streets were thankfully sparse
of cars, 'maybe everyone took the Friday off' Scully thought. About
two miles in their drive she felt it, she needed to push; 'no this
isn't happening.'

"Mulder, I think you better stop." She said gently, panting quietly
between he he's and ha ha's.

"What are you talking about Scully?" he asked, glancing over at her
in confusion.

"I am telling you to STOP and pull over NOW, because Junior is not
going to wait." She panted. Sweat was dripping from her brow, her
face had paled considerably and Mulder felt a pang of distress.

"Okay, very funny," he half chuckled, hoping to God that she was
pulling his leg, but another glance at her face convinced him

"I SAID STOP NOW!" she screamed. He swerved the car to the curb,
stopped the car, released his seatbelt and turned to her. Her left
hand pressed against her crotch, while her right hand clasped to the
door handle.

"Scully, I have to get you to the hospital, I don't think I could do
this alone! Look, just keep a focal point and do your breathing,
okay," he tried to rationalize, reaching out to turn over the
ignition, but her hand gripped his with a strength he didn't know
she had.

"This kid is coming out now, and if you tell me not to push, I'm
going to KILL YOU! Get your stupid ass cell phone and call an
ambulance." She ordered her fingernails pressing into the skin of
his hand; her eyes squinted tight with the pain.

'And you looked so beautiful 30 minutes ago,' he whispered to
himself. His hand reached into his pocket to get the cell, when he
realized he didn't have it. A sudden rush of blood drained from his
face. He turned nervously to Scully, knowing the wrath he was
about to receive. "I don't have the phone, sweetheart."

Her contraction subsided, just in time to get her breathing back in
control. She looked at his face and realized the panic he was in.
"Okay Mulder, I'm sorry, look help me to the backseat. You are going
to deliver our baby," she smiled tenderly at him.

His face paled even more, did he have any blood left he thought. He
got out of the car, quickly walking to the other side and opening
her door. As he helped her out he felt the vice-grip of her hand
again as she bent down in pain. "I swear, Mulder, if you get that
penis next to me one more time, I'm going to chop it off," she said
between clenched teeth. He instinctually grabbed his groin,
protecting it from future harm. He moved the front seat forward and
helped her get in the backseat. He crawled in after her, helping
her to reposition herself into the most comfortable position that
she could in the small confinements of the car. He also helped her
to remove her soaked underwear, but kept his face averted so as to
ward off his increasing feeling of panic.

"You're going to have to look eventually, MULDER!" she sniped
gritting her teeth.

"Scully, I...I'm nervous and scared, I...never have done something
like this before." He confessed nervously.

"And you think I have," She said between her breathing. Her
contraction slowly subsiding. "Damn it, Mulder, you have faced slimy
mutants and loaded guns, why can't you deal with birthing our baby?
Okay, Mulder, look, I'm sorry... I'm scared too. We'll do this
together. Baby will come naturally. I'll try to guide you through
this; we could do this together," she panted.

Mulder nodded nervously and got into a seated position in front of
her splayed knees.

"Mulder, when you see the baby's head, tell me and I'll push,
although that won't be hard for me to do," she said under her
breath. "Put your hand under the vaginal area and apply gentle
pressure. This will hopefully prevent me from delivering too fast.
When baby's head is completely out, just support it-it will turn by
itself. We...we don't have anything to suction its little mouth.
Take your shirt off; dry its little mouth. Keep it wa...wa...warm."
She forced her last words as another contraction started.

"Slowly Scully...breath slowly," Mulder whispered, "I can do this, we
can do this." Scully's hand stretched out trying to find Mulder's.
He took a hold of her hand, grimacing as her grip tightened around
his, "Scully, I need my two hands. Why don't you take a hold of the

"Baby is" she pushed. Mulder did what he was told, his
hand waiting for their baby, and the world stood still around him
when he caught his first glimpse of the baby's head, peach fuzz of
golden hair. His own breathing became fast with the excitement and
the nervousness and the ultimate awe of watching this miracle.

"That's the way Scully, come on, you can do it," he encouraged, as
the baby's head slid out into his waiting hands.

" baby's head turned?" she gasped.

