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Subject: "The Present Implies Presence"
The Present Implies Presence
Companion to "Folded Like a Saint"
By: kim1013
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I recognized that I was floating
between then and now.  That I had
failed in something important, that I
had forgotten something important
was not a new feeling for me. 
Change had occurred; time passed. 
I felt I was still stuck in some
time warp, forever out
of sorts with my environment.
The man in the reflective surface of
the shop window was almost a stranger.
Yet he was so familiar and his feelings
were not strange in his mind.  I knew, as
did this stranger in the mirror, that I had
to find her, make sure she was surviving.
Her apartment was different, in her place,
a stranger.  Where do I go from here?  My
three friends seemed to have disappeared
and I don't dare return to the office. 
Of all of the places I looked to find her,
I never expected the Yellow Pages. 
Her house is a small, two story affair with
a dormer window in the center.  I can picture
her sitting there, gazing at her neighborhood.
I work up the courage to walk to the front door
and ring the bell.  I didn't expect a brown-haired,
blue-eyed child to answer.
I ask for her by name and the girl calls for her
mother up the stairs.  I hear her slow steps on the
stair.  As she comes into view, I see the changes
time has etched on her.  Her hair is longer, trapped
in a bun at the nape of her neck and more creases
mar her lovely face.  But it's still the face I longed
She approaches the door and looks at me in the
doorway.  I see her blanch at my presence.  The
girl rushes to her side and calls out the name
Will.  The boy looks so much like the girl.
She looks at me and says what I had longed to
Hear ever since my world changed:  "Mulder?"