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Warning: The following stories are M/M in nature. If you don't want to read about men loving men, don't stay here. Many are also Adult in content, not to be read by minors! If you are a minor, or are offended by frank descriptions of sex, try this page!

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Entryway to The Baccarat Figurines Universe.Updated 5/18/98.

Life From The Ashes series-Jo B.--NC-17
UPDATED 5/30/98

UPDATED 5/30/98

Day Care-Grey--15K--R
This is a sequel to "Night Care". After Mulder is hit by a car, Walter Skinner continues to take good care of his Special Agent.

Solace-Dawn M. Pares--21K--NC-17
Skinner interrupts a long dark teatime of Mulder's soul. A story unredeemed by plot.

Worst Nightmares-Xanthe--53K--PG-13
Skinner/Mulder. Not slash. Serious male bonding/angst.

Night Care--18K
Mulder needs some special care after being hit by a car.

Something Dark-Debra Fran Baker--49K--NC-17
Mulder and Krycek pay too high a price for too brief a happiness. *Character deaths*


Heroes and Demons-Xanthe--44K--NC-17
Mulder/Skinner romance. When an injured Mulder is forced to spend some time alone with Skinner in a safe house, he finds himself actually growing to like his surly boss…

Out Of The Dark(1/5)-Kassandra--220K--NC-17
Out Of The Dark(2/5)-Kassandra--196K--NC-17
Out Of The Dark(3/5)-Kassandra--196K--NC-17
Out Of The Dark(4/5)-Kassandra--194K--NC-17
Out Of The Dark(5/5)-Kassandra--238K--NC-17
Way MAJOR MulderTorture,ScullyAngst,MAJOR SkinnerAngst...does anything else need to be said? Read and enjoy...and e-mail the author HERE. Her other stories may be found HERE.

torch's LOVERS series:

A former colleague of Mulder's asks for help with a serial killer. Mulder and Scully arrive in San Francisco to find that they aren't the only ones to take a special interest in this case. Sequel to Ghosts. Rated NC-17.
Lovers I: Carrion comfort (121 K).
Lovers II: Darksome devouring (121 K).
Lovers III: In turns of tempest (126 K).
Lovers IV: Sheer and clear (122 K).
Lovers V: Heaven-handling (120 K).
Lovers IV: Of now done darkness (120 K).

M/Sk, Rape Warning: This story deals with rape. Though the rape scene is graphic, the main focus of the story is the recovery from trauma. This piece also contains explicit language and situations, and the strong suggestion of child abuse. This is a very dark ride, my friends. Avoid reading this if any of that is too offensive.

Lasting Consequences-Debra Fran Baker--67K--NC-17
M/Sk SLASH. A direct sequel to my To Touch series

Strange Bedfellows-AXanna--65K--NC-17
Mulder and Krycek learn that common enemies make for strange bedfellows--literally! A little dash of Skinner/Scully UST added for flavor. There's a pretty decent X-File along the way.

Smoke and Mirrors(1/2)-Riopa Martin--110K--R
Smoke and Mirrors(2/2)--116K
Fox Mulder tries to work through his reactions after Redux II.

Complications-Grey Shadows--50K--NC-17
Mulder struggles to deal with the events of Redux and Redux II with the assistance of Skinner, bringing revelations and complications.

Welcome To My Nightmare-Katrinka--66K--NC-17
Mulder becomes a subject of Russian experiments, and an old enemy gets revenge.

In Wolf's Clothing-Maria M.--20K--PG
Mulder in a contemplative mood. Set during the episode "Detour".

To Touch III: To Know-Debra Fran Baker--14K--R
The final part of the tryptich. Scully's turn.

To Touch II: To Feel-Debra Fran Baker--9K--R
A companion to To Touch, from Mulder's POV. The next morning.

All I Want For Christmas-Kassandra--69K--NC-17
Mulder looks back on better times.

Puppeteer-Griffin Grimes--110K--NC-17
While Mulder and Skinner's relationship is being tested, Patterson seeks to make his fantasies a reality with Mulder. This is a sequel to my recent vignette, "Marionette".

You Made Me Love You-Djinn--18K--NC-17
Modell forces Skinner and Mulder to perform.

The Game-Palinurus--27K--NC-17
Krycek acts out his mixed feelings for his former partner, whose disregard for his own limits once again surprises friend and foe.

To Touch-Debra Fran Baker--25K--R
What if Mulder had a hidden truth of his own.

The Wrong Place-Kal--103K--NC-17
A harrowing ordeal forces enemies together. This is a Muldertorture/Krycektorture double feature. WARNING: RAPE.

The Antidote-The Tenth Muse--56K--PG-17
The year is 1989 and Mulder has just made three aquaintances that will be part of his future... But he's also made the aquaintance of another man from his future -- only he doesn't know it.

Marionette-Griffin Grimes--18K--NC-17
Mulder's former mentor remembers his number one student.

Set in Tunguska. Krycek explores the limits of his temporary partnership with Mulder, and finds they are not nearly as confining as he thought.

The grey zone, part 1: Heaven and hell-Palinurus--25K--NC-17
An unauthorized sequel to Brenda Antrim's 'Paybacks'. The agent, encouraged by his boss, explores new possibilities. Warning: don't skip the warnings on this one, or if you do, don't complain that I didn't warn you!

The grey zone, part 2: Cats-Palinurus--19K--NC-17
The agent's guided journey into strange lands continues. Once again, a rather unconvential scene develops.

Changes-Mary A.Turner--73K--NC-17(for Slash)
After an attempted poisoning inside the Bureau, AD Skinner deals with a very sick Fox Mulder.Be Warned...this is SLASH!