"Yes...everything is okay," his eyes filling with tears at the
beautiful sight in front of him. He removed his shirt and gently
dabbed at the tiny face. As he moved his long fingers around the
small head, he felt the umbilical cord, and realized it was wrapped
around the baby's neck. The expression on his face quickly changed
from awe to concern to panic as he traced the cord with his fingers.

"What...What's wrong?" Scully noticed his face.

"The cord is wrapped around its neck, I can feel it, Scully..."

Another contraction coming strong, but Scully struggled to tell him,
"Slip...slip your forefinger in between...the cord and it's neck and
gently...slip it over its head, Mulder...please." She cried.

"Okay, okay Scully," he said, doing as she told him. "It's off, it's
off Scully. Scully, baby isn't moving, push as hard as you can,
okay...honey," he said breathing hard.

Between her pain and her breathing she smiled at how he called her
'honey'. He had never said that to her. She surely would tease him
about it, but right now, she had to push one more time. "Help me
raise my knees toward my chest, keep my knees apart...and...and I'll
push." She instructed. He did as he was told.

Swinging her hands behind her thighs, and using her knees as
leverage, Scully raised her upper body up, took a deep breath and
then pushed as hard as she could. The red and wrinkled baby slid
out at the same time, nestling onto his arms. He looked at this
lovely child in his arms; tears streaming down his eyes. This
miracle child that was never supposed to be born was laying in his
arms...Scully's and his child nestled in his arms, squirming and
flailing its arms around.

"Mulder, turn baby's head down and face down, with its feet higher
than its head so that fluids can drain out. When our baby cries,
wipe the baby's mouth and nose, then wrap him...her, Mulder what did
we have?"

"Oh, I forgot to look," he said, trying to hold back the tears,
following her instructions. "Scully, we have a son...a son."

"A son." Scully said softly, her tears streaming down as well.
After a second, she realized that their baby had not started crying,
"tap the sole of his feet Mulder, he needs to cry." Within seconds
a loud cry came from this little person.

"I think we are all crying now." Mulder said. He gently moved their
baby, making sure the umbilical cord was safely stretched so he
could place their child on mommy's chest. Mulder helped her
unbutton her blouse, then guided their son to her breast. Within
seconds the little suckles was heard, as their baby instinctively

"Excuse me folks..." a man said from outside the car, the tapping of
a hard medal object on the window. The windows were steamed up
with the heavy breathing of the two making it difficult to see in
or out. Mulder backed out of the seat, and wiped at the window.
Looking out, he could see an uniformed silhouette.

"I think you're a little old to be having sex in the car, came the
disjointed voice from outside.

As Mulder opened the car door and scooted himself further out, the
police officer that belonged to the uniformed silhouette stepped
aside, and looked Mulder up and down. As he noticed the blood on
Mulder's chest and pants, he reached for his gun.

"Wait, wait, it's not what you think. We...we just had a baby,"
Mulder gasped.


"We just had a baby." I say between tears of happiness. I open my
eyes and expect to see my son and Scully, but they are not there.
Omra is. "My God, it was only a dream...only a dream. Mulder gasps,
feeling the excitement ebb from him, draining him. Despair
overwhelms him and the urge to cry yet again bubbles up from within
his heart.

Omra is sitting on the bed, her leathery hand on his forehead, her
big oval eyes closed. "I was able to share your dream with you and
it will happen Fox, you have to believe it." She said standing up.

"Leave me alone, get out of here," I scream, raising my head
in anger as far as I could, my hands clenched in the restrains.
I stare vehemently at Omra, piercing my friend with my anger.
Omra drops slightly, giving me the impression of sadness,
and my anger subsids quickly. "Please, Omra, leave me alone" I

Omra walks slowly to the door, "I will come back in a little while
I need to take care of business." she replies in a low soft tone.

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Getting Back - Part 9 of 15
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<It was only a dream, I keep saying over and over again, my eyes
filled with tears and my chest constricts, heavy with emotion.>


Omra walks through the quiet halls of the ship, desperate to find a
way to help her alien human escape. "I won't let him suffer any
more." She whispers to herself with conviction. She finally comes to
a decision and turns back to head back to the next floor of the
spacecraft, approaching the section that contains the living
quarters of her race. Stopping at a doorway that is a few rooms
before her own, she places her hand on the mechanism, her face
showing on a monitor inside the quarters. The door opens and she
enters hesitantly, greeting the seated gray with a nod.

