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Memories Are Just Where You Laid Them-kim1013--4K--R
In a place far away, a man thinks of what was left behind.  A soliloquy of sorrow.

Missing Mulder-Romantique--4K--G
Mulder's missing again. But somehow, it's different this time.

The Night Before Christmas-Vickie Moseley--20K--G
Another Christmas Story inspired by the Amy Grant song of the same name and correcting part of Season 8.
Religious overtones, but nothing too heavy.

Nightmares-Vickie Moseley--9K--PG
I've invented a new one just for this. It's called DAB for Doggett Abuse. If you do like Agent Doggett, you'll want to avoid this
story. If you don't like him, you'll probably find this to your liking. Beyond that, it's Scully Angst. Some humor.

Nothing but a Smile-Susan Frankovich--2K--G
Mulder hasn't got a thing to wear.

Not Our Time-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
You have to live, Mulder.

Numb-Susan Frankovich--1K--PG
Mulder is devastated about the closing of the X-Files.

Mulder has a promise to keep, dragging Scully with him at the same time a killer she caught escapes prison. As things go awry, it's only a matter of time before they get seriously screwed up.

Off-Camera-Susan Frankovich--3K--G
"So Scully, did you miss me while I was gone?"

Out of the Shadows-Agent L--5K--G
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Once-Susan Frankovich--2K--PG
She hasn't touched me yet.

Pondering My Partner-Susan Frankovich--4K--PG
Scully muses about Mulder as she waits for him to recover from his encounter with a hotel fire.

Outside-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
You want to be there with her. You have every right to be, but she asked you to stay away.

Reflections -Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
"It'll be okay, Mulder. I'll be right beside you."

The Return-Rachel Vagts--7K--R
After Mulder's return it takes a while for things to get back to normal.

This is an X-File Story that features sexual abuse and discipline. Be
advised. This is my first attempt at this type of story.

Road to Somewhere-Susan Frankovich--2K--G
He doesn't know where he's going, but he knows it's somewhere.

Second Wind -Michelle Kiefer--11K--PG-13
Who knew that second wind blew so damn cold?

Seeds of Change-Mary Kleinsmith--11K--R
Mulder and Scully once again don't agree on food.

Sick and Tired-dee_ayy--50K--PG-13
An ailing Mulder runs into an old acquaintance on yet another ER visit. Post-ep for “Brand X.” Sort of.

Slow Motion Daylight-kim1013--10K--PG
Mulder's ghost watches. Scully believes.

The Smart, Very Ugly, Cajun Monster-Sharm--3K--G
Ever tasted that jumbalaya that comes from those cardboard boxes they sell on the boxed goods aisle in the grocery store?
Blech. Yuck. Eww. Hence the predicament of our hero.

Spectare Tibi Somnus-XScout--7K--G
I am the one who dreams when you sleep.

Spell Broken-kim1013--1K--G
In a hotel room.

Mulder has a splinter in his finger and is sent to the ER by Scully to get it removed. But on the way over a
few things go wrong and Mulder has more than his share of strange encounters. It is an ordinary Monday after all.

Stranger-Susan Frankovich--1K--PG
I'm not the same man anymore.

Surviving the News: The Return-Vickie Moseley--59K--PG-13
No Summary Available.

Ride Him Cowboy 1-Peppe--75K--R/NC-17
Fox is taken hostage at a bank robbery and his life is changed drastically from FBI agent to slave.
Ride Him Cowboy 2:Have Fox Will Travel-Peppe--116K--R/NC-17
Can Fox be trained to serve his master?
Ride Him Cowboy 3:Pet Show-Peppe--102K--R/NC-17
Fox is taken to a Pet Show.
This is an X-Files Alternate Universe story with scenes of rape,
sexual abuse and discipline. Be advised.

Sweet Dream-Humbuggie--1K--PG
Mulder's feelings when he had to go identify the body he thought was Scully's...

Ten Things I Like About You-Sally Bahnsen--100K--PG-13
When Skinner suspects a problem between Mulder and Scully he orders Scully to seek counselling. Scully turns to an old friend to vent.

Tenuous Connection-XScout--14K--R
All she can do is hope her words will keep him safe. Will it be enough?

The Ankle-Humbuggie--55K--PG-13
What happens when Mulder sprains his ankle, and hurts his butt? And will Mulder and Scully every get their hands on food again?

The Darkness and The Light(1/2)-Humbuggie--92K--R
The Darkness and The Light(2/2)--112K
After involvement with another man and an argument with Mulder, Scully goes her own way. But when Mulder finds out the real reason behind her move and goes after her, he threatens to become the victim of what was meant to happen to her.

Thoughts on Love-Xenith--6K--PG
Scully's real feelings about relationships.

The Rush(1/2)-Humbuggie--83K--PG-13
The Rush(2/2)--82K
After discovering the true identity of a killer, Mulder loses his memories of the events that lead him to the killer. Soon enough he finds himself caught in a strange cat-and-mouse game with the killer, who wants him dead before he - again - finds out the truth.

Trapped-Susan Frankovich--3K--PG
What was going through Mulder's mind when he was trapped in the boxcar?

This is Not Happening!-Humbuggie--52K--PG
Mulder is back in ‘deadly’ shape and needs to go for fitting make-up. At the same time Carter is struggling with his stars and wondering why he’s doing all of this in the first place. And who is really happy to see the missing FBI-agent back?

Three Words-Humbuggie--21K--PG
Mulder gets his hands on the latest script and wonders what those Three Words are about.

Through Perversity(1/2)-Joann Humby--93K--PG/R
Through Perversity(2/2)--90K
Mulder is on the run, but what's he running from and where's he running to? The story follows on from the S8 finale (Existence) and uses flashbacks into S8.

Timeless Seconds and Unseeing Eyes-Laura Castellano--10K--PG-13
No Summary Available.

To Kill A Nightingale(1/3)-phoenix99--101K--NC-17
To Kill A Nightingale(2/3)--187K
To Kill A Nightingale(3/3)--154K
a mysterious tip leads Mulder and Scully into a web of danger and unexpected twists. Have they found what they had always wished for? ... or is the price too high?

Mulder is in the dark yet sees…

You're So Far Away-kim1013--3K--PG
A one-sided conversation.

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