Rickettsiae-Sean Spencer--103K--R
A forest summer investigation leads to unexpected and unpleasant consequences.

A Scene to Forget part 1
A Scene to Forget part 2-Subsume--M/K Slash
Rated: NC-17 or higher for language, violence, torture, and nonconsentual male/male sex (which arrives in part two). Warning--Rape of major character (in part two) Spoilers: Tunguska/Terma SMT Rating: 9 (no broken bones)
A Scene to Forget part 3-Subsume--M/K Slash
And here is the conclusion of this excellent MulderTorture story.

Forgetful (1/2)-KMS--88K--NC-17
Forgetful (2/2)-99K
Krycek is sent to pick up Mulder after another mind-wipe.

Play The Game-Katrinka--31K--NC-17
Mulder, while at Oxford, gets involved with a man who turns out to be a CI-5 agent.Crossover Story.

Sweet Smell of XCess(1/3)-Exxed--88K--NC-17--M/M/F/M/F/F
Sweet Smell of XCess(2/3)--103K
Sweet Smell of XCess(3/3)--100K
An experimental perfume wrecks havoc in the lives of all our favorite characters.1996 Spooky Award, First Place, Best Slash Story

torch's GHOSTS series:
Some time after the events of Terma, Krycek returns from Russia and seeks Mulder's help in investigating a case. Mulder, Scully and Krycek form an uneasy alliance, but nothing is as it seems in the small town of Leyden Creek. Rated R.
Ghosts I: I know where I'm going-torch--87K

Ghosts II: And I know who's going with me-torch--165K--R

Ghosts III: I know my dear love-torch--200K--R

Ghosts IV: But I don't know who I'll marry-torch--85K--R

The Lost Weekend-Lynne Austin--M/S Slash--NC-17
This story is an unofficial sequel to _Authority_ by Laura Cooksey, and is continued with her knowledge but not necessarily her approval. As it picks up IMMEDIATELY (read minutes here) after the events in _Authority_, I highly recommend reading that story first.

A Matter of Control-Lynne Austin--M/S Slash--NC-17
When AD Skinner seeks outside assistance in relieving his sexual boredom both he and his partner get more than they bargained for.

Unholy Act-Nicole B--M/K--Rape story
Mulder runs afoul of the Cancerman and his cronies while on an assignment, then finds comfort from an unexpected source.

Healed with a Kiss-Griffin Grimes--M/S Slash--NC-17
Mulder and Skinner find that love can heal old wounds.

Taking Chances-Alex Jones--M/S Slash--NC-17
Being thrown together during a flood,Mulder and Skinner must face their feelings for one another.

Chances AreAlex Jones--M/S Slash--NC-17
A fight can do wonders for a relationship.

Turnabout ChancesAlex Jones, E, and Lisby(yes,the one that is writing "Lessons")--M/S Slash--NC-17
A new case puts a strain on Mulder's and Skinner's relationship and they must confront things about themselves and each other that they find painful. Mulder has to deal with the fact that he's involved with another MAN and Walter has to fess up to Fox that he's been in love/lust with him for a lot longer than a few months.

Bury The Dead Alive-Brenda Antrim--M/K Slash--NC-17
Mulder rescues Krychek from the silo and brings him home to his apartment. But Krychek has other ideas of how to pay back his rescuer.

The Bait-Brenda Antrim--M/K Slash--NC-17
Krycek and Mulder wrestle with some issues and Krycek strikes up a truce with Skinner and Scully.

Krycek-Brenda Antrim--M/K Slash--NC-17
Mulder's got amnesia. Krycek pays him a visit to determine whether he is only pretending to forget the past. (Although it's a fabulous story, this one doesn't end well for the boys.)

Authority-Laura Cooksey--M/S Slash--NC-17
Skinner decides to teach Mulder a lesson in respecting authority.

Rogaine,Rats and Baseball Bats-Ethan Nelson--Mulder/Skinner/Krycek--NC-17 Valentines Day with a bizarre twist.

Rainy Day G-Men-Ethan Nelson--Mulder/Skinner
Sequel to "Rogaine, Rats and Baseball Bats."

Prisoner of Hate-T.W.o.Oz--Mulder/Krychek--NC-17
"Tunguska" story. Warning! Rape story. Really

Proof of Ownership-Lyrica--Mulder/Skinner--NC-17
This is NOT a love story. This is not a complicated plot story. This is not a story where you'll say 'wow, that sure was good characterization.' This is VERY alternate universe. 'nuff said!

White Night-DarkBrat--Mulder/Skinner--NC-17
Mulder takes an ill-fated trip to St.Petersburg with Skinner in pursuit.

Missing in Action-Gloria Lancaster--Mulder/Skinner--PG
Post-Ascension. Skinner visits a desolate Mulder.

Comfort-Cathy Lee--Mulder/Krycek--NC-17
Alex Krycek returns to Mulder's apartment for the opportunity to get some information.

A Fox Hunt-Little Eva--Mulder/Krycek/Ellison/Sandberg--X-Files/Sentinel Crossover-NC-17
Fox is missing and Jim and Blair help Alex find him.

Office Discipline-Radthea--Mulder/Scully/Skinner--NC-17
M/M consensual, M/F consensual and M/F/M consensual. It is a slash story. It features sex in a variety of different combinations, lovingly rendered with all the glee that we could deliver.

Fox in the Sky-Spookette--Mulder/Skinner--NC-17
A romance with a little Mulder angst thrown in for good measure.

The Deal-Brenda Antrim--Mulder/Krycek--NC-17
Krycek and Mulder wrestle with some issues and Krycek strikes up a truce with Mulder and Scully.

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