"Omra, what is it?" the other gray asks.

"I need your assistance in a very important matter. I know you
cared very much for my Boalta and I know you hold a special feeling
for me. With this I need to ask...but I am in fear that it will be
used against me. If you choose to give me away, then I know that my
existence will end, and I am not afraid...But, I am in fear that
they will distinguish a life that needs to continue." Omra states
firmly, determination in her quest overcoming her initial fears at
sharing her plans with another.

The other alien rises from his desk and approaches to Omra, cocking
his head to the side in puzzlement. "What is it that you want me to

"Nastro, I cannot tell you unless I have your word. If you cannot
help me in fear of your existence, then I will respect that. But,
if you are able to help me then I will be forever grateful." Omra
pleaded, "Or tell me what it is that I am able to do and I will do
it on my own.

"Omra, you are not making any sense. I need to know what it is that
you want. You also know I will do anything for you. You are a
lifelong friend of mine, one whom I have deep affection for. You
know that I have had special feelings for you for many epochs
and you have chosen not to show the same feeling for me." Nastro
replies, placing his fingers gently on her shoulder blades. "I
understand that you have wished to remain alone. I am also alone.
I share with you the quest we are on, the journey toward finding
answers to our fate. Our life form is disappearing and we need to
go in search of more humans to continue with our species."

"We have made many humans leave their loved ones behind because of
us. With all our technology, why is there not another way?" she
asked sadly, gazing soulfully at her long-time friend before
continuing, "If we need to do these tests, then we must but, I would
like your assistance in releasing one human."

"The one you are to watch?" he asked.

Omra nods, "Yes...if you are going to announce my intentions, then
do it now."

Nastro sighs, and declares firmly, "I would never announce you. If
you remember, I lost my mate to this war...I am alone like you. We
wanted offspring, but my mate was not given the opportunity before
she was taken from me. Sharing Boalta with you meant so much to me
and I want to return the offer. What is it that you need from me?"
Nastro queries.

"The alien being I am monitoring is named Fox. Many epochs ago, I
was in charge of his sibling, do you remember the beautiful young
human?" Omra asks, remembering back.

"Yes, the one with the green eyes. The one you had a special
fondness for?"

"Yes, such a lovely human. She lost the battle and chose to end her
existence, but I cannot let this happen to her sibling. He, has an
unborn offspring in his home--world, waiting for him to come home.
As well as the one he loves. He must be set free. I want him to be
set free. We destroy so many family units with our abductions. I
want to do something good to replace the hurt we have inflicted upon
this race and this family unit." Omra blinks twice. "He has
already been installed with the tracking device, which I need
to have removed. But I am not a medical doctor like you. I need
your help to remove the device. In that way, we will not be able to
bring him back again."

Nastro paces the floor, walking toward the porthole of his chambers,
looking out into space. "If we get caught, we will both be

"Yes, I know. I don't care about my existence, I have no one, and I
am alone. I want to help Fox."

"You don't have to be alone, Omra. I am here," Nastro turns around
to face Omra, then walks back toward her. "I cannot help you remove
it, they will find out."

Omra's face lowers.

"...But, I can give you the tools to do it yourself."

"I...I cannot do it without medical training," she quickly responds.

"It will be painful for him, but it will not take his existence. He
will live. Omra, the procedure can not be done on the ship. If it
is, the monitors will notify the authorities. This medical
procedure must be done on planet Earth. We must have them send you
on assignment, where we will help your friend escape, at which time
you will need to do the procedure there."

"Do you know when our next assignment to Earth will be?" Omra
queries anxiously.

"I do not know, but I will find out. We will make plans and I will
instruct you in all the necessities of the procedure. Now it's best
you go back to him."

Omra nods her appreciation for the advice and turns to leave. She
pauses momentarily, spinning back to face Nastro. "If things had
been different, dear Nastro, I could have considered sharing the
reminder of my life with you. But our work is too important to us.
If it were discovered, they would use it against us. They would use
us to hurt each other. I could not live with that. I could not
lose you because I had a selfish quest of my own. We have both lost
so much. This is the only way for us to find the answers to our
questions. Please, Nastro, believe me in this." This time when she
turned away from him, she did leave.


