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The Second Ones I: Conduit-Anna Otto and Rachel Ehrentreu--125K--R
A strange case threatens to tear Mulder and Scully apart. But much more than their partnership may be at stake.

The Second Ones II: Crumbling Foundation(1/2)-Anna Otto and Rachel Ehrentreu--83K--R
The Second Ones II: Crumbling Foundation(2/2)--91K
As Mulder and Scully grow further apart, changes cause their lives to go in different directions. Scully gets a new partner and Mulder finds two unexpected allies.

The Second Ones III: Masters of War(1/2)-Anna Otto and Rachel Ehrentreu--118K--R
The Second Ones III: Masters of War(2/2)--97K
Scully's new alliance brings her closer than ever to the truth while Mulder, Spender and Jody make their way to a place where rest may or may not await them.

Korena, Korena-Katvictory--72K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully visit Deweyville, Texas to help a young woman investegate a series of abductions/murders.

A Fungus Among Us or When Mushrooms Attack!-Frances Hayman--38K--PG
Field Trip post episode. The agents spend time recovering from the fierce fungus of Brown Mountain.

Patient 5A-Glymax--92K--PG
A third-party view of an unfolding X-File.

Things will never be the same(1/2)-DD4me2--133K--NC-17
Things will never be the same(2/2)--152K
A serial killer kidnaps Mulder and Scully and they suffer a great deal in his hands. Will they overcome this horrific event? Who is the father of the baby Scully is expecting after her rape, Mulder or the killer? Their lives are changed forever by their encounter with evil.

Wings of Wounded Doves-Tara Avery--11K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully choke on dreams and hopes and fears.

Mad Visions-Mulderslady--44K--PG-13
What's worst than not seeing your attacker? Not being able to scream.

A Modest Defense-Vickie Moseley--15K--R
There is shipper, and then there is this. Some call it sap, some call it mush, some call it mind candy, but I call it an argument in defense of an action. You be the judge :)

Kyrie Eleison(1/2)-Xenith--99K--NC-17
Kyrie Eleison(2/2)--105K
Mulder faces death at the hands of a serial torturer-murderer because of a mistake he made years ago as a young profiler.

"Washed in the Blood"-Branwell--14K--PG
An exploration of how the events of "Milagro" affect Mulder's view of his and Scully's relationship.

Mulder's hiding a secret he doesn't want anyone to find out. Scully does and with help she has to save him. Angst and MT.

What Would You Think?-Jo Moore--21K--PG-13
A conversation with a slab of rock can lead to so much more. . .

"The Spirit Can Overrule Logic"(1/2)-Delirium--99K--PG
"The Spirit Can Overrule Logic"(2/2)--103K
Mulder and Scully investigate a rash of murders in Charleston involving the Historical Ghost Tours. Beliefs are tested, a strange weapon is used, and a new category in the X-Files might need to be developed.

Breadcrumbs-Vickie Moseley & Sally Bahnsen--100K--PG-13
Post ep for 'E. B. E.' Mulder was limping at the end, and still didn't know where the E.B.E. went to. Do you think we could leave it at that?

Mulder's thoughts when Scully dies an unexpected death.... Its really sad, but read it!

The Room-Bahama mama--84K--NC-17
Scully hasn't seen Rick in years. What has he been doing all this time and how will it effect her and Mulder's relationship. Will Rick be the "man" to split them up...? Forever?

Barbecue Series 12: Fireworks-Susan Proto--36K--PG-13
Mulder's gone and done it again, and Scully's got to learn to deal with it.

Mulder is taken hostage by a militant group, and Scully deals with that and with her brother.

There Comes A Time-Ellen Field--71K--PG-13
A different spin on Monday. No Pam in this story. Scully is the variable,and she is unaware the day is repeating.

Suicide Song-Dana Pettengill--3K--PG-13
Mulder writes a (what I call) suicide song for Scully. Very angsty.

There's No Place Like Home-Rev. Anna--21K--PG-13
The residents of Mulder's co-op have had it with our favorite special agent and the problems his profession brings upon their humble home.

Mulder's not acting like himself...or rather, too much like himself.

Consequences-Vickie Moseley--44K--PG
Sequel to 'Priorities'. The consequences of our actions sometimes exact a very high price, as a father learns.

Ana-Dana Pettengill--3K--G/PG
Mulder's plea for freedom while battling Ana.

The Last Song-StefM--19K--PG
The agents have married and started a life. But something happens with their 4 year old son...

Fill in the blank for Folie a Deux. What happened at the hospital after Scully rescued Mulder, and how did it influence her response to Skinner's questions?

Big Blue Blues-Vickie Moseley--30K--PG-13
Mulder wished for a peg leg on the rock, but what if it came true?

Witness-Susan Proto--56K--PG-13
Mulder takes the witness stand as seen through Scully's eyes.

Ravages of Spirit by Invisigoth Too can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

Scarecrows by Rae can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

Go Ask Alice by Soliloque can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

Free Falling by Rae can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

Shades of Beauty By Michelle Shuttlesworth can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

One Step At A Time by Josie Marchant can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

Baby You Can Drive My Car By Jess the Mess can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

Jumping The Bar By Max & Jack Scott can now be found at Unfinished Stories.

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