'Why give me this dream, a dream that will never happen. Is it
because I have been so adamant that there is no God. Well, if there
is a God' I say to myself, looking at the ceiling of my prison
walls. All I know is that I hurt Omra and I don't know if she'll
be back. I should be thankful that she was able to get in touch
with Scully and let her know that I am alive, sad that it is, at
least I still have a little hope. I would have never known that
Scully was carrying our baby if it wasn't for Omra. Instead of
being thankful, I push her away.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of door opening and I'm
ready to apologize for my outburst. "Omra, I'm sorry, I just have a
thing about restraints and..."

I look to the side, as far as I can, looking for Omra, but it's the
two guards again. "What are you doing here?" I ask, no, I yell in
fear. Everytime these two turn up, something undignified or
painful happens. They are pulling the gurney into my room.

The taller gray barely looks at me as it rips, the blanket away from
my body, while the other is removing my restraints. "I won't go,
I'm not going with you," again I yell. But I'm weak and I'm tired;
they force me to lay on the gurney, wheeling me through the familiar
halls to the operating room.


Omra hurries back to her friend's chambers, ready to tell him of
their plans. In the next mission to Earth, he will be set free.
She places her long hand on the mechanism, the door opens. She
walks in and finds the bed empty, the blanket on the floor.

"Fox?" she says, looking around the small room. She wonders whether
the straps were removed while she was gone. She pokes her head into
the small bathroom area and finds it empty. Greatly concerned, she
quickly leaves the chambers, returning to Nastro's quarters.

"You are back. What is wrong?" Nastro asks, looking up from his
working area.

"They have taken Fox from his quarters. I was not given any
information on testing. Nastro, I need to know where he is and what
they are planning on doing with him." Omra demands, her vocal tones

"It is very important to you, is it not?" Nastro questions. "I will
go to the infirmary and see what they are going to do. Stay here."


I can see a tall gray walk into the outer room that is divided by
glass. He is putting on a medical lab coat as he approaches me. He
bows his head in acknowledgement to me then picks up the chart. He
flips the page, very attentive to what is written, then he looks at
me, "You are Fox?" I nod, confused. I assumed they all know who I

I turn my head; unable to hide the worry on my face, "What are you
going to do to me?"

The gray doesn't respond, but continues to check the chart that is
placed along side of the table. He flips the pages over, checking
it a couple of times, reading and rereading the text. "I am a
friend of Omra, my name is Nastro. She is concerned and did not
know where you were taken. I will give her authority to stay with

"What are they going to do to me," I yell again.

"You must keep your voice down." Nastro communicates, "I will try to
find out," Nastro walks around the table beside me, looking at the
instruments that are placed on the table next to me. "This is most
peculiar as there was not to be any tests on you for a while. I
will inquire and let Omra know and she will in turn relay the
message to you."

Nastro looks at me intensely for a few moments, as though he is
assessing me.

"I need to talk to Omra. Be still and do not cause any trouble. I
will have Omra come see you." Nastro says to me before he departs.


He opens the door to his chambers, not surprised at seeing Omra
pacing nervously, "I found him. He shows a lot of sadness, many
epochs of turmoil"

"You found him?" Omra demands impatiently.

"Yes, and I am concerned. They are going to extract more sperm
today, but that is not what I'm worried about. He is scheduled to
have a drastic cranial operation, where they will remove brain
tissue. This procedure has not been done for many epochs. They are
interested in 'god modules' that are turned on in him. According to
the chart, they plan on putting him in a catalepsy state." Nastro
said, pulling his white medical coat off, throwing it on the chair.
" I don't know why they are doing this. Do you know of anything
that might have caused them to think that he is an important

"I am not sure, only that he was to be taken epochs ago and his
sibling was taken instead." Omra is still pacing. "Will you be able
to be in the procedure?"

"I have included my name on the list of doctors, yes. I will be in
today's operation as well as the cranial operation. I have given
word to the infirmary to let you in, and I'll be there in a short
while." Omra immediately left her friend's quarters, rushing
quickly to join her human friend.


"Fox, open your eyes," I can hear Omra trying to communicate with

"I guess I'm going to father some more hybrids," I tell Omra
sarcastically, opening my eyes.

"Fox, my friend Nastro is going to be here to help us. Trust him-as
I trust him completely." Omra tells me, looking around to see if any
other grays are looking at her. "Yes, they are going to remove some
sperm today. But Fox, I must warn you. They are going to do
something else to you. Something that I will not be able to stop
and neither can my friend. Nastro is a senior doctor and he will
make sure that no harm will come to you. He is going to educate me
on how I am to remove your tracking device. When you awaken, I will
have a plan for you. Do you understand?"

I try to make sense of what she is telling me, but all I can think
about is the tests that are forthcoming.


Nastro walks in, just in time to be part of the procedure with the
other medical technicians. They get the equipment ready for the
sperm extraction; Mulder's eyes close, knowing what is in store for
him again. From across the room, Omra can see Mulder's fingers try
to reach out from the confines of his restraints. Nastro look over
at Omra, motioning for her to move beside her alien friend.
Discretely, Omra reaches out and slightly brushes against Mulder's
hand, giving him a little assurance that she is there beside him.
She hums quietly as Mulder groans and moans as the machinery pumps
sperm from his body.

After the procedure, while an exhausted Mulder is wheeled again back
to his room, Nastro takes Omra aside and whispers specific
instructions to her.

"Omra, you must make sure that your friend does not have any
substance after this time." Nastro explains, pointing to the chart
in front of him. "They are going to do a procedure that will put
him in a coma-state. It is best you not tell him."

"I can't do that to him. I have to tell him the truth. He will not
trust me otherwise." Omra says sadly, realizing the pain that his
friend has yet to endure.

She walks back slowly to the chambers, stopping in front of a window
to look in the room. There she sees human children playing with the
small hybrids. Any other time, this would have brought a smile to
her face, but not this time, now that she knows just how much
dignity they take away.

She walks in the familiar room, Mulder is laying still, his face
straight, eyes looking at the ceiling. "Thanks for being there with
me." He whispers.


"Fox, I need to tell you something. You are going to have an
extensive operation tomorrow. They are interested in you for some
reason. I am not sure what is in store for you, but I know that you
will be in this condition for a while. Fox, I will be by your side
through this, I promise. I also want to tell you that Nastro, my
friend, will teach me to remove the tracking device. When you are
brought back to consciousness, I will help you escape and I will
remove the device. You must believe that this is true, and that I
will help you. I promise on Boalta's existence, that you will go
home to see your love, and see the birth of your offspring."

"I believe you, Omra. I trust you with my life," I say softly,
turning my face toward her. "Omra, I have one favor to ask you. I
don't like to be strapped in. Please, can you let me loose. I
promise I will behave. Besides, I have to use the bathroom and
would like to shower."

Omra looks at me, her face expressionless, but yet it says so much.
"I know you will behave," she responds while removing the straps.

I sit up, stretching my arms, then slowly slip out of the gurney. I
walk unsteadily to the bathroom, turning the faucet of the shower,
resting my head against the tiles on the wall. I still feel an
enormous amount of shame about how my sperm is extracted, but this
time I psyched myself to another plane. I close my eyes and think
about Scully and the child that she is carrying.

Nothing else matters.

I wash myself down, trying desperately to wash the shame away. I
stand under the stream, taking this private time as my only haven.
Minutes pass by before Omra pokes her head in to check up on me. I
know she's going to ask me why I'm taking so long; even in this
little place I call my sanctuary, I can't hide.

"I'm almost done," I tell her. I walk out of the shower, toweling
myself dry, wrapping the towel around my waist, then head back to
the bed-ready to be strapped again.

"I will not restrain you, that can wait for later," she tells me,
then with a look that I swear appears to be a smile, she moves
quickly to a small silver box that she must have brought in. "I
have a surprise for you."

I slip the gown over my head and scoot onto the bed, watching in
amusement as my alien friend scurries, rummaging through the box.
She quickly comes back from the other side of the room; handing me
what appears to be a large brown envelope. "What is it?" I ask.

"Open it." She says, a hint of excitement in her vocal tone.

I open the flap and put my hand in, my fingers fishing through the
contents. I pull it out and see that it is a notepad with blank
pieces of paper. I put my hand in again, taking out a pencil,
"Where did you get this?" I grin enthusiastically.

"That does not matter. I thought you might want to write something-
maybe to your loved one, maybe to your unborn offspring."

I feel an instant tightness in my chest; I don't know if I should
laugh or cry. "Will you get in trouble if they find out that you
gave me this?" I ask concerned.

"That is not important. I know that they will not bother you
tonight. Write."

I scoot up on my bed, leaning against the wall that is my headboard.
I draw my knees up, resting the pad of paper, against them, rolling
the pencil between my fingers. How silly this is-I never thought
something as simple as a pencil would bring me this much joy. I
begin to write.

Dear Scully

It has been nearly a month since I have seen you, confined in these
four white walls, not a picture, a window, just whiteness that
blends the walls and floor together. A small bed against the wall,
and a nightstand is my furnishing. A small area in the corner of
the room has been designated as my bathroom. There is a circular
rod that holds up a shower curtain that would barely cover you.
Hey, at least they gave me a toilet. Don't know what I'd do if that
privilege were not available to me.

Scully, there are some days that I want to claw the walls, to
scream, to fall to the floor and cry, to loose all hope, but then I
feel the gold cross you gave me that still hangs around my neck, and
I clutch it between my fingers. I close my eyes and I see you; you
and our baby. Yes, Scully, I know of our child. I was given the
news a few days ago, when my guardian, Omra, had been sent to Earth
on a mission. While there she shape-shifted into Teresa. Scully,
that wasn't Teresa you saw with Skinner, it was Omra.

Omra has been my protector, sort to speak. If it weren't for her,
I'd surely have died a long time ago. She has given me the strength
to believe that I will see you again. She has been here holding my
hand when the tests are unbearable, when the pain is so strong
that I can't take it anymore. She's consoled me when I've been put
through shameful probing,

Scully, when she told me about our baby, I...I...couldn't believe it
at first, but then I knew that this child was brought to us as a
gift to us-a gift of our love. Yes, Scully our love. I just hope
that it isn't too late; to late to tell you how I feel about you-to
show you my love, to tell you how much I love you.

"Put it away, hide it, I think someone is coming," Omra warns,
watching the light flicker from red to green on the wall mechanism.

I quickly slip it under my pillow, hoping that they don't wheel
the bed as they did before.

I see Omra communicating with the tall grays, the same guards that
seem to be the designated to take me to my torture chambers. She
seems very animated, almost angry with them. I wonder why they are
here so soon. It's only been a couple of hours since my last de-
sperming. As Omra walks toward me, I swear I am seeing expressions
on her face, but this one is one of sadness. I know that what she
has to say is not going to be good for me.

"Am I being strapped and taken again?" I ask silently. She bows her
head in acknowledgement. "My letter; they'll see it."

Omra turns to the tall guard and conveys orders to them, pointing at
the door. One leaves and in seconds is back with a gurney. I know
the procedure and this time without saying anything, I disrobe and
lay on the gurney. Omra covers me up while the other two guards
are strapping me in.

"I'm sorry. I thought they were going to do this after your long
slumber. I will be there with you. Nastro will be there as well-he
will be one of the surgeons."

"Surgeons?" I question, "What are they going to do to me?"

I am wheeled again toward the room where I've been tested numerous
times. I have lost count at how many times this has happened in the
time I've been here. We pass a group of humans who are walking
toward the commissary-must be lunch, who knows, maybe dinner, I
don't even know anymore. This time I'm not taken to the same room,
but another that looks typical of an operating room. Between the
white walls and the chrome that shines, it's almost blinding. I see
Omra follow and for a second she is held back, but I can see Nastro
gesturing something to the others, who step aside and let her in.
Without wasting any time, one of the helpers approach me and put a
foam-like substance in my hair, soaking it. I look at the very
sharp blade that is gripped in its hand and fear at where
that is going to end up. I shut my eyes tightly, hoping that by
closing them, I won't feel. But I do, as the gray starts shaving my
head. Gibson Praise flashes through my mind and that awful butcher-
job they did on him. I feel the coldness across my skull, and hope
that it's because of the cold water, but when I open my eyes, I can
see my reflection on the mirrored top ceiling. I'm bald; my hair is
all gone. I start to panic, I hyperventilate; I'm trying
desperately to loosen the straps.

I know that this might be my end